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Accessories By Color

A costume is successfully put together with colors that match best. You don’t want to show up to a party as a Pink Lady from the movie “Grease,” and have purple and blue accessories. Matching your costume to its accessories is definitely what makes a look so great. We have an array of wigs, hats and masks that match your costume’s color scheme, making your outfit pop. Looking to get dipped in gold? Use our gold-colored body paint to make all of your King Midas-esque dreams come true. These color-coordinated goodies will definitely have you looking flashy as ever! Check out our color-coordinated accessories at Costume SuperCenter!

Halloween Costumes by Color Ideas and Tips

Ever feel the need to just pick your favorite color and find a costume to match? Well, you are in luck because our Costume by Color department does all the work for you. Whether it is just you who has trouble picking a costume or if a demanding friend or family member is demanding that everyone wears the same color to an event we can help you. Just click through our selection. Each colored section from yellow to rainbow contains options for wigs, capes, hats, face masks and more. You'll be decked out in everything you can imagine. There are even tutus and bow ties for accessories and some color categories have blown up costumes so you can really take over the space with your color choice. If the blow up suit is too much for you then there is a regular two-piece suite in most colors or a skin suit so you look like you are attempting to be in a pink green screen. Lastly, if all the colors is your thing we have a rainbow section just for you.

Black Industrial Fishnet Hose
Add some punk chic to your look when you slip on Black Industrial Fishnet Hose! Each pair of fishnets is made out of black nylon netting and has close-toed feet. A dress-up staple, these work great for rock, Gothic, dominatrix, and de Vil costumes.
Professional Tights Kelly Green - Men
Get green for Halloween when wearing the Professional Tights Kelly Green - Me. These Green Men's Tights are perfect for plenty of costumes like Peter Pan and Robin Hood. Great for use in theatre and cosplay, these Men's Green Tights will last. The elastic has a soft knit that won't itch while stretching to fit any type of leg. Complete your Halloween look this year and order the Professional Tights Kelly Green - Men today!
Lipstick Black
Every Goth and vampire must have black lipstick, so order a tube now. The package includes .4 of cream lipstick. It goes on easily and can be washed off with water. Other costumes that can have black lips include steam punk, zombie, witch and many more.
Silver Body Paint Make-Up
Get your best Tin Man look this Halloween with our Silver Body Paint Make-Up! You can slather this silver body paint all over your exposed skin for the most realistic metallic look youve ever had, and this body paint will go great on your face as well! Give your whole costume the once-over with this realistic silver body paint and youll have people on Halloween trying to figure out if you really are a robot!
Face Paint White
Our Face Paint White is a necessary purchase when getting ready for your costume party. The solid white face paint is useful with so many different character choices and can be used to add a ghostly appearance to your monster costume. Our selection of face paints and makeup kits provide you with everything you need to get the perfect look.
White Short Gloves
When you put on these White Short Gloves, you'll be ready for any formal occasion, or just the Halloween party of your life! You'll love the elegant air these gloves give the rest of your Halloween costume, so don't pass up this essential finishing touch! Order our White Short Gloves to put on the Ritz this Halloween!
Gold Pom-Pom Set
You'll make captain of the cheer squad for sure when you lead the pep rally with this Gold Pom-Pom set! These gold pom poms will get everyone on their feet for the big game. You'll be the most admired girl in the school when you walk into a Halloween party carrying these essential cheerleader accessories.
Deluxe Yellow Fedora
Fedora-able is your style and you're not afraid to show it! When you throw on our Deluxe Yellow Fedora you'll harness the spirit of class and sophistication. An eye popping yellow hue on our chic yet hip fedora, you can bet that it's the ideal way to finish your attire. Make this apart of your wardrobe today.
Black Fashion Boa
Bring fashion and seductive wear into one accessory, our Black Fashion Boa. It's a beautiful and fun feathered accessory that will tickle your fancy easily. Make it apart of your next seductive attire and shock everyone.
Child's Rainbow Clown Wig
If your little one is dressing in a traditional clown costume this Halloween, make sure they accessorize with the Multi Colored Child's Clown Wig! The wig, which features rainbow-colored stripes, is styled in a big afro. Buy some wig tape and a wig cap to ensure that your child is comfortable all night and that their wig stays firmly in place.
Black Long Nylon Adult Gloves
Want to class up your Halloween costume? The Black Long Nylon Adult Gloves are all you need! Wear them with a witch or vampire costume for a touch of spooky sophistication. Put them on with a fancy gown and be a sultry starlet. The Black Long Nylon Adult Gloves look great and will keep you warm on a chilly autumn night, so get yours today!
Pink Gloves
Accentuate your outfit perfectly with these Pink Gloves. They ride up to your wrists and make sure that your pink pop is perfect. Make it apart of your attire today and be in awe of how much style that they add.
Purple Long Wig
You'll love the royal treatment you get when you show up to a Halloween party in this Purple Long Wig! With these purple tresses flowing down your back, you'll be stunning in your costume, whether you're going out as a fairy, an 80s supermodel, or something completely your own. Order our Purple Long Wig today!
Rainbow Unicorn Kids Costume
