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Show off your star power this Halloween by dressing up in one of our Celebrity Costumes. In this assortment you'll find looks that will allow you to transform into some of the biggest names of pop culture. Ranging from politicians to musicians and from actors to cultural icons, in this section you'll be sure to find a look that's instantly recognizable, making it the perfect pick for any costume parties you attend. Buy a celebrity costume today!

Adult Deluxe Elvis Costume
Wise men say that only fools rush in, but you can't help falling in love with this authentic getup. Channel the king in this Adult Elvis Costume. You'll be shaking your hips from side to side and making everyone swoon at the sight of your dance moves. You have everything you could ever need to start your journey to Elvis superstardom! Signature white jumpsuit with sequin applique throughout the chest and belt. It also comes with a beautiful red scarf that the king would be proud to don. You have the basics of living that rock and roll dream, but don't forget to add a few accessories to really become the king. A slick pair of shades, an authentic Elvis wig, and a microphone are all things you'll need to step on stage and wow the crowd! Harken back to a simpler times where the king ruled and you were his loyal subject! Live out the dream in this Adult Elvis Costume.
Deluxe Child Elvis
Boogie to the groove and rock out with the Deluxe Child Elvis size Small. Your little rocker will become the king of rock and roll with Elvis' signature suit. They can kick up their feet and dance to the music of this historical figure as they become one of the best musicians of all time.
Child Elvis Wig
The King would definitely approve of this Child Elvis Wig! The wig features classic black Elvis hair that is gelled to the side. Prominent side burns are present as well. This goes great with any Elvis costume that your child could possibly dress in, so make sure you buy it today.
Elvis Costume for Child
Turn your kid into the Disco King himself this Halloween when you pick up our Elvis Costume for Child. With your purchase, you will receive a super fun Elvis jumpsuit, a matching belt, and a red scarf. Your little one will be dancing through town this Halloween while trick-or-treating as the one and only Elvis Presley! Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Elvis themed gear and accessories.
Elvis Glasses
Uh-huh! Have everyone calling you King when you put on a pair of Elvis Glasses! These aviators have thin golden frames and black, opaque lenses. You can use them for cop, 70s, and movie star costumes as well!
Adult Elvis Costume
We're all shook up to bring you this shiny new getup. Live on as the king in this Adult Deluxe Elvis Costume. You'll be shaking your hips from side to side and making everyone swoon at the sight of your dance moves. You have everything you could ever need to start your journey to Elvis superstardom! Signature white jumpsuit with sequin applique throughout the chest and belt. It also comes with a beautiful red scarf that the king would be proud to don. You have the basics of living that rock and roll dream, but don't forget to add a few accessories to really become the king. A slick pair of shades, an authentic Elvis wig, and a microphone are all things you'll need to step on stage and wow the crowd! Careful you don't party too hard or you'll do the jailhouse rock! Be the hit of your party in this Adult Deluxe Elvis Costume..
Adult Grand Heritage Elvis Costume
You will be doing the boogie all night long this Halloween when you put on the Adult Grand Heritage Elvis Costume - Large. Shimmy your way into the party wearing this sleek and stylish Elvish costume, and you'll have everyone dancing and moving their hips by the end of the night. Complete with a white jumpsuit, a ceremonial trim belt, and a scarf, you can't go wrong with this special get-up. Buy your Elvis costume today!
Elvis Deluxe Wig
Your Elvis Presley costume needs some flawless hair if you want to be convincing, so buy the Elvis Deluxe Wig! The wig is composed of black hair that is slick and shiny. The large sideburns featured on each side of the head finishes off this look.
Baby/Toddler Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Aren't you the littlest hunk of burning' love! Wear an Infant Toddler Elvis Romper Costume and sing the night away. Each fullbody jumpsuit is cut from soft white fleece. The bell sleeves and pant legs will make you look good on the front page of Rolling Stones. A faux red undershirt is sewn into the V-cut top, matching the panels in the long pants. Red, blue, and gold dots outline wings on the chest and American eagles on the belt so you can show off your American spirit. Look nice and professional with the standing collar and the press won't be able to get enough of you! The suit closes at the back and is large enough to wear thin layers beneath. When the whole world knows your name, you have to live up to it. Suit up in your Infant Toddler Elvis Romper Costume and impress your fans! Have your mom and dad dress up in their own Elvis costumes (sold here) and turn it into a family business.
Adult Elvis Cape
This extravagant cape is fit for a king. The King of Rock and Roll, that is! This white cape has a high collar and has a large gold, red, and blue printed design of an eagle on the back in the shape of jewels and rhinestones. Add this piece onto our Adult Deluxe Elvis Costume and your look will be a hit!
