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Orange Costume Ideas and Tips

Halloween is all things orange! From pumpkins carved into magical Jack O’ Lanterns to shimmery orange beads, we’ve got every imaginable orange accessory or costume under the orange sun! When you want to disappear for a minute or blend into the Halloween scene, you’ll find our Disappearing Man Suit Orange to be a blast to wear! Bring along your child, who ideally, will also be sporting our I’m Invisible Orange Suit Costume, for a fantastic disappearing act come Halloween! Our orange themed accessories also make the grade! When you picture oranges, do you think of fedoras? Probably not, but our brilliant orange colored accessories, like our Deluxe Orange Fedora, will give you costume ideas you’d never imagine! Hair, too, can sparkle, just as in our Orange Tinsel Wig! When you want a glamourous look, discover our Orange Long Wig, with shiny orange locks down to your elbows! From orange face paint to orange whistles to orange gloves, we’ve got your taste for orange covered head to toe this Halloween!

Orange Parade Cane
Looking for the perfect cane to pair with your Halloween costume this year? Then look no further than our Orange Parade Cane! Whether you're dressing up as a dapper gent, a leprechaun, or an elderly man, you definitely don't want to miss out on this stylish cane accessory. Walk into the party with this cane in hand, and you'll be the life of the party in an instant. Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Halloween costume and accessory needs!
Women's Orange Tutu
Dress up your witch costume with this Women's Orange Tutu! Each bottom is made of thick, orange tulle bunched into ruffled layers. It rests at the hips. Pair it with a black corset and witch hat for an easy Halloween look or wear it over boy shorts for your next rave!
Orange Skin Suit Costume for Adults
Brilliant in its simplicity, this Orange Skin Suit Costume for Adults is the ultimate and all-purpose versatile costuming! This full head-to-toe body suit is bright, colorful and perfect for Halloween, sporting events or any other costumed occasion year round! Made of high-quality material for a comfortable suit you will love to wear time and time again! Have fun finding new and original ways to incorporate this unforgettable costume! Add any number of hats or props to this suit to create an original character that everyone will love! Find other terrific ways to maximize this costume when you check out our entire selection of Halloween costumes and accessories for adults! Also a terrific tool for video production and chrome key scenes! Don't wait until the last minute for the costume you love the most! Make sure you have it when you need it when you order yours online today! Get a great price and fast shipping when you order now!
Teen Disappearing Man Orange Costume
Deluxe Orange Top Hat
Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man... Impress any party-goer when you slip on a Deluxe Orange Top Hat. This felt topper is bright orange and bound with an orange satin hat band. The brim is lightly bent. Great for college parties and pimp costumes.
Orange Makeup
Oompa, Loompa, doopity dee - we sure have something special for Halloween! Our Orange Makeup comes in a small, resealable tube and gives you 0.7 ounces of creamy paint. Can be used on face and body. Great for fairy, monster, and Willy Wonka costumes.
Orange Domino Mask
Everyone gets a little rowdy during college games. Slip on your Orange Domino Mask so you can't get identified later on! This satin mask has a molded nose ridge and eye holes so you can watch the field. Strap it on using the elastic band and join the fun!
Child I'm Invisible Orange Suit Costume
If you are shopping for unique Halloween garb for your child, you should order the I'm Invisible Orange Suit Costume. This body suit, which includes attached socks and gloves and a mask/hood, can be ordered in a medium or large child size. Let your son have fun camouflaging himself against orange Halloween decorations or a pumpkin patch, then popping out when his friends walk by. This is also a handy outfit to have for school plays about nutrition; just have your child wear a green hat to be a carrot; no accessories are needed to be an orange. He can also be a bottle of orange soda, a traffic cone an orange Popsicle or a cheese doodle. The mask is made of special breathable and see-through fabric. While he can see others, his face will be covered and they will not know who he is.
Orange Suspenders
When your little guy shows up trick-or-treating in these Orange Suspenders, he's sure to be a showstopper! These orange suspenders are the perfect finishing touch to a dapper outfit, whether he's going out as a vaudeville actor or Jay Gatsby himself. He'll look like he walked out of the Jazz Age when he's wearing these Orange Suspenders!
Orange Face Paint Stick
Make your makeup application easy this Halloween, with our Orange Face Paint Stick! This face paint stick will cut your preparation time in half when you're getting ready to go out, since it makes applying orange color to your face a snap! Check out our other colors to get the full range of face paints sticks and go out dressed up as a rainbow this year!
Deluxe Orange Cowboy Hat
Bright enough to scare off any poacher. Put on a Deluxe Orange Cowboy Hat so you can ride into the sunset! Our hat is made out of firm felt and has a lightly lifted brim. The robe hatband threads through the top to fasten around your neck. Perfect for team parties.
Deluxe Orange Fedora
Put Michael to shame when you pop on a Deluxe Orange Fedora! Each brightly-colored piece has a molded top and a satin hatband around its brim. Good for men and women alike, this felt hat makes a great accessory for gangster, pimp, and college costumes.
Inflatable - Orange - Adult Costume
Show off your sense of humor with this goofy Inflatable - Orange - Adult Costume. Mix and match with costume accessories, or wear on its own for a unique costume experience. This large, orange jumpsuit features matching gloves, socks, and hood. A convenient battery operated fan is included to puff up your giant orange suit!
Orange Gloves
You might be lounging in a field for the pre-game party, but that doesn't mean you can't be one classy mother. Slip on a pair of Orange gloves and chug that beer in style! Each pair is made from flat, stretchy polyester and has a wrist snap. Great for Halloween and masquerades as well.
Child Tutti Frutti Tutu Accessory
Womens Cartoon Tummy Shirt Orange
Girl's Orange Cheerleader Kit
Have the big game be something to cheer about when you use our Girl's Orange Cheerleader Kit. It's a bold and fun kit that comes with everything that you'll need to get everyone pumped up. An orange megaphone, and two pom poms that will be sure to get the party pumped up for any event! Practice your cheers and get ready to put on a show.
Orange Afro Wig
Clown around in this unconventionally colored Orange Afro Wig. Use this fluffy warm wig to complete your clown costume, or go for a retro disco look. Be sure to match your makeup to this funky hairpiece!
Orange Whistle
Get loud this Halloween! When our Orange Whistle is incorporated into your costume, you'll be able to show your Halloween spirit even more rambunctiously than before. Light up a Halloween party with this whistle and everyone will be ready to party. This whistle comes in many colors, so check out our whole rainbow of options!
Orange Body Paint 3.4 Oz
Bring every color of the rainbow into your Halloween costume this year, with the help of our Orange Body Paint! Whether you're going out as a pumpkin or a traffic cone, you'll be all the more colorful when you're wearing this easy-to-apply makeup. You'll love how fast this makeup gets you out the door with its user-friendly application!
Orange Face Mask
You plan on having one heck of a night. Make sure no one recognizes you the next day by slipping on an Orange Face Mask! Each mask is cut with holes for your eyes, nose, and mouse, an elastic strap keeping it on your head. Great for Halloween, college parties, and Mardi Gras.
Orange Bandana
How else are you supposed to dress up for the Halloween hoe-down? Wear an Orange Bandana and you'll have all the ladies taking a spin with you. Each piece of square cotton fabric is decorated with black and white paisley and stripes, making for a cute accessory to your next cowboy or robber costume.