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Lighting & Special Effects

When it comes to executing the most kick-butt setting that is humanly possible for Halloween you need to know that lighting is key and the way you use the light will either make or break your shindig, so the best way to ensure you have the right kinds of lights is by viewing our Party and Halloween Lighting decorations and props.

Lighting & Special Effects Props & Decorations Ideas and Tips

Not into blood and gore? Want to keep your Halloween decor on the “lighter” side? Check out our collection of light and special effects props. Our whirling motion projectors will give the illusion of light-up bats swirling around your home or yard. Or simply project your favorite “Happy Halloween” message for a family friendly vibe. Of course, you can still mix and match items from this light and special effects collection with our spooky props and decor. And our wide selection of special effects props is great for other holidays and party needs, too. Grab a fog machine and kaleidoscope projection set for an epic birthday dance party. Or pick up a strobe light and bubble machine for the high school prom. String lights, black lights, and crystal balls all help add the perfect party vibe to your decor. Order your light and special effects props and decorations online today.