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Harry Potter Deluxe Accessory Kit
You'll have everything your child needs including the robe, glasses, and tie with the Child's Black Harry Potter Deluxe Set. Your little one will be excited to show off their new outfit and will feel like they are in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Watch them perform tricks with their magical words and pretend to be the world famous character who has best friends Ron and Hermione. It'll be an outfit that they'll wear all year long and wear whenever they want to feel like the awesome Harry Potter!
Harry Potter Deluxe Robe & Accessory Kit
Get ready for a day you'll never forget when you get the Child's Black Harry Potter Robe Set. This one of a kind robe set includes the robe, glasses and a tie so your child will look just like the famous wizard. Your child will let their imagination run wild and feel like they came straight from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Take lots of pictures because you'll want to remember the coolest wizard in your life!
Child Glinda Costume
Glinda The Good Witch is a magical and helpful character in the Wizard of Oz. This costume is pretty and pink and features a fun magical theme that your child will love. Glinda is such a famous character and she makes for a great costume choice. The floor length dress features dramatically puffed shoulders, sheer fabric sleeves, and a sheer fabric neckline. The lovely light pink dress is accented with subtle, but sparkling silver stars all over with silver butterflies sewn on the front of the dress too. The headpiece is an important part of Glinda's look. The crown piece is very large, which looks just like Glinda's from the famous movie. The wand and slippers shown on the model are not included, but are available for purchase elsewhere on our site.
Girl's Little Miss Candy Corn Classic Costume
Your little girl can dress up as her favorite Halloween candy when you give her this Girl's Little Miss Candy Corn Classic Costume! In this candy corn costume with its trademark stripes, she's going to look like she's one of the pieces of candy waiting to be given out to kids on Halloween! When she comes home with a whole bag full of the same candy she's just dressed up as for the whole night, she'll be able to look back on her best Halloween ever!
Girl's Pretty Witch Light Up Costume
If you have a little girl who wants to feel like the prettiest witch in the neighborhood this Halloween, you can give her this Girl's Pretty Witch Light Up Costume to let her shine! When she lights up the night in this glowing costume, she'll be a beacon for the rest of the kids on the block. She might not be able to tear herself away from the mirror when she sees herself living her dream as a beautiful witch!
Glinda Light Up Wand Kids Accessory
The Good Witch is a lovely lady in the land of Oz! She's a pretty witch with spellbinding powers! This Halloween, your little princess will get to transform into the Good Witch of the South with this sensational Glinda Light Up Wand Kids Accessory! Simply accessorize your child's existing dress for a disguise that'll impress!
Child Candy Corn Witch Costume
This Child Candy Corn Witch Costume offers a sugary sweet twist on a spooky Halloween classic. It blends the magic of witches with the delight of candy corn to create an amazing disguise sure to please any little girl. The dress features a lace-up black bodice trimmed with gold sequins, as well as bright orange puffed sleeves and a long tiered skirt. The white, orange, and yellow skirt makes it the dress look like a giant piece of tasty candy corn with sheer black ruffle trim at the hem. Also included in this charming ensemble is a pointy white, orange, and yellow witch hat with a black tulle hat. To make this Child Candy Corn Witch Costume even more spellbinding, don't forget to add a witch's broom and pointy shoes from our great selection of accessories.
Girl's Rebel Rock Witch Classic Costume
If your little girl wants to put on a show and put a spell on everyone at school, she can wear this Girl's Rebel Rock Witch Classic Costume to show everyone that magic is punk! In this set of witch robes and matching hat, she's going to feel like she's about to go onstage at the most magical Battle of the Bands she's ever imagined. Her band is sure to have fantastical hits when she's the lead singer in this rockin' witch costume!
Baby/Toddler Wizard Of Oz Glinda Deluxe Costume
Timeless and elegant, your little princess will be absolutely radiant in this Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Deluxe toddler costume! This full-length pretty pink and silver Starbursts puts her right in the Wizard of Oz and gives her a lovely high quality costume to wear for Halloween or any other costume occasion year round! Does not include wand. Makes a great addition to a family theme costume, alongside Dorothy the Cowardly Lion and Tin Man! Add a magic wand or Bejeweled slippers to complete your own unique Glinda the Good Witch! Follow the yellow brick road to our entire selection of Wizard of Oz costumes and accessories! Order your Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Deluxe toddler costume online now!
