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Pirate Patch and Earring
Get ready to show your battle scars with this Pirate Earring and Eye Patch Set. You'll get a life-like patch that's sure to add to your pirate costume, but don't forget about our chic golden earring that will make your outfit pop like never before.
Leaf Clasp - Lord of the Rings
The Leaves of Lorien will complete your Tolkien look this Halloween. Great for costumes and cosplay, the Leaf Clasp - Lord of the Rings is the perfect brooch for your cloak. The green leaf is decorated with a silver design that easily attaches to your clothes. Whether you're going a Frodo, Legolas, or adding a fun twist on your fantasy look, the Leaf Clasp - Lord of the Rings is a great choice. Order your own Leaf Clasp - Lord of the Rings today from Costume SuperCenter.
Hoop Earrings
Have a "hoopy" Halloween with the Hoop Earrings! These gold clip-on hoop earrings are the perfect finishing touch for several costumes. Pair them with a gypsy costume and look like a real fortune-teller. Wear them with a disco costume and dance the night away. Pair them with a pirate costume while you pillage the neighborhood. You can even use them for everyday wear. The gold hoop earrings are inexpensive and versatile?order them today so they can become a staple of your wardrobe!
70's Disco Gold Necklace for Men
Get down with your bad self when you wear the 70'S Disco Gold Necklace for Men with your Halloween costume. This faux gold chain is super psychedelic and will have you grooving all the way to the disco! Show off your bling and all the hippies will be jealous. The 70?s Disco Gold Necklace for Men will add the finishing touch on your 70?s hippie costume!
Fortune Teller Crystal Ball Ring
Captivate your customers with a mystical look that has been enhanced by only the most arcane of accessories. The Fortune Teller Crystal Ball Ring is just what youve been looking for in order to craft a supernatural ensemble that feels as if it came from beyond the veil. This product features a ring with an embellishment thats been fashioned to look just like a crystal ball for a lovely addition that will make you look as if you can peer into the very fates of mere mortals.
Gold Chain Accessory - Jumbo
Whether you're dressing up as a gangster or a rapper this Halloween, you'll be ready for the occasion when you put on our Gold Chain Accessory - Jumbo! With your purchase, you will receive a large and thick set of golden plastic chain-links to wear around your neck this year. Pair this fun accessory with the rest of your thug costume and you'll have the night of your life. Buy your gold chain today, and go make this Halloween a golden one!
Hippie Peace Sign Necklace and Earrings
It's time to relive some of the most iconic events of human history, like the hippie movement. Introducing the Hippie Peace Sign Necklace and Earrings! Transport yourself to the time of Beatlemania and Summer of Love with this hippie inspired item, that also encompasses the universal symbol of peace. Goes great and fits perfectly with any hippie costume, or a 60's singer outfit! Whether you're dressing up as a hippie, or as any other individual from that era, there is no wrong option with a prop such as this! Comes with a necklace and pair of earrings.
Imitation Pearl Necklace
You've got the hair, the costume, and the aura of the roaring twenties in your costume. Finish it off with these beautiful Flapper Beads. They've got a chic and hip style that's sure to accentuate your Flapper attire and make it better than ever.
Adult Silver Epaulettes Accessory
Jumbo Metal Peace Necklace
You'll be ready to chill out as soon as you have this Jumbo Metal Peace Necklace on! The long black cord is made of a tightly woven rope and has a large metal peace sign attached to the bottom. A must-have for any hippie, Woodstock, or funky costume.
Adult Bleeding Heart Necklace Accessory
Grecian Earrings
Put some Royal Glam in your Greek princess costume with these golden Grecian earrings! Made of high-quality metal, these golden coin design earrings are perfect to spice up any Greek outfit and can also be worn with any other costume year-round! Does not include toga. Add a Grecian crown to really show your Royal subjects who's in charge! Shop our full selection of fun and fashionable costume accessories and avoid the crowded Halloween stores when you order your pair of Grecian earrings online today!
Snake Asp Armband
Ancient Egyptians knew not to mess around with the snakes so they were sure not to anger them and even popularized cool snake jewelry like this Cleopatra Snake Armband that you can have for yourself with a curving, shiny golden armband of a coiled snake with green sequin eyes.