Gold Chain Accessory - Jumbo
Whether you're dressing up as a gangster or a rapper this Halloween, you'll be ready for the occasion when you put on our Gold Chain Accessory - Jumbo! With your purchase, you will receive a large and thick set of golden plastic chain-links to wear around your neck this year. Pair this fun accessory with the rest of your thug costume and you'll have the night of your life. Buy your gold chain today, and go make this Halloween a golden one!
Rehab Wig - Adult
There's no better way to make a statement this Halloween than with a dramatic hairstyle! The Black Women's Rehab Singer Wig features jet black hair that is styled in sexy waves and extends past the chest. Some of the hair is pulled back to create a large poof on the top of the head.
Elvis Glasses with Sideburns
You'll be ready to meet Nixon in the White House when you complete your King of Rock and Roll costume with these Elvis Glasses with Sideburns! These stunning thick rimmed aviator shades feature bushy black sideburns to help you capture the King's iconic 1970s look.
Baby/Toddler Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Not even one and already asking for blue suede shoes. Put your tiny heartthrob in a Newborn Elvis Jumper Costume and he'll be the most popular guy there! Each package starts with a long-sleeved jumper. Its bright white body is decorated with colorful patches, filling the body with red, blue, and gold wings! The red shirt and standing collar sewn into the top will help you stand out on stage. You don't want to start a controversy--pull on the included white pants to cover him up! The black booties are inscribed with the words Elvis Lives. Keep cozy by popping on the black cap and let all your friends know that you're The King! People say that Elvis is gone, but do you think a legend could die that easy? Bring back the spirit of the 50s when you get this Newborn Elvis Onesie Costume for your future musician! Show up wearing your own Elvis costume (sold here) for a cute theme.
Michael Jackson Costume for Men
Become the King of Pop this Halloween when you buy the Michael Jackson Costume for Men! Head to the party in this groovin' Michael gear, and you'll have everyone staring at you in awe and wonder. Bring out your best moonwalk, bust out all your funk moves, and 'thriller' all over the place this Halloween, and you'll have everyone hoppin' and boppin' to your beat! Come on, it's easy as A B C, 1 2 3! After all, nobody can out-funk the King of Pop. It's sad that Michael has recently passed on from this world, but that certainly doesn't mean we have to lose him in memory. His music will stay with us forever, and by dressing up as Michael this Halloween, you'll celebrate his memory in the best way possible! Spread the love and joy only Michael Jackson can bring this Halloween, when you buy the Michael Jackson Costume for Men!
Black Rock N' Roll Wig Adult
Are you ready to do the jailhouse rock? Throw on this Black Rock N' Roll Wig and get on your sparkling suit to summon the spirit of the King! A jet-black pompadour that's sure to have the party singing along with you. Bring the spirit of Elvis to life with this fun wig!
Adult Elvis Wig
The King of Rock needs his crown - his signature hair! The Adult Elvis Wig features jet black hair in a gelled style with prominent sideburns so that you can finish your Elvish costume the right way.
80's Diva Adult Costume
Calling all material girls and boy toys, this 80s Diva Adult Costume is the ultimate ensemble for all ladies of the 80s! Whether you're trying to get backstage at a hair metal concert or goofing off in the mall in the Valley, this outfit that includes a dress, leggings, glovelettes, and a chain belt will help you do it in totally awesome 80s style. The black dress features soft pink polka dot accents on the shoulders and bust, as well as a pink underlayer on the gathered skirt. Inspired by the fashions popularized by icons like Madonna, this dress is tight in the bodice with a short voluminous skirt. The black leggings and polka dot trimmed lace gloves help you achieve the ultra trendy street urchin look. Enhance your outfit with jewelry and hair accessories available separately on our website. Even if you aren't lucky enough to remember the 80s, you're going to love dancing to new wave and synth pop like it's 1985 in this 80s Diva Costume for Adults!
Michael Jackson Silver Glove Child
Celebrate one of the biggest icons in music history when you complete your Michael Jackson Halloween costume with this Michael Jackson silver child glove! This replica of the king of Pop's classic single white glove is the accessory that will make your costume quite the Thriller! Including one glove, you have an instantly recognizable and convenient addition that will take your costume to the next level! Made of high-quality and durable polyester. Add Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket and a pair of sunglasses to have a look that's really Bad! Check out our entire selection of officially licensed Michael Jackson costume accessories! And order your Michael Jackson silver child glove online today, while supplies last!
Elvis Scarves
When you have millions of fans, you need a couple of giveaways for all your performances. Carry along these bright red Elvis Scarves so they have a memento of the day! Each set gives you three identical, long scarves.
