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Easter Costume Ideas and Tips

If you’re hiding eggs this year, you can do it in style by wearing one of our Easter Bunny costumes! These full-body Easter Bunny costumes will make your holiday special by putting you in the paws of everyone’s favorite holiday mascot. The egg hunt will go swimmingly when you’re overseeing the holiday activities in one of these adorable and fun costumes.

You can also find all kinds of Easter accessories here on our website, so don’t be afraid to stock up on everything you need to make this year an Easter no one will ever forget. You can even find religious items here in our Easter section, so if you’re doing a passion play or some fun Easter-themed dress-up, you can find everything you need to teach your favorite kids about the story of the holiday. You can even dress up as the man of the hour himself and spend Easter as Jesus!

Facts About the Easter Bunny

When spring rolls around again it's time to bust out the pastel décor, boil some eggs for dyeing and loosen the belt to make room for all the peeps and jelly beans you’re about to eat! Easter is right around the corner and that means the Easter Bunny will be hopping back into your life. But do you know how the Easter Bunny came to be? Where did the story of the Easter Bunny originate? How can is it possible for him to deliver all those colorful Easter baskets to children all across the globe? Find out those answers and more with these Easter Bunny facts!

Spartan Combat Shield and Sword
When you're fighting your way through the colosseum, make sure you have the proper equipment. Get it together with the Spartan Combat Shield and Sword. This ensemble comes with all you need to make it complete. No costume is put together wihthout props like these. Grab these plastic items to provide the ultimate look this Halloween.
Lamb Costume for Toddlers
Precious and adorable, you are going to love putting your little one in this lovable Lamb Costume for Toddlers! Comfortable and convenient, this jumpsuit style costume gives them the huggable appearance of their favorite barnyard friend and is guaranteed to bring a smile to every face they pass! Made of high-quality materials for a fit they will always love! Just as much fun for them to wear as it is for you to look at! Make the most of this snuggable new look when you shop from our huge selection of barnyard accessories for toddlers!
Baby/Toddler Vintage Lamb Costume
This Baby Vintage Lamb Costume would be a great fit for the Holiday season coming up. You can dress your baby in this costume for a church Christmas play, play date or a Halloween costume to show off the cuteness around the neighborhood and let's not forget a theme birthday party. That would be the cutest ever! Wearing this costume will have all of your neighbors wanting to snap pictures to share on social media.
Premium Rabbit Adult Costume
Hop on down the bunny trail in this Premium Rabbit White Costume! Perfect for Easter or Halloween, this ensemble includes a professional quality mascot suit, breathable head, oversized feet, and gloves. You'll be everybody's favorite bunny when you step into this white rabbit suit. With the right styling, you could even use this for an Alice in Wonderland theme party. The 21 foam carrot pictured here is sold separately.
Joseph Child Costume
You cannot hold a children's Christmas play without a Joseph Child Costume. Offered in child's small, medium and large sizes, it include a robe, sleeveless outer robe and belt. The white full length robe features a V-neck and lightly flared sleeves. It is accented by a white rope belt. A brown floor length outer robe is also included. St. Joseph is the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. He is mentioned in the gospels of Luke and Matthew. Since he was a woodworker, many Christian denominations consider him the patron saint of workers. He was a humble man but descended from the royal line of David. Obedient to god, he took care of Jesus when he was a child. Don this garb for a live nativity scene are your church or a play. Staff, beard and shoes are not include.
Roman Apron and Belt
When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Put the finishing touches on your Caesar costume with this Roman Apron and Belt accessory piece. Go bare-legged, or layer the red tunic over leggings or pants. Cinch your waist with the brown fringed belt (complete with gold coin details) and slip into your favorite pair of sandals. All you need know is a shield and a sword, and you'll be ready to defend Rome!
