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Animated Witch Hand Candy Bowl
A classic trick that never gets old?the moving hand in the candy bowl. Kids want the treat so badly, they're willing to take their chances with the roulette-style game of this animated feature. Not only will the hand move to "grab" the offender, it also makes eerie sounds. You just can't wait to take this little treasure out of the cabinet every year to offer up delights to those brave enough to ring your doorbell. And, every year, the kids swear to themselves they won't be surprised by it, but guess what? It gets them every time! That's what I call a good trick.
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington 8" Candy Bowl
Show the Trick-or-Treaters something this year that will really put the fright into them with the Jack Skellington Candy Bowl. Coming in at 8?, this bowl is inspired by the classic film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Featuring the terrifying grinning face of the film's lead, this product will show everyone just why the Pumpkin King runs things in the town of Halloween. The bowl is a bony and distinctive shade of white, and is composed of Polypropylene. This'll scary the living daylights out of them!
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Paperboard Candy Bowl
If this is Halloween, you'll have to make a scene. The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Paperboard Candy Bowl (8.5x 4.5) is a way to turn your party into something amazing. The themed bowl is a true Halloween treat, one everyone is sure to notice. Tis the season for The Nightmare Before Christmas.
8" Skull Candy Bowl
This skull candy bowl can be spooky and fun. It's a great addition to your Halloween decor, but it's also good for giving out candy. It looks like a human skull. At 8 inches, it can hold a fair amount of treats. Careful though, it's watching how many you take.
Cauldron Candy Bucket
Tired of boring candy dishes? Store your candy in spooky style with the Cauldron Candy Bucket! This 8-inch deep cauldron will hold plenty of candy. Use it while handing candy out on Halloween night or let your kids use it for trick-or-treating. If you just like to keep candy around during Halloween season, sit the cauldron on a table or counter and refill it as many times as you need to. No need to wonder "witch" candy bucket to buy?it's the Cauldron Candy Bucket!
Bugs Bunny Candy Bowl Holder
14.5 inch Superman Candy Bowl
Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's... a 14.5 inch Superman Candy Bowl? Treat your guests to goodies in style while doling out a little justice on the side. Trick or Treaters who violate the one per person rule beware, the Superman 14.5 inch Candy Bowl sees all!
14.5 inch Batman Candy Bowl
Even the Dark Knight has a sweet side. If you don't believe us, check out this 14.5 inch Batman Candy Bowl! Set it up on the porch for trick or treaters or use it as a serving dish for your own Gotham themed event. Dole out candy and justice this Halloween. Order the 14.5 inch Batman Candy Bowl today!
Kal-El Candy Holder
Choose DC Superheroes as the theme for your child?s birthday party. Set the table with superhero tableware. Also purchase the Kal-El Candy Holder. The red, blue, and yellow Superman candy holder will blend in with the rest of your colorful decorations. Have a DC Comics themed party that everyone will remember!