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Weapons & Armor

Protect yourself and the kingdom with any of our weapons and armor products. Take up your suit of armor and hoist your weapon high and mighty to charge head first into battle. We offer a variety of body protection and unique tools of destruction to give yourself an interesting look for Halloween, costume parties, and cosplay events. Browse through our various shields, body armor, hammers, swords, and more to see what else you can add to your ensemble. You can find everything from chest pads and gauntlets to whips and claw gloves. There are a lot of items to see and only so much to equip to your outfit.

Weapons & Armor Ideas and Tips

No matter what time period you are in or what movie you watch, the hero and the villain always have their trusty weapons and shields on hand no matter what they are. Every hero or villain has that one weapon they can count on. If you are looking for only the best weaponry around then you have come to the right place. These items are perfect to become a fearless gladiator, knight, space warrior, police officer, ninja or really anything that you want to!

With a wide variety of different themed weapons, helmets, shields and more, there is no better place to shop for your next character’s weapons. Check out our officially licensed accessories and find replicas of your favorite character’s armor! Take your next Halloween or costume look to a new and authentic level with one of our amazing accessories.

Spartan Combat Shield and Sword
When you're fighting your way through the colosseum, make sure you have the proper equipment. Get it together with the Spartan Combat Shield and Sword. This ensemble comes with all you need to make it complete. No costume is put together wihthout props like these. Grab these plastic items to provide the ultimate look this Halloween.
Shield and Chest Plate Spartan Set
Become a true Roman warrior this Halloween when you pick up our Shield and Chest Plate Spartan Set! Walk into the party donning this special set of Spartan gear, and you'll be taking on armies of bad guys in no time. Complete with a golden chest plate as well as a matching gold shield, you'll be more than ready for whatever the night brings you. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for a matching sword to really complete your look!
Machine (Black) Gun
Every gangster needs their number one accessory, a Tommy Gun! This vintage-style Machine Gun is the perfect prop for any 1920s costume. This black toy gun is made of high-quality plastic and produces an action sound when the trigger is pulled. Everyone will be hitting the deck when they hear the “Rat-a-tat-tat” of your toy Tommy Gun. Complete your Al Capone or spice up your 20s Flapper costume with this classic accessory now!
Pirate Cutlass
What's a pirate without a sword? Don't let your child go out looting and pillaging without this silver and gold pirate cutlass! It features a silver blade and a wraparound gold handle to protect your little one's sword hand.
Pirate Cutlass Deluxe Sword
If you are sailing the seas you must be ready for an attack at all times. A pirate is only as good as their weapon and you can believe that the Pirate Cutlass Deluxe Sword will not let you down. This authentic swashbuckling sword will make every pirate costume more fun and exciting. Get one of your own and be prepared for whatever the sea throws at you.
Swashbuckling Pirate Sword
Equip this Swashbuckling Pirate Sword to fend off anyone coming for your gold. Pirates need a trusty weapon whenever they are out and about on the sea. Military forces, rival pirates, sharks, and maybe even krakens are all threats! You need to be able to defend against them and others which makes this item very handy. You receive a toy sword made to look as authentic as possible. The blade portion has a bit of decoration carved along its side. There are two protective braces attached to the handle. Straps of leather are also tied along the handle just to give it a bit of flair. You will be able to slice and stab with no problems now! Embark on a voyage to track down untold amounts of riches, new lands, and legendary treasures without any need to worry. Take a look at other pirate products to include as part of your swashbuckling attire.
Grim Reaper Scythe
Ask not for whom the bell tolls - it tolls for thee. The Grim Reaper's calling to get his scythe back! Give him his favorite Four Piece Sickle and he'll be pleased as punch, the lightweight plastic body perfect for carrying during trick-or-treating and parties. Has a long curved blade.
26" Cavalry Rider Sword
