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Weapons & Armor

Protect yourself and the kingdom with any of our weapons and armor products. Take up your suit of armor and hoist your weapon high and mighty to charge head first into battle. We offer a variety of body protection and unique tools of destruction to give yourself an interesting look for Halloween, costume parties, and cosplay events. Browse through our various shields, body armor, hammers, swords, and more to see what else you can add to your ensemble. You can find everything from chest pads and gauntlets to whips and claw gloves. There are a lot of items to see and only so much to equip to your outfit.

Weapons & Armor Ideas and Tips

No matter what time period you are in or what movie you watch, the hero and the villain always have their trusty weapons and shields on hand no matter what they are. Every hero or villain has that one weapon they can count on. If you are looking for only the best weaponry around then you have come to the right place. These items are perfect to become a fearless gladiator, knight, space warrior, police officer, ninja or really anything that you want to!

With a wide variety of different themed weapons, helmets, shields and more, there is no better place to shop for your next character’s weapons. Check out our officially licensed accessories and find replicas of your favorite character’s armor! Take your next Halloween or costume look to a new and authentic level with one of our amazing accessories.