Baby/Toddler Lovely Lamb Costume
This Toddler Lovely Lamb Costume is sure to go wherever you do. Get your child dressed up in this to be the cutest little ewe they can be. This outfit comes as a one piece romper style jumpsuit. It is made of white chenille material and resembles a very woolly with its exaggerated fleece appearance. The body is cut off along the shoulders and legs which means you get to wear your own clothing underneath. A pair of shoe covers also come in the same chenille look with attached pieces of black felt to look like actual lamb's feet. It has ears and a puffy hairdo with space for your child to peek their face through. You receive a hood that attaches underneath the chin which also has a lam bell as decoration. The Lovely Lamb costume is a great item to use for Halloween and other themed events. Check out some more costumes to find a matching one for you!
Shepherd Child Costume
Are you shopping for holiday garb for your son or daughter? Order the Shepherd Child Costume. Included in the set is a white under robe, a navy blue outer robe and rope belt to tie the look together. According to the gospels, shepherds were taking care of their sheep near Bethlehem when angels came to tell them of the birth of Jesus. They then traveled to Bethlehem to see the baby. Shepherds are always an important part of a Christmas play or a nativity scene. If your church has a live nativity scene, you would want to include a sheep or two and at least one shepherd. You can also dress your child in this costume for your annual family Christmas card photo. We have a number of complementing outfits including wise men, Joseph and Mary also available. Staff and sandals are sold separately.
Baby/Toddler Lamb Costume
Baa Baa baby sheep! Make sure everybody knows who your precious little lamb is this Halloween with the Lamb Infant Costume. Mary never had a lamb as sweet as yours when you dress your little one up in this adorable outfit. Includes a fluffy lamb jumpsuit with a matching hood. Order on our online store for fast delivery at great rates!
Deluxe Joseph Child Costume
Deluxe Christmas costumes really stand out. Have your son wear this costume for his Christmas pageant and he will clearly stand out among the shepherds when he wears this Boys Deluxe Joseph Costume. This costume features an eye-catching blue tunic with an attached brown robe. It is trimmed in gold braiding and includes and matching headpiece and a rope tie belt. You'll be so proud of him as he portrays Joseph this Christmas. The costume comes in three sizes. If the Nativity or pageant will take place outside, order one size larger to accommodate warm clothing underneath. Accessorize, if desired with a biblical wig and beard set, sandals and a shepherds hook.
Shepherds Crook Brown
Complete your shepherds costume by adding the Brown Shepherds Crook to your ensemble. The large crook measures sixty-eight inches long, and comes in four pieces. Perfect for a Halloween party, school play, or theatre production.
Baby/Toddler Plush Chicken Costume
Old McDonald had a farm and there were many animals roaming around this Halloween season! Why not get your own little gaggle of chicks in a Plush Chicken Toddler Costume! This adorably designed costume is equal part comfort and costume with its soft plushy texture for everyone to see this year!
Baby/Toddler Plush Cutesy the Lamb / Costume
You won't have to shear this little lamb when you have your child dressed up in our Cutesy The Lamb Infant/ Toddler Costume! This adorable lamb costume makes your child into a little puffball of wool, so she can charm anyone she sees with this sweet one piece jumpsuit. Whether she's trick or treating for the first time or playing a lamb in a school play, she's going to be the cutest little animal out there.
Littlest Lamb Costume for Toddlers
Cute, comfortable and perfect for any occasion year round, this Littlest Lamb Costume for Toddlers is the adorable new look you will love for your little one! Made of high-quality materials for a dependable fit they will love, this can't mess multi-piece costume turns them into everyone's favorite barnyard friend and is guaranteed to brighten up any trick-or-treat route! Celebrate their love of farm life with a costume that will create photographic memories to last a lifetime! Check out our entire selection of barnyard costumes and accessories for toddlers!
Long Roman Sword
Bring down the long arm of the law when you have this Long Roman Sword! Each straight silver blade is connected to a simple golden hilt with circular details. Works wonderfully for centurion and gladiator costumes as well as Medieval knight outfits.