Disco Medallion
Rock the dance floor as the ultimate disco daddy with this awesome accessory! The Disco Medallion will instantly turn anyone who wears it into one groovy guy. Halloween will never be the same once you bust out this bombastic bling. Includes one gold medallion with chain. Browse our online store for an out-of-sight costume to go with it!
Adult Bed Of Blood Rose Ear Wrap Accessory
Light Up New Year Cup Necklace
Gold Bangles (50)
If you're going out as an Arabic princess or an exotic witch this Halloween, you'll need our Gold Bangles Accessories to make your costume complete! No regal witch or princess would be caught dead at a Halloween party without her gorgeous gold jewelry, so when you put on these bracelets you'll be walking taller!
Big Gold Chain
If you're going out as a rapper this Halloween, you'll need this Big Gold Chain Accessory to get your swag on! No rapper worth his salt would want to go out without the proper bling, so when you put on this necklace you'll know you can hold your own with the big guys. Whether you're going out as Biggie or Drake, this gold chain will complete your look!
Snake Arm Band
Become a famous egyptian pharaoh, or spice up your greek goddess with the golden Snake Arm Band. this accessory is perfect for adding a little more flair into a costume and will also match your everyday outfit! No matter what you use this elegant band for, it will certainly make you look as good as the Queen Cleopatra.
Adult Bleeding Heart Earrings Accessory
Elvira Earrings
Necklace Dollar Sign Jumbo
Dollar Dollar Bill, ya'll! Show off your bling when you're wearing this studly dollar sign necklace this year! Pair this up with your true OG ensemble to really set the tone for your hip hop! Freestyle your way into the next costume party. Trick-or-treating will be your stage as you take it in style!
Shamrock Body Jewelry
Spread the luck of the Irish when you put on Shamrock Body Jewelry. The set includes 12 pieces in assorted sizes and colors, including copper and different shades of green. Spruce up a leprechaun outfit or your St. Patrick's Day attire.
Fortune Teller Gold Coin Earrings
Hear yourself jingling and jangling with the Fortune Teller Gold Coin Earrings. The gypsy style has lots of appeal nowadays which makes many accessories perfect for various wardrobe choices. These show off a gold charm that has three coins attached via beads. They hang low but look great as part of your outfit. We offer a number of fortune teller accessories such as headscarves, crystal balls, necklaces, and even costumes for you to include! Unfortunately, these coins arent worth a fortune.
Lord of the Rings Arwen Necklace
Whether you are dressing up as an Elven Princess or the King of Men this Halloween, you'll love the Lord of the Rings Arwen Necklace! Originally gifted to Aragorn by Arwen in Rivendell, this officially licensed accessory is perfect for any Lord of the Rings fan. Order today for fast shipping and easy delivery!
Womens Pink Poodle Earrings
Featuring the Women's Pink Poodle Earrings. This earrings are the cutest thing ever! How cool would it be to rock these adorable fashionable earrings. You don't have to have a poodle to strut around in this dankly earrings all you need is a bomb outfit and have that makeup on point then boom, you will be in the celebrity status! Don't take my word for it grab a pair today and look at all the attention you will get. You been warned!
Native American Bracelet
Simple and charming, our Native American Bracelet will make you the envy of the tribe. This elastic bracelet has three layers of beading, surrounding your wrist with tan, blue, red, and silver beads. Slip them on with a Native American necklace, earrings, and headdress for the full effect.
80's Bangle Bracelet Set (4 piece)
Black, pink, orange, and neon green are all the colors that you get to wear with this Set of Four Bangle Bracelets. Get that extra girly style wearing these cool plastic bangles in pretty and bright colors.
80s Neon Earrings and Necklace Set
New wave music blasts from your radio all the time and some days you feel like you could just transport yourself back to the 1980's where not only the music was cooler, but the fashions too. We can get you halfway there with this 80s Neon Earrings and Necklace Set, including neon pink and green triangles and squares with black beds incorporated into a necklace and pair of clip-on earrings.
The 60's Disco Necklace
Come on, and get your boogie on! That's right go and join the party wearing The 60's Disco Necklace. You will be the coolest hippest person at the party. This 60's Disco Necklace features a gold pendant displayed the word disco on a gold chain. You can rock this with a costume, or if you're feeling flashy. Either way you choose to wear it, it is going to be a hit. So, order this hot item today before it sells off the shelf but you better hurry before I grab them all!