Ride into battle with confidence knowing you have the best weaponry at your side. The 26" Calvary Rider Sword is the most trusted sword around and when you are heading off into battler you want to make sure you are protected. Nothing will beat this magnificent sword and it is the perfect accessory for your next soldier or vintage military costume.
Deluxe Caveman Club
Bash your friends on the head with your Deluxe Caveman Club. This authentic designed club looks like it stepped out of the Stone Age and will make your outfit look amazing. It's a blast from the past when you swing around out Deluxe Caveman Club.
Star Trek Phaser
Looking for a nicer phaser for your arsenal but want to keep the utility? Our Star Trek Phaser Is the ultimate additional to any Star Fleet's arsenal with its detail and style packed into an easy to transport package! Use it as a tool to get yourself out to sticky situations or fight off any hostile lifeforms that might come your way. A perfect addition to Star Trek costumes whether you're entertaining guests or repelling Borg!
Long Roman Sword
Bring down the long arm of the law when you have this Long Roman Sword! Each straight silver blade is connected to a simple golden hilt with circular details. Works wonderfully for centurion and gladiator costumes as well as Medieval knight outfits.
Ninja Sword
Fight off your foes by using this spectacular Ninja Sword. It features a long, skinny blade with matching sword cover and strap. Pair with a ninja costume for the best outfit at your Halloween party.
Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girls Mallet
The Green Arrow has his arrows, Batman has his Bat gadgets, Thor has his hammer, Green Lantern has his ring and Harley Quinn has her mallet. And we have it too! If you want to be Harley for Halloween, order the Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girls Mallet from us. This is not the weapon used by the Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad, it belongs to the hero who attends Superhero High School along with many other heroes such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Poison Ivy and Batgirl. The red and black mallet looks dangerous, but it is not and is made for young girls who want to be a hero and keep supervillains in line. Harleen Quinzell is the student at Superhero High who is least serious and has the most fun. Pranks are more important to her than grades, but that is why girls like her. She loves hanging out with her friends, always has a joke or too and often asks ?Why so serious?? Who needs a brooding adult superhero when you can have a young feisty Harley Quinn? Everybody wants to be like Harley! Be t
Indian Spear
Head out for battle once you have your Indian Spear on hand! Each bamboo stick is strung with colorful gathers of feathers, the slate gray spearhead on top is bound with red string. Perfect for your Native American or Na'vi costume.
Bow and Arrow Set
Classic and versatile, this bow and arrow set is absolutely perfect to complete your Native American outfit or archer costume this Halloween! Including high quality and durable bow and one Arrow, this fun costume accessory allows you to add a little action into what would normally be a normal historic look! Add a hooded cloak and eye mask to start developing your unique and creative version of Robin Hood! Check out our full selection of accessories to maximize the potential of your Halloween outfit! Order your toy bow and arrow set online today for a terrific price and fast shipping!
Wonder Woman Movie Sword
Complete all kinds of costumes by adding the Wonder Woman Movie Sword. This item measures 28 inches in length and is an exact copy of the version used by Wonder Woman in the film. It has engravings along the blade and an entwined hilt. It makes for a great weapon to use for knights, gladiators, and Medieval outfits.
Bloody Weapons Knife
Give everyone an extra scare this Halloween when you brandish the Bloody Weapons Knife. Although this knife is fake, it holds a spooky trick that will make anyone's skin crawl. The plastic blade can go with any killer costume, with a silver blade and black handle. The real magic in the encased blood inside the weapon, giving the illusion of a bleeding knife. Handle with care this Halloween and order the Bloody Weapons Knife today!
Armour Roman Leg, Pair
Don't end up like the Black Knight. Wear a pair of Knight's Leg Armor to prevent any flesh wounds! Each of these silver shin guards are decorated with a golden lion, crest, and scroll. Straps keep them on during battle. A great accessory for any of our shields, swords, and chest plates.
Adult Wonder Woman Movie shield
Arm yourself with the Wonder Woman Movie Adult Shield. This item measures 23 inches across and is a replica of the one used by Wonder Woman in the film. There is an engraved design of the sun centered on the shield. Equip even more toy weapons and accessories from our Wonder Woman collection to prepare for battle.
