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Blue Costume Ideas and Tips

Put a pop of color into any costume or outfit with our enormous selection of blue costumes, costume pieces and accessories for the entire family. Let your imagination run free as you find all the many add ons and bits of blue flare that can take your existing Halloween costume and catapult it to a whole new level of creativity and individuality. Blue wigs, face paint, gloves, capes and more are waiting to help you make the very most of your Halloween and any other costumed occasion year round. Help your child put together a complete and one of a kind costume look that will make them stand out in the crowd, or put some new life and what you thought was an old and outdated look. The possibilities are endless with this can't miss collection of fashionable and attention-getting pieces that are jam-packed with bright color and brilliant pizzazz. Make the very most of this Halloween with an unforgettable costume themed in your favorite color!

Adult Light Blue Long Gloves
Whether you're going out as Cinderella or just another lady at the ball, you can wear these Adult Light Blue Long Gloves to make your dancing look even more regal! You'll be every inch the princess when you have these elbow length gloves to complement your gown, so put on your glass slippers and get out there to have a good time this Halloween! No prince will be able to resist you when you have on these gloves!
Adult Aqua Fluffies Accessory
Blue Glow Babe Wig for Women
Be a blue-haired beauty in the Blue Glow Babe Wig for Women! This lovely blue wig has bangs and hangs past your shoulders, and when you wear it, you can be an alluring alien, a fun-loving Eighties lady, or a siren of the sea. It?s impossible to feel blue while you?re wearing the Blue Glow Babe Wig!
Women's Blue Tutu
Show up the Swan Princess when you put on this Women's Blue Tutu! Each piece is made out of several layers of densely ruffled tulle, the waistband resting at your hips. Wear it for any Blue Fairy, or ice-themed costume.
Womens Blue Hero Shirt
Mens Blue Hero Pants
Boys Blue I'm Invisible Skin Suit
If your son's school color is blue, then he needs the Boys Blue I'm Invisible Skin Suit. Offered in child's medium or large sizes, the hood/face mask and jumpsuit with attached socks and gloves covers your entire body. Your child can put it on then run out onto the sports field to excite the crowd and support the team. Made of a polyester and spandex blend fabric, the hood, which covers the entire face, allows your child to see and breathe while keeping his identity a mystery. The suit lends itself to much mischievous fun. Your child can out this on and then photobomb everyone at the party. Great for Halloween parties, it can also be worn at any theme party with blue in the color scheme or any winter event. Don't let your child get the blues, but him this costume so he can have some fun being blue.
Blue Bead Necklaces-Multipack
You'll be ready for Mardi Gras, or Halloween, when you put on the jewelry in this Blue Bead Necklaces Multipack! Customize your costume by mixing and matching colorful necklaces. Whether you're going out as a Mardi Gras reveler, a carnival character, or some other glamorous, sparkly creation, you'll need these necklaces for your costume!
Red/White/Blue Suspenders
Show your child's patriotism this year by dressing them up in our Red/White/Blue Suspenders! Whatever kind of costume these suspenders will be holding up, it'll be a little more American with this spirited accessory complimenting it. Your child will love showing their allegiance to the flag with these Red/White/Blue Suspenders this Halloween!
Blue Face Paint Stick
Get ready for Halloween with this Blue Face Paint Stick and watch your preparation time get cut in half this year! You'll love how easy it is to apply your makeup when you're using this simple makeup applicator. This face paint stick will let you get out the door faster, looking better, so don't hesitate to order it and all our other color selections!
Deluxe Blue Top Hat
Is your friend feeling down? Cheer them up when you bust in the room wearing a Deluxe Blue Top Hat! Each flat-topped piece has a satin hatband and an upturned brim. Great for Halloween and college parties.
What's a blueberry, an ocean or a glorious sky creature to do when they're low on pigment? Blue Base Cream Makeup to the rescue! For adults or children who dream bigger, this professional quality cream makeup can make all the difference. Use with ease knowing it's water washable, so you can take it off as easily as you put it on.
Blue Inflatable Costume for Kids
Eye-catching an unforgettable, you are going to love wearing this Blue Inflatable Costume for Kids! Comfortable and made of high-quality materials, this hilariously amorphous monochromatic costume is ready to make a powerful journey down the trick or treat trail this year! Check out all of our Halloween costume accessories for kids to build your perfect look! Don't wait! Order now while supplies last!
