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Occupational career costumes encompass any jobs that require a uniform. Costume SuperCenter offers an impressive selection of occupational outfit ideas for all types and genres for men, women, teens/tweens, couples, children and, yes, even pets. Women can browse our full range of uniforms including nurses, police women, flight attendants and even the very sexy French Maid. There are versions that are authentic and those which are sexy. No matter what type of women's costume you are looking for, you'll find exactly what you're need at CSC. We also carry an array of accessories including wigs, hats, makeup, jewelry, stockings, garters and shoes to complement your favorite look

Career Halloween Costume Ideas and Tips

It’s time to get to work! But that doesn’t mean your cosplay experience needs to be a pain. Take it easy with our affordable collection of occupational costumes. Your child can become an astronaut and explore outer space. Fulfill their dream of becoming a hero with our firefighter ensemble.

Or protect law and order with our SWAT team disguises. With a variety of sizes and styles for boys and girls, you’ll be sure to find something to spark your child’s imagination and creativity. Add one of these nifty ensembles to your child’s dress-up wardrobe and watch as they step into their favorite occupation again and again. And be sure to check out our collection of matching hats, gloves, and other accessories to complete your child’s Halloween or playtime ensemble. And don’t forget to pick up an adult size so the entire family can get in on the action! Order occupational costumes and accessories online now.

Astronaut Costumes

Blast off to space for your next costume or Halloween party with a brand new astronaut costume! Get your astronaut suit and prepare your NASA application today. To the stars!

Doctor and Nurse Costumes

You don't have to be on Grey's Anatomy to be a medical professional this year! Get your doctor and nurse costumes from Costume SuperCenter today! Choose from a wide selection!

Military Costumes

Whether it's the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Marines, you are in the right place for military costumes! Get yours today and get excited about your new uniform!

Police Costumes

Whether you're an aspiring cop or have dreams of being a swat team member, you're in the right place for the look! Get your cop and police costumes from Costume Supercenter!

Firefighter Costumes

Get into some classic red threads with a new firefighter costume! Whether you're going to wear it to a party or for Halloween, it's time to put out some fires! Emulate the brave men and women who fight fires.