Reaper Scythe
Death comes knocking while holding the Reaper Scythe. This classic toy weapon is perfect for Halloween. It is 43 inches long with a black handle and grey, plastic blade. You can reach any number of souls from a distance to escort them to the afterlife. Take a look at costumes, cloaks, and other accessories to make your Halloween frightful.
Deluxe Jason Machete
Whether it's Friday the 13th or October 31st, your Deluxe Jason Machete is a chilling accessory any time of year! When you go out in your Jason mask with this machete, you'll be ready to stalk around your neighborhood looking like the infamous horror villain himself. Make your next night out in costume into a killing spree when you have a picture perfect machete to complete your lovingly detailed Jason outfit, and it can be Friday the 13th every day!
Roman Short Sword
Fight beside the worlds best gladiators and win your life and your freedom with his Roman Short Sword. A perfect accessory for all types of Roman styled costumes, this sword is a must have this Halloween. Be prepared for battle, with a sword that is short, sweet, and gets the job done.
Roman Arm Guards Adult
You need to be fitted from top to bottom in our Roman attire. When you don these Men's Roman Arm Guards you'll complete the aura of ancient warrior with style. Faux leather gloves with black leather straps that will bring to life the warrior's spirit in you.
Wonder Woman Movie Light-Up Lasso of Truth
The truth is, this Wonder Woman Movie Light-Up Lasso of Truth is a great addition to your costume. Whether cosplaying for conventions or heading out for Halloween parties, this item enhances your ensemble. It features light-up elements along its length which activate via the handles switch. A belt loop with Velcro closure keeps it within convenient reach. Have this legendary weapon ready to complete your Wonder Woman wardrobe. Dont forget to browse our website for even more accessories and equipment to match.
Economy Ninja Sword
Every ninja needs an outstanding sword! This Economy Ninja Sword gives you the traditional weapon of choice of those old-time stealth assassins! Made of high-quality plastic this 23 in sword with sheath comes with authentic detail design and enough durability that you will be good for an entire Halloween of ninja action! Where in side the sheath to show you our battle cred or walk around with it in your hands to show everyone you're ready for anything! Add a black ninja mask and you are ready for some martial arts Adventure! Order your Economy Ninja Sword online today and avoid the crowded Halloween stores!
Excalibur Sword
King Arthur's sword is legendary. Now this Halloween you can wield this king's magic with this Excalibur Sword! The sword features a silver colored handle for a comfortable grip! The sword itself rests in a gold colored, detailed sheath! This fantastic Excalibur Sword is 23 inches long?enough to fight off any knight on Halloween!
Swashbuckler Pistol
Don't forget to bring your Swashbuckler Pistol on your hunt for treasure across the seven seas! The pistol is black and silver with an orange cap at the end. Take a look at our website to find other products that you can purchase to further accessorize your pirate costume this Halloween.
Sequined (Red) Pitchfork
Be a sexy devil this Halloween with the Sequined (Red) Pitchfork! Put on your favorite red or black dress and a pair of sequined devil horns, then add the perfect accessory. This 19? red sequined pitchfork is cute and easy to carry. You'll be satanic and stylish when you add sequins to your devilish ensemble. Raise Hell this Halloween with the red sequined pitchfork!
Skull Sickle
This Skull Sickle is a great prop weapon to add to a Halloween ensemble with a horror theme. The black staff is adorned with a skull shaped handle and a curving blade and can be matched to costumes sold here such as The Grim Reaper or other skeleton characters.
Roman Centurion Set for Men
You can now transform into a distinguished Roman officer in the Roman Centurion Set for Men. This complete set will have everything you need to become the fierce character. The authentic looking armor will have others asking if you?re the real deal because you?ll look like you came straight out of 107 BC. As a captain of 100 soldiers, you can let everyone know you are not to be messed with and that you are ready to battle anyone who messes with your empire. The costume that you can show off is comfortable to wear, and easy to put on and take off throughout the day. You will have lots of fun in this costume, traveling back in time to live out your wildest dreams of being in the Roman Army. Have some fun and rule ancient Rome in this one of a kind set for men!