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Black Fashion Boa
Bring fashion and seductive wear into one accessory, our Black Fashion Boa. It's a beautiful and fun feathered accessory that will tickle your fancy easily. Make it apart of your next seductive attire and shock everyone.
Red Boa
No vaudeville act is complete without our Red Boa complimenting your child's costume! Your daughter will be ready to ham it up when she's wrapped up in these sparkly red feathers. She'll feel like a nightclub star when she's wearing this essential accessory, so don't pass up this opportunity to deck her out for Halloween!
Big Daddy Money Boa
How you make you money is your own business, but people may start to suspect certain things when that same money is used to buy lavish and outlandish accessories, but in your line of work our Big Daddy Money Boa is a necessity.
Purple Feather Boa
Looking for an accessory that will make your Halloween costume stand out? All eyes will be on you when you wear the Purple Feather Boa! Add some style to your witch, flapper, or starlet costume with this gorgeous purple boa. This festive boa is also great for Mardi Gras celebrations, and you're sure to have a good time when you wear it.
Red Flashy Boa
Add a colorful prop to your costume this year by purchasing the Red Flashy Boa. Complete your look by wearing this boa with a red dress or a black dress. This boa can be used for many occasions even after Halloween. Have fun with this boa and be wild for the night!
Silver Boa
If you're going out as a vaudeville actress or a flapper, you'll need this Silver Boa to make you stand out from the crowd at Gatsby's next party! You'll rule the Jazz Age when you're wearing these sparkly silver feathers as part of your costume. Pop some champagne and roar like the 20s in this Silver Boa!
Child Size Hot Pink Boa
Adorn yourself with this Child Size Hot Pink Boa to have such a glamorous appearance. Having a boa as part of an outfit shows you are rich, elegant, classy, and above everyone else. The item measures 40 inches long and is made of pink feathers. It is soft and luxurious so your child can use this as part of their costume or play during dress up. Look for other pink accessories, dresses, and shoes so they can truly get into character.
Gold Boa
You'll love catching everyone's eye in this Gold Boa! Whether you're on your way to a vaudeville show or Jay Gatsby's next party, you'll be the center of attention in these sparkly gold feathers. Your flapper costume will be complete when you wrap yourself in this stylish and outstanding Gold Boa!
White Feather Boa
Add fun and style to your Halloween costume with the White Feather Boa! Whether you're dressing up as a beautiful bride, a heavenly angel, or a gorgeous ghost, this lovely boa will take your ensemble to the next level. This boa is also great for bachelorette parties, so if you're on bridesmaid duty, make sure you get one for the bride-to-be.
1920's Era: Pink and Black Boa
Back when a time of tommygun and beautiful dames, comes the bola girls. Introducing the 1920's Era: Pink and Black Boa. This lovely pink and black feathery bola is made of a synthetic material. Accessorize with 1920's dress, colorful wig, and boots to complete this elegant era design. Act now to own this snazzy prop.
Women's Mardi Gras Frisky Flapper Mini Dress
If you're looking for a fun costume for Mardi Gras celebrations, our Women's Mardi Gras Frisky Flapper Mini Dress is a great choice. Mardi Gras is all about partying, so you want a bright, colorful, and fun costume you can dance all night in. The Women's Mardi Gras Frisky Flapper Mini Dress is a tank top mini dress with a skirt that ends well above the knee. The costume is done in rows of fringe all over for a really eye catching look. The Women's Mardi Gras Frisky Flapper Mini Dress features stripes in purple, gold, and green which are the classic Mardi Gras colors. You can add even more to this fun costume by visiting our accessories section for Mardi Gras themed costume headpieces, party bead necklaces, themed jewelry, and more. Get your Mardi Gras outfit all ready today and order your Women's Mardi Gras Frisky Flapper Mini Dress now!
Black Deluxe Boa
Bold and vibrant our Black Deluxe Boa is the perfect finish to your costume. It'll add a level of elegance and sensuality that will make you excited to show some flair. Get ready to tickle someone's fancy.
Pink Boa
If you want your little girl to feel like a star this Halloween, wrap her up in our Pink Boa when she goes out for trick-or-treating! These sparkly pink feathers will make your daughter feel like a star vaudeville actress! She'll love shaking and shimmying this essential accessory while she's asking for candy!
Green Boa
Our Green Boa is an essential for any glamorous Halloween costume you have planned for this year! Your daughter will love the way these sparkly green feathers look over her flapper costume, or her vaudeville actress outfit. Order your daughter our Green Boa if you want her to be unforgettable when she trick-or-treats this year!
Child Size White Boa
Add just a touch of fashion to any ensemble using the Child Size White Boa. Boas can be wrapped around the neck like a scarf or draped along the shoulders. This item is made entirely with white feathers and measures 40 inches in length. Such a glamorous accessory will enhance various costume ideas. Your child can become a movie star, pop singer, and more. Browse through matching items on our website such as sunglasses, dresses, and more!
Orange Boa
Our Orange Boa is a classic Halloween costume item that will make your little girl's Halloween costume all the more stylish! Any costume that requires a show stopping touch of glamour will benefit from these sparkly orange feathers, so don't hesitate to get this essential accessory for your little vaudeville actress this year!