Mens 80s Video Super Star Costume
The age of excess, better known as the 1980's, brought you some of the most outrageous styles of dress and many of them came from some of your favorite pop and rock stars of the time. When you're feeling nostalgic and want to revisit a time of crazy fashions you can get suited in the Men's 80s Video Super Star Costume. You will be an eyesore to everyone that sees you wearing a glistening gold lame jacket with tie dye-colored cuffs and trim matching the colorful belt that comes attached to the pair of gold lame baggy-legged pants with gold chain details. Add trend on top of trend with a black mesh shirt worn underneath the jacket and rock out to your favorite 80's tune once you're in this Men's 80s Video Super Star Costume.
Child's Full 80's Rockstar Costume
The unique Child's Full 80's Rockstar Costume will get your child ready to rock the night away! With a headband, mesh shirt, tank top, belt, pants, and bandana, your little one will have everything they need to dance the night away. Your child can pretend they are on a stage performing to their thousands of fans who are chanting their name! Throw on the music and be their biggest fan!
Kazoo Saxophone
Crank out some sultry tunes on a Kazoo Saxophone. Actually, this will only sound like a kazoo. It is only shaped and designed to look like a saxophone. The details are great and could fool anyone until they listen to it being played. While it may not have the same sound as a regular sax, it is still a fun item to have around. Have this and some more available as party favors during a themed event.
Michael Jackson Costume for Women
The King of Pop lives on in a very big way when you are wearing this Michael Jackson Costume for Women! This complete costume gives you a high quality replica of one of the most famous outfits worn by one of the most famous people in history and is perfect for any Halloween costume party! Celebrate your love of this legendary artist with a costume that is attention-getting and eye-catching! Made of high-quality materials for a comfortable costume you will love to wear again and again! Dance the night away in a costume no one will ever forget! Add a stuffed monkey doll to give your Michael Jackson even more Dimension and depth! Find even more unbeatable ideas when you check out our full selection of Michael Jackson costumes and accessories! Don't wait until the last minute for this fan favorite costume! Get a great price and fast shipping when you order yours online today!
Adult Mirror Wrap Around Glasses - One Size
Be a galactic diva in these silver mirrored wrap around glasses. Includes 1 pair of glasses.
Big Rappers Clock Necklace for Adults
Feeling like Flavor Flav? If so you definitely going to need this Big Rappers Clock Necklace for Adults. All your friends are going to think your mad cool for strutting around town with this mega clock around your neck. Featuring a brownish big clock with a chain that can be hung around your neck, on your wall or used for a decor for your home. You can't go wrong in purchasing this Big Rappers Clock Necklace it will surely serve its purpose.
Michael Jackson Deluxe Billie Jean Jacket Child
Be the King of Pop this Halloween in the Michael Jackson Deluxe Billie Jean Jacket Child! Pair this black sequined blazer with a Michael Jackson wig, silver sequined glove, and sparkle stirrup socks for a look that will have people complimenting you all night. Have fun being MJ, but remember to be careful of what you do. Don't go around breaking young girls' hearts, and if you see Billie Jean, moonwalk away from her as fast as you can. Shamone and have a great Halloween in the deluxe Michael Jackson Billie Jean jacket for children!
Adult Michael Jackson Sequin Glove
This adult Michael Jackson sequin glove will make you look just like the King of Pop this Halloween! Pair this instantly recognizable accessory with one of our Michael Jackson costumes or some vintage clothes from your own wardrobe for a rockin' costume!
Dancing JoJo Siwa Outfit Costume
Feel like a kid in a candy store when picking out your next Halloween ensemble. Choose the Dancing JoJo Siwa Outfit Costume to show you have taste. JoJo Siwa is a popular singer and dancer. She has appeared on television shows, recorded hit songs, and has millions of hits around the web. Young fans can dress up just like her and perform all the same moves in this particular outfit. Orders come with a black shirt top featuring a silvery skirting. A pair of leggings are included which have bands around each side. A gold sports jacket is included to look super shiny on stage. It has JoJo?s name and logo along the back. Complete the style with a large silver hair bow, her signature accessory. Head out trick-or-treating and there will be plenty of sugar in the air! Wear this JoJo Siwa costume and your life will be sweeter than you think!
Boys Red Michael Jackson Military Jacket
Have a strong style by wearing the Boys Red Michael Jackson Military Jacket. Jackson is the King of Pop, King of Style, and has plenty of other titles. He always wore such iconic clothing items and people took notice. This particular item is modeled after royal military uniforms that were often worn in the Victorian era. You receive a jacket all in red featuring golden designs to give off a royal appearance. There are printed images of gilt braiding along the front and sleeves. Dance around and moonwalk as Michael Jackson for Halloween and during other themed events.