Blue Makeup Tube
Papa Smurf ain't got nothin' on you! Use our Blue Makeup to turn your face and body blue. Each 0.7 ounce bottle has a screw-cap so the creamy makeup inside doesn't dry out between uses. Great for a variety of costumes as well.
Womens Blue Cheerleader Top
Blue Body Paint
You'll be the opposite of blue when you're getting compliments on your Halloween costume because of this Blue Body Paint! This easy-to-use makeup item will take your costume to the next level, and raise the bar for everyone else's costumes for next year. Order our Blue Body Paint to bring the rainbow into your costume!
Adult Blue Light Up Wig Accessory
If you're looking for a way to make your time traveling techno robot costume pop, or just looking to go to a house music house party then you're going to want this Adult Blue Light Up Wig Accessory in your bag of tricks. Yeah. It lights up. On your head. Do we need to say more? Order your Adult Blue Light Up Wig Accessory today and become the light of the party!
Deluxe Blue Cowboy Hat
Impress all the guys at the ranch when you come in wearing a Deluxe Blue Cowboy Hat! This stiff felt top is designed with a molded tip and has a bent brim. A neck strap will stop it from falling off as you're riding that bronco. Perfect for Cowboys fans and Halloween costumes.
Girl's Blue Cheerleader Kit
Cheering is a great time, now make sure you have the excitement and items needed to conduct your best cheers. Our Girl's Blue Cheerleader Kit comes with two pom poms, and a blue megaphone that pops against your fantastic cheer uniform. Make sure that you add on this great kit to complete your fun attire.
Blue Domino Mask
Channel your mysterious persona when you don our Blue Domino Mask. It's a chic and wondrous design that will perfectly complement any garish attire. Inspired directly from the Venetian carnivals, our masks are sure to give your outfit that extra flair that you've been looking for. With a deep hue of blue it'll pop perfectly with your costume.
Blue Liquid Metal Shorts for Women
Turn an otherwise dull outfit into shining style with help from Blue Liquid Metal Shorts for Women. These shiny bottoms work with so many outfits. Wear it for a night out in the town or to a rave. Use it as part of a superhero costume. The ideas are endless.
Blue Bandana
Set off for a day on the ranch after you tie this Blue Bandana around your neck! Each square cotton piece has paisley and lines decorating it. Great for cowboy costumes and school parties, this can be used by men, women, children, and even pets!
Blue Beads
Don't let exams get you down - just put on these Blue Beads and you're sure to brighten up! Each set gives you a set of six necklaces strung with small, shining blue beads. Wear them all or distribute them to your friends for your next school event.
Blue Tinsle Wig
When you're wearing our Blue Tinsel Wig, you'll look like you're having a Halloween under the sea! This sparkly blue wig will make you the center of attention at any party, with its attention-grabbing tresses of tinsel. Whether you're going out as a mermaid, a carnival character, or a vaudeville actress, you'll need this wig for your costume!
Blue Makeup Stick
Whether you're looking to spice up your costume or show your team spirit, this 0.21 oz Blue Makeup Stick will get you from funny to frightening in minutes.
Blue Afro Wig
You can't wear a squirting flower or hand buzzer without one of these. This curly and fluffy Blue Afro Wig will make you stand out at the circus! Of course, you'll have to pass clown college first!
Makeup Tube Teal Accessory
If youre looking for a splash of color to finish off your Halloween costume, check out this Makeup Tube Teal Accessory for your finishing touch! This teal face paint can give you the look of a mermaid, or maybe even a dragon! The only limit to what you can do with this makeup is what you can imagine, so put some on and see where your ideas take you. When you see yourself looking movie-ready in this teal makeup, youll know youre wearing your best costume yet!
Short Bob Cut Wig
Don't you wish sometimes you can change your hair? With the Short Bob Cut Wig, you can create a fun look. Transform into anyone you want to be this Halloween - from a pop star to an alien to everything in between, this accessory is sure to make you stand out.
Women's Blue Bob Wig
We're sure Marge is jealous of this Women's Blue Bob Wig! Slip it on and you'll have a short cropped 'do with lightly curled edges and straight bangs. Use it for Halloween, team, and patriotic costumes.