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Easter Costume Ideas and Tips

If you’re hiding eggs this year, you can do it in style by wearing one of our Easter Bunny costumes! These full-body Easter Bunny costumes will make your holiday special by putting you in the paws of everyone’s favorite holiday mascot. The egg hunt will go swimmingly when you’re overseeing the holiday activities in one of these adorable and fun costumes.

You can also find all kinds of Easter accessories here on our website, so don’t be afraid to stock up on everything you need to make this year an Easter no one will ever forget. You can even find religious items here in our Easter section, so if you’re doing a passion play or some fun Easter-themed dress-up, you can find everything you need to teach your favorite kids about the story of the holiday. You can even dress up as the man of the hour himself and spend Easter as Jesus!

Facts About the Easter Bunny

When spring rolls around again it's time to bust out the pastel décor, boil some eggs for dyeing and loosen the belt to make room for all the peeps and jelly beans you’re about to eat! Easter is right around the corner and that means the Easter Bunny will be hopping back into your life. But do you know how the Easter Bunny came to be? Where did the story of the Easter Bunny originate? How can is it possible for him to deliver all those colorful Easter baskets to children all across the globe? Find out those answers and more with these Easter Bunny facts!