Boys Commando Costume
Bravo team is considered to be the best team in the military and your little guy is one of their top members. Everyday he gets up and starts training so he will always be ready for a battle when the enemy attacks. Drills, marches, and weapons training is crucial for your kid and he can't become the super soldier he really is without putting on the Boy's Commando Costume. Give your young man a special salute after he gets into this full-body, army fatigue jumpsuit with American flag arm patch and a classic camouflage padded vest with multiple pockets. Two armor-like knee pads come included with a black face scarf with a cool skeleton graphic that will let the opposing side know they're dealing with some expert cadets and your son will be leading the troops ahead in this Boy's Commando Costume.
Police Costume for Child
Your kid is going to absolutely love being a cop! When you buy the Police Costume for Child, your son or daughter is going to instantly feel like the town hero. The second they put this fun police get-up on, they'll be cruising all around, looking for bad guys and criminals, and for innocent people to save. Nothing is more fun on Halloween than trick or treating as a police officer! Your child is going to love leading his or her group of friends, keeping everyone safe, and making sure everyone's behavior is in check. Be sure to scan our site for some awesome police accessories as well. We have guns, hats, badges, belts, and more! If you're feeling extra festive, you can dress as a police officer yourself, so you and your kid can match as the best police duo tandem in history. Pick up your Police Costume for Child today, and then scan our site for an adult police costume for yourself as well!
Green Army Boy Costume for Boys
It's time to gear up soldier. There's a war to be won. This Halloween, when you buy the Green Army Boy Costume for Boys, you're going to feel like a powerful army man, skilled with your fists and a gun and always ready for combat. Nobody messes with a man from the army! While wearing this costume, you'll trick or treat without a single fear in the world. That's a promise. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to feel and look like you belong in the United States military. Team up with some other army friends of yours this Halloween, and you can form an entire crew of soldiers to take on the world with. After all, the military is a brotherhood and sisterhood, always willing to fight for one another with pride. Pick up your Green Army Boy Costume for Boys today, and this Halloween, show the world the bravery and heroism of a soldier!
Black Fireman Adult Hat
With a hat such as this, no one in town has to worry about any fires or other accidents happening! Introducing the Black Fireman Adult Hat! Turn yourself into a courageous fire fighter for Halloween, or for any costume party of the year. But, even if there is a flame or anything else, you will put that fire out in a blink of an eye! Turn yourself into a unique hero and impress others at the party. Combine the hat with any firefighter costume for a complete and realistic look. No fire is going to be too hot to handle!
Firefighter Squirt Gun Pack
Your child will have loads of fun playing pretend with this awesome firefighter accessory. The Firefighter Squirt Gun Pack is perfect for play and costume parties. Pretend to fight fires with this realistic looking pack. Made from a lightweight plastic, your child will never want to take his tank off. Order your firefighter tank accessory for kids today!
Kids Police Set
Calling all cars to the location of this Child Police Set. Catching criminals won't be easy unless you use everything from this set. It comes with a badge, hat, and whistle to let everyone know you're the law. Wear the belt which includes spots for handcuffs and other helpful tools. Being an officer is perfect for anyone who loves helping others and keeping people safe. Browse around to find entire costumes or other props and items to include.
Womens Sexy Officer Frisky Costume
Adult Chunky Thigh High Boots
Adult White Mary Janes Shoes
Women's Navy Dream Costume
Catch the eye of some shore leave serviceman this season with our Women?s Navy Dream Costume! Modeled after sailing uniforms of old this costume features a sexy twist on an old maritime classic for a surefire way to get patriotic spirits going. A perfect complement to any party that could use some nostalgia, this instantly recognizable classic doesn?t have to be appreciated by just sailors. Take advantage of the fun and sexy design of this costume as you really give the boys overseas something to really want to come home to. Not content to just look your best? Man the cannons along with the best of them for an action packed twist on this iconic uniform. Sailor and citizen alike won't be able to resist your charm, so team up with your recruitment office today! You can register today and serve your country by looking stunning in this attractive and recognizable outfit that everyone at the party is certain to love. Remember to keep an eye out for wandering periscopes this season!
Lil' Astronaut Baby/Toddler Costume
Is there anything cooler than exploring the infinite mysteries of outer space? There could be entire new worlds and species out there that we haven't found yet! It's no question that Astronauts have one of the best jobs on Earth. This Halloween, get your little angel into the magic of the Astronaut life when you buy the Lil' Astronaut Baby/Toddler Costume for them. This adorable get-up will have your young cherub looking like a real space explorer, ready to dive into the great mysteries above with his crew and his space ship. Of course, he'll be looking a whole lot cuter than your average Astronaut, and besides that, you're going to want to pinch his cheeks and squeeze him all day long. Neil Armstrong and Neil DeGrasse Tyson would certainly be proud if they saw your baby all dressed up as this true explorer of science. Feel free to check out our site for an adult Astronaut costume as well, so you and your baby can explore the great beyond together as a duo. Trick or treating as a team
Adult Nurse White/Red Shoes
Adult Sailor Heels
Womens Sexy Deputy Johnson Costume
Womens Sexy Special Ops Costume
Adult Basic White Boots
Womens Sexy Sexy Maid Costume
Astronaut Helmet
Get ready to rocket into space without leaving your Halloween party. This clear Astronaut Helmet is made of lightweight plastic and will go great with any of our Astronaut costume. You can also make your own with a white jumpsuit and homemade NASA Decals.
Womens Sexy Sequin Nurse Costume
Airline Pilot Child Costume
If you have a little one at home who loves flying in airplanes, he might like trying on our Airline Pilot Child Costume this Halloween! He'll feel like flying when he puts on this standard pilot uniform with its regulation medallions and decorations! Make sure your tray tables are in the upright position for Halloween this year!
Adult Red Mary Janes Shoes
Nurse Costume for Girls
Your little one will be ready to tend to patients and heal the sick this Halloween when you pick up our Nurse Costume for Girls. With your purchase, you will receive a pretty white nurse dress with blue trim, as well as a matching white nurse hat with a red cross at the front. When your daughter goes trick or treating with this hospital get-up on, she will feel just like a town hero. Buy your nurse girl costume today, and go make this Halloween a healing one!
Womens Sexy Anchors Away Costume
SEAL Team 6 - Black - Childrens Costume
Put together an elite team of officers with this SEAL Team 6 - Black - Children's Costume. This black jumpsuit features a matching vest, helmet, knee pads, and a scarf with printed skull design. Check out our occupational costume accessories featuring props like batons and handcuffs to complete the ensemble.
Boys Tan Firefighter Costume
Put out any forest fires this Halloween! Get your boys this realistic Boys Tan Firefighter Costume. Modeled after the uniform that firefighters wear, this khaki jacket and pants also have the neon green stripes. The black hat has the proud Fire Chief badge on the front end. Get it today!
Adult Army Boots
Boy's Frontline Trooper Costume
Let them take the field this Halloween with our Boys? Frontline Trooper Costume! There?s a battle that needs good soldiers to win, and with our stellar costume and your child?s enthusiasm, it looks like victory is assured! This fun tactical design features everything they could want to become a fearless soldier this season. Pair up this action packed camo costume with any number of prop weapons to make sure your little trooper has all the equipment he needs for a successful mission. Any number of prop guns and knives will complete this outfit and get your kid playing! You might even see this classic design out in the house outside of season, so get ready for an ambush at any time. This fun and comfortable design is the perfect way to give your child the tactical advantage they?ve always wanted and turn them into the action packed heroes they?ve always wanted to be. So sign them up for a fantastic season with our Boys? Frontline Trooper Costume and prepare to fight!
Womens Sexy Flight School Costume
Baby/Toddler Aviator Costume
Your little guy will be soaring through the skies this Halloween when you dress him up in the Aviator Costume for Infant! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the cutest little pilot in town. Featuring an adorable brown aviator jacket, a pair of matching pants, and a hooded hat, he's going to love taking to the skies this year. Buy your pilot baby costume today, and go make this Halloween a real night to fly about!
Mens SWAT Team Vest Costume
Get ready to breach this Halloween and get into formation with your fellow members of SWAT. The Men's SWAT Team Vest will make it look like you're ready for any situation. This costume comes with a cool tactical black vest which features numerous pockets for carrying gear and two large white logos that read Police and SWAT. This product is made from Polyester materials. You better not get caught out of uniform, officer.