Incantasia The Glamour Witch Child Costume
Turn your little princess into the most stylish witch in the land when you put her in this Incantasia the Glamour Witch Child Costume! This modern yet elegant take on the classic witch costume has a slight wizard inspiration with its full length, billowing black and purple dress with layered collar and attached belt with buckle. Topping off this can't miss look is a matching traditional style witch hat that will keep you cackling all Halloween long! Does not include broom. Add green face paint to start developing your unique witch character now! Shop our entire selection of frightfully fun Halloween costumes for children and adults! Order your Incantasia the Glamour Witch Child Costume today to avoid the crowded Halloween stores!
Black Witch Shoe Child
Add the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween witch costume with our Black Witch Shoe Child. The costume shoes feature a high heel of 2.5 inches, a buckle on the front, and a pointed toe. These shoes have the classic look of a witch's outfit and can be a great detail on your child's Halloween costume.
Kids Spider Witch Light Up Costume
All of the spiders will be obeying your daughter this year when she's all dressed up in our Kids Spider Witch Light Up Costume! With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to become a magical sorceress who knows a thing or two about bats, cats, and spiders. Featuring a beautiful black light up dress with a multi-colored tulle skirt, as well as a matching black hat with a pink ribbon and a spider accent, your child is going to love this enchanting get-up.
Sparkle Witch Costume for Girls
You can either be naughty, or you can be nice in this sparkly witch costume. Make a grand entrance at the Halloween party, and show off your flamboyant witch costume to all of your friends, and other guests who will be present there as well! Introducing the Sparkle Witch Costume for Girls. Use your wand of magic and spells to cast and manipulate sparkles and anything that is sparkly. The costume is there to help you achieve that effect, and to also make you look like the true manipulator and master witch of sparkles. Plus, the sparkles themselves are shiny and bright, meaning that whenever you will be riding across the moon or the sky on your broom and in your costume, the sparkles will shine like little stars. The sparkles are also going to be noticeable as you move around the party room, prompting others how great, fun, and maybe even believable you look in the costume. Add some glitter for a more powerful effect!
Girls Light Up Twinkle Witch Costume
Not all witches have to be creepy crones that scuttle about in caves. The Girls Light Up Twinkle Witch Costume is a cute and fun outfit that will light up the night. Your little girl will have a magical Halloween when she goes out in this bright dress with matching twinkle shirt and hat! Get it fast when you order from our webstore!
Girls Purple Witch Dot Costume
Black Witch Wig Child
If you are looking for a classic Halloween look for your hair this year, you'll love the Black Witch Wig Child! The wig features long black hair that is straight and parted in the middle.
Green Witch Costume for Girls
Transform into an evil and scary witch for Halloween and fly off into the woods to begin performing rituals, and conducting spells! Introducing the Green Witch Costume for Girls. The green tone of the costume is perfect for a forest or dark woods theme, especially if you the druid type of witch who specializes in roots, herbs, and plants. Since the color green is associated with all that, you can be an amazing, but deadly potion and poison brewer. Concoct a vile tasting drink for others at the Halloween party by combing lots of candy with something that doesn't go well with it like ketchup or mustard and tell them it's a magical potion. The moment they take a sip, you laugh, hop on your broom and fly back into the dark scary forest. Also a fun costume if you favorite color happens to be green! Be sure to top the costume's look by adding a few witch accessories that are green colored as well like a spell book or some kind of wand.
Boys Mystical Wizard Costume
Boys The Hobbit Gandalf Costume
The many followers of Tolkien's fantastic novels know that once a wizard, always a wizard. That is the code that the wise and powerful sage Gandalf plays in the sagas featuring magic rings, fighting dwarves, and evil monsters. Kids can travel during the time of Middle Earth to the dangerous Two Towers dressed like the mystical magic man in this Boy's The Hobbit Gandalf Costume. Conjure up hordes of magic and release the power of the fire ring in a full length gray robe with a long, brown woven belt to tie around the waist, and let everyone know who's the top wizard with this gray steeped wizard's hat. Being an elite member of the Fellowship gives you great powers over the forces of evil so be sure to use them and in this Boy's The Hobbit Gandalf Costume.
Witch Costume For Girls
Double bubble, toil and trouble, a witches brew is aster. Do you have your book of spells? Just like in all those witch movies, nothing says Halloween more than a witch. From the ones in the fantasy movies to the cool Wiccans, the Witch Costume for Girls is exactly what she needs. Add in some cool accessories like a hat and socks to make it the best witch costume they've ever seen.