Womens Deluxe Classic Toga Adult Costume
Toga! Toga! Toga! You'll all be uttering the words from John Blutarsky's famous chant when you are wearing the Women's Deluxe Classic Toga Adult Costume. It features a cream colored tunic with attached drape and gold belt. Accessorize with gold sandals and a gold headdress to enhance the look. This classic style was popular among the Greeks and the Romans, and was the fashion of the era. You will have a wonderful outfit for any themed party, whether it be during Halloween or another event. Show off this amazing look to friends, as you flaunt your stunning beauty for everyone to see. You will have such a blast that you may start to wonder why people stopped wearing togas. Ok, so maybe you won't be thinking about that, but you will definitely have an extraordinary amount of fun. The Deluxe Classic Toga Costume is an incredible ensemble to wear whenever you need to dress up.
Gladiator Sandals for Girls
Transform into a Roman noble this Halloween with the Gladiator Sandals for Girls. These elegant sandals will help to complete your ancient ensemble. Pair the sandals with a white toga dress and god bangles. The gladiator sandals are also perfect for a school play. Wear these versatile shoes more than once!
Mary Child Costume
The Bible is full of important figures, and among women, there's nobody more sacred than Mary, the mother of Jesus. Your daughter can depict the Blessed Mother with elegance and grace wearing this Mary Child Costume. Drawing influence from classic works of art depicting Mary, this outfit is perfect for a religious nativity or passion play. It includes a long baby blue robe, a white rope belt, and a headpiece. The robe is designed to float away from the body with wide billowing sleeves. The white scarf headpiece is trimmed with baby blue piping to match the dress. You can find sandals appropriate for this look separately on our website. If you're putting on a biblical play for your community, be sure to browse our fantastic array of religious costumes for children and adults to coordinate with this Mary Child Costume.
Womens Spartan Queen Costume
Behind every great man, there's a great woman. Be the toughest chick around when you wear a Women's Spartan Queen Costume! This fan-favorite is made of a lightweight material that will keep you cool no matter how warm those Grecian summers get. Its deep plunge is rounded by two golden straps, one at the low waist and other just beneath your bust. Tie it around your back to make it best fit you! The square pattern on both matches that on the included armband. Elegant drapes hang around the hips and waist, helping accentuate curves that would make any soldier go to war for you. Walk through the palace to tell Leonidas goodbye and the sash at your hips will wave behind you. They say that you shouldn't shoot the messenger...but they don't say anything about kicking them down a well! Tell Xerxes just what you think of him when you put on this Women's Spartan Queen Costume. Add on gold jewelry and heels, sold here.
Boys Carrot Costume
Your child will have to keep an eye out for bunnies this Easter or Halloween when he wears this boy's carrot costume! Bunnies aren't usually very dangerous, but they're lethal to carrots! This carrot costume features a one piece slip on jumpsuit with a hole in the front for your child's face, slits on either side for his arms, and an opening on the bottom for freedom to move and walk around. It also features green leaves that stick up from the top of the carrot suit. It's said that eating carrots is good for your eyesight, so how much better would being one be this year? For extra fun, get one of your child's friends to join him in a Bugs Bunny costume for a memorable group costume!
Funky Chicken Unisex Costume for Adults
If you are going to dress as a chicken for Halloween, dont dress as just any chicken, be funky! The Funky Chicken Unisex Costume for Adults is a fun outfit to wear when you dance the Chicken Dance or when you Do the Funky Chicken.
Armour Roman Leg, Pair
Don't end up like the Black Knight. Wear a pair of Knight's Leg Armor to prevent any flesh wounds! Each of these silver shin guards are decorated with a golden lion, crest, and scroll. Straps keep them on during battle. A great accessory for any of our shields, swords, and chest plates.
Crown of Thorns
Want to have a holy Halloween this year? Get the Crown of Thorns and emulate the son of God. Lay this brown crown of thorns upon your head and look just like Jesus Christ. Pair it with a robe and brown beard and mustache for a look worthy of the Messiah. This Biblical accessory is also great for Easter and church plays. Be the Savior of Halloween in the Crown of Thorns!