Your little angel will look magical as ever this Halloween when you pick up our Rainbow Unicorn Kids Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your precious little girl into a truly enchanted creature. Complete with a unicorn top, a colorful tutu, a tail, a pair of gloves, and a beautiful unicorn headpiece, you don't want to miss out on this one. Buy your unicorn costume today, and then scan our site for more fun wigs, jewelry, and accessories!
Face Paint Black
The Face Paint Black is a handy item to have when Halloween comes around. You can add great finishing details to your character with our solid black face paint. Skeletons, zombies, witches, and more all require black face paint details that can make your character look complete. This tube holds one ounce of black face paint.
Grease Green Base Make-Up
What's a green witch, a frog prince, or a lucky four leaf clover creature being to do when they're low on pigment? Green Base Cream Makeup to the rescue! For adults or children who dream bigger, this professional quality cream makeup can make all the difference. Use with ease knowing it's water washable, so you can take it off as easily as you put it on.
Green Tights for Women
Sometimes the coolest way to show you're a dancer is having the pants for it! Go with a colorful mood and flair this Halloween! Get the Lime Green Tights for Women! The lime green tights are a wonderful choice for any gal who wants to show off her curves and how good she looks when she's on the dance floor! Order it online today with fast shipping!
Green Makeup
The Wicked Witch ain't got nothin' on you! Use our Green Makeup to turn your face and body a deep green. Each 0.7 ounce bottle has a screw-cap so the creamy makeup inside doesn't dry out between uses. Great for Hulk and fairy costumes as well.
Women's Purple Bob Wig
Forget Twilight Sparkle. Come in wearing a Women's Purple Bob Wig and you'll have any stallion asking to dance! This cropped wig comes only to the jaw and has straight, long bangs. Order it to complete any Halloween or rave costume.
Deluxe Red Cowboy Hat
Forget black velvet. Sport a Deluxe Red Cowboy Hat and you'll catch any rancher's attention! This stiff felt hat is bright red and has a neckband wound around the front. The sides of the brim are turned up. Good for men and woman alike, wear it for any Western Halloween costume or wild night out.
Black Cowboy Hat
If you're going out as one of the bad guys of the Old West this year, you can't leave home without your Black Cowboy Hat! You'll love how this hat immediately makes you look like an antihero. If you're dressing up as a character from Westworld, everyone will know to watch out for your guns!
Black Satin Domino Mask
Nobleman by day, vigilante by night. Leave the mark of Zorro all around town when you slip on a Black Satin Domino Mask! Treated satin cut into an oval shape makes up the body of this mask, the nose molded to stand. An elastic band keeps it on your head. Add on a black hat, black cape, and sword so you can dish out some justice.
Girls Rainbow Raincloud Costume
Black Cascading Adult Skirt
No matter what you're dressing up as this Halloween, you can't go wrong with our Black Cascading Adult Skirt! With your purchase, you will receive an elegant black skirt to pair with the rest of your costume this year. Whether you're dressing up as a dancer, a vampire, or a sexy ghoul, you don't want to miss out on this one. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Halloween costume and attire needs!
Adult Purple Skinsuit
Show up to the party wearing the Adult Purple Skinsuit, and you'll certainly have everyone's attention. The second you hit the dance floor as the mysterious purple man or woman, you'll instantly become the life of the party. Bust out your best moves and you'll have the whole place rocking'! Whether you're dressing up for Halloween, heading to a sports game, or just looking to show off your favorite color purple, this special skinsuit will certainly serve you well. Nothing is more simple and fun than a skinsuit costume. Forget about doing your hair and make-up; just throw on this skinsuit and you're all set. Team up with some friends this year and you can even make it a skinsuit rainbow theme. We have all kinds of color skinsuits on our site - blue, red, green, yellow, pink and more. Just imagine you and all of your friends walking into the party, all dressed up in different color skinsuits. Now that would be a fun night for sure. Pick up your purple adult skinsuit today, and go show e
Long Black Crushed Velvet Cape
Sleek and sly - that's what this cape is all about. The Long Black Crushed Velvet Cape is the way to go when wanting to be vampy or villainous this Halloween. Look amazing no matter who you want to be when you have this awesome cape to take your look to the next level.
Child Red Opera Gloves
Add some elegance to your little girls ensemble with our Child Red Opera Gloves. She will become a star in no time, so help her move that progress along! A pair of long, red gloves are the perfect way to complete an outfit. They are made of satin and reach up to the elbow. A variety of costume ideas will benefit from such a simple accessory. Your child will surely shine in the spotlight thanks to our costumes and supplies!
Red Inflatable Costume for Kids
Versatile, fun and festive, this Red Inflatable Costume for Kids is the awesome new Halloween look that has everyone smiling! Bring a burst of color to any party when you show up wearing this whimsically inflated full body suit that will have the crowd seeing red! Perfect for any costume occasion year round! Check out all of our costume accessories to create a character no one will forget! Don't wait until the last minute! Order now!
Purple Feather Boa
Looking for an accessory that will make your Halloween costume stand out? All eyes will be on you when you wear the Purple Feather Boa! Add some style to your witch, flapper, or starlet costume with this gorgeous purple boa. This festive boa is also great for Mardi Gras celebrations, and you're sure to have a good time when you wear it.
Red Bandana
Nothing makes you happier than a long day riding, but all that dust can get pretty irritating. Bring along a Red Bandana so you can enjoy your weekend at the dude ranch! This bright red cotton piece is covered with a black and white paisley pattern. A must-have for Western and cowboy costumes.