Wicked Witch Child
Where's Dorothy? You have a serious bone to pick with her! Put on a Wicked Witch Child Costume and go find where that little brat went. This three-piece set is sewn from a lightweight polyester fabric that will sweep around you as you terrorize Oz. The long dress has wide bell sleeves and a short overskirt made of green and black fabric. Your knee-length cape has a short collar and warm green lining to keep you warm in that drafty castle of yours. The hems of the dress and cape are shredded into flame-like shapes for a creepy touch. The tall witch's hat has a trailing green train, helping you look as fashionable as you are frightful. Add on green face paint and a broom (sold here) to your Wicked Witch Child Costume and you'll be ready to unleash the flying monkeys!
Witch Fairytale Costume
I hope you've been working on your evil witch laugh, because this Halloween you're going to be the most powerful witch in the land when you put on the Witch Fairytale Costume. This special costume will have you feeling like a master of the magical arts in no time. Brew potions in your big black cauldron, cast spells and utter dark curses, fly your broomstick through the night sky, and talk to your black cat in full-blown English. With your purchase of this magical attire, you'll feel and look like a master of the dark arts. It's no wonder witches are often associated with Halloween. They are spooky and scary, and you can never tell if a witch is using their powers for good or for evil. It's up to you this Halloween to decide whether your powers are benevolent or evil while wearing this witch costume. Pick up yours today, and then hit the skies on your broomstick and have the best Halloween of your life.
Radiant Witch Kids Classic Costume
Make her Halloween a little brighter with this Radiant Witch Kids Classic Costume! This costume will give a little girl a more colorful approach to the classic witch costume, since this dress has all kinds of sparkles on it to make it feel more like a runway look than a robe. When she shows up on your neighbors doorsteps in this cheerful witch costume, shes going to make their Halloween feel a bit more magical with the happy vibes of this look!
Girl's Glitter Witch Costume
Your little girl can have the most sparkly Halloween of her life when you give her this Girl's Glitter Witch Costume to enchant the neighborhood with! When she twirls around in the mirror wearing this shiny witch costume, she's going to feel like the magic of her dreams has finally come to life. Plus, she's going to have the same fashion forward style as her everyday school clothes, since this costume is designed with teen trends in mind.
Twilight Witch Costume for Girls
As the day ends, and it's time to go to the Halloween party, twilight sets upon the day. The sun slowly begins to disappear, as the moon starts to make its presence known to us. Introducing the Twilight Witch Costume for Girls. Change your look and become a mysterious twilight witch for the Halloween festivity. Show others that you just came out of the twilight realm and simply want to party and have fun before the sun rises up again. It may not be enough time, but it is truly perfect since all the Halloween fun begins around evening and spans over night. With such a fitting costume for the holiday, it's almost too perfect for you! Impress the other guests at the party by doing some classic Halloween witch things like, making a magical potion or showing off a few fancy tricks. Bring your cat if you have one along since every witch has a loyal and trusty cat that they love to pet and communicate with.
Girls Lady Gothique Costume
Light Up Fairy Witch Child Costume
Your little girl is going to feel like she's entered the fairy land of her dreams when she puts on this Light Up Fairy Witch Child Costume! With this fairy costume, she can work her magic on all your neighbors on trick or treat night to get all their candy, just like a tricksy fairy witch would in real life! An adorable light up features makes this dress truly unforgettable, and it's easy to keep track of in the dark too!
Classic Child Witch Costume
Make your girl soar through the night with fiendish glee thanks to her new Classic Child Witch Costume. This black ensemble is just what she needs for a classically themed costume that will have her as the envy of the rest of the coven. This product comes with a black witchs dress, with scarf, a flowing cape, and even a belt and pointy hat for the ultimate witchs look that will leave her feeling downright magical.
Girls Sparkle Spider Witch Costume
Dotty The Witch Costume for Girls
Witches are known for wearing dark and drab colors but they dont have to, as evidenced by the fashionable Dotty The Witch Costume for Girls. The dress, striped leggings and hat are a mix of traditional black and other Halloween colors such as purple, orange and green. Starting at the top is a purple witch hat with multi-color dot accents, a large black brim and a tulle accent. Matching tulle accents the shoulders of the dress, which feature a purple skirt, a black tulle peplum with dot accents and black bodice with green trim.