Baby/Toddler Baby Carrot Costume
How many times have your parents told you to eat your vegetables? Let?s say over a zillion time! Well, little did we know it helps with our growth when we are growing up. Our body needs those veggies to keep us active and healthy, so we won?t get sick. No one likes to be sick where we must stay home in the bed all day. That?s no fun! Plus, it isn?t so bad once you take the time to eat it. I know all those sweet pies, cakes, candy, and cookies would be a great feast to put in our belly, but it harms our body instead. I know, I know you think I am being a Debbie downer but just trying to prevent you from getting ill. Let me tell you a veggie I love to pieces, and back to the moon! That vegetable is carrots. Omg, I go yum, yum, yum for those tasty carrots and I bet you would if you give it a try. Think of how proud your parents will be too see how you are gobbling up your veggies, so you can be big and strong and who knows mom & dad might get you a surprise. Parents love to treat their k
Roman Adult Sandals
Bring back to the glory of Rome this Halloween! The Roman Adult Sandals will let you step back into ancient times. These shoes from another age are great for gladiator, legion, emperor, god or goddess costumes. Sandals feature fabric soles and fake leather straps. Check out our online store for our full range of Roman costumes and accessories!
Roman Short Sword
Fight beside the worlds best gladiators and win your life and your freedom with his Roman Short Sword. A perfect accessory for all types of Roman styled costumes, this sword is a must have this Halloween. Be prepared for battle, with a sword that is short, sweet, and gets the job done.
Moses Child Costume
Your child may not be able to part the sea, but he is pretty special so get him the Moses Child Costume. The three-piece set includes a striped sleeveless robe, off-white under-robe and white rope belt. Moses is an important figure in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. When Moses was born, the Egyptian King had ordered all Jewish children killed because he was afraid that the Jews were becoming too numerous and would ally with Egypt's enemies. Moses' mother hid him in the river where he was found by the daughter of the pharaoh. He was taken in a raised by the pharaoh and as adult led the Hebrew people out of Egypt. Purchase this so your child can wear it for Purim, Halloween or a religious play. Beard, wig, shoes and commandment stone are not included. We also have a number of other religious costumes available in adult, children's and plus sizes.
Roman Centurion Set for Men
You can now transform into a distinguished Roman officer in the Roman Centurion Set for Men. This complete set will have everything you need to become the fierce character. The authentic looking armor will have others asking if you?re the real deal because you?ll look like you came straight out of 107 BC. As a captain of 100 soldiers, you can let everyone know you are not to be messed with and that you are ready to battle anyone who messes with your empire. The costume that you can show off is comfortable to wear, and easy to put on and take off throughout the day. You will have lots of fun in this costume, traveling back in time to live out your wildest dreams of being in the Roman Army. Have some fun and rule ancient Rome in this one of a kind set for men!
Shepherds Crook White
This white shepherds crook is a great addition to a biblical or historical costume. It measures 68 inches long and is a must have if you're dressing up as a shepherd for a Christmas or Easter pageant at your church or school.
Standard Easter Bunny Suit Costume
Hop your way into the hearts of adults and children of all ages with this Bunny Costume for adults. The bunny costume for adults consists of a complete bodysuit with a colorful vest, a tie, mitts, and shoe covers. The bunny costume for adults is available in one standard size that will fit most adults comfortably. Add to the fun and hilarity of this whimsical bunny costume with a 21 Foam Carrot and Bunny Rabbit Teeth and you'll have the very best of Halloween costumes. This is an ideal costume idea for Easter, and it won't lay an egg at your next costume ball. A cute Bunny Rabbit Nose is a must-have accessory for this great costume idea that you're sure to have a great time wearing. Check out all of the great costumes ideas for men, women, and children of all ages that are available here.