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Bowler Hat - Low Crown
The Bowler Hat - Low Crown is the perfect way to complete your retro and classy costume! The black hat features a rounded top with a black band extending all the way around the rim. This accessory goes great with any costume, so buy one today.
Satin (White) Adult Top Hat
Got your white tie and tails for this Halloween? Don't forget your Satin White Adult Top Hat! Whether you're spending this Halloween as a mobster, a hardboiled detective, or a jazz singer, this stylish 20s accessory has your head?and your wallet?covered! Put on your spats for this Prohibition-era costume piece?the white silk band around the brim perfectly complements the soft white hat! All the dames in the joint will be taking notice when you walk in topped off by our Satin White Adult Top Hat!
Voodoo Top Hat for Adults
Dabble in the dark arts in the Voodoo Top Hat for Adults! This velvety black top hat is adorned with feathers, bones, and miniature grinning skulls, giving you a look that?s both stylish and sinister. Everyone will think you?re a master of black magic when you wear the voodoo top hat!
Felt Top Hat
Add a bit of dapper to your step with this Felt Top Hat. Whether you're dressed as a gentleman or the mad hatter, this incredible cap is sure to draw all the eyes front and center on you. Show some class at the next costume party to real in the goods like a Sir. Couple this with a cane and a fresh pressed suit to add more splendor to your ensemble. Make Halloween a gentlemen's night out to remember!
Black Derby Hat
Go for an old fashioned look using the Black Derby Hat. You can come up with various character ideas for parties, plays, and other events with this hat. There is a rounded appearance to the hat along with a raised brim. It is a great prop to have ready for playing the role of characters from A Clockwork Orange, Marvel comics, DC Comics and others. Search through other accessories and items on our website to complete your order!
Black Top Hat with Red Band
You are going to look absolutely magical in our Black Top Hat with Red Band. Magicians need a number of tools to perform such as a wand, rabbit, and of course a hat! This item is black and made of satin material. There is a red band around the base just to make it a bit snazzy! Master your tricks for a show stopping performance that will have audiences stunned. The hat is perfect for completing this costume idea and more!
Deluxe Pink Top Hat
Have the fashion look as chic as you when you don this Deluxe Pink Top Hat. It's got a beautiful and chic style that's sure to make your outfit pop. The hue of pink balances perfectly and will accentuate any and all fashion. Make it apart of your costume today.
Women's Burgundy Top Hat With Lace
Looking for the perfect hat to add some class to your Halloween costume? The Women's Burgundy Top Hat With Lace will make you look like a sophisticated lady from another era! This velvety burgundy top hat is adorned with a black band featuring three black roses, and a black veil hangs from the back of the hat, giving you a graceful Gothic look.
Deluxe Purple Top Hat
Raise your fashion and class with our Deluxe Purple Top Hat. It's got a vibrant purple color to it that's sure to have eye popping affects on your guests. Complement your lavish style with this top hat and be sure to make it apart of your attire today.
Deluxe Red Top Hat
Bring out the fancy factor to your next get together when you don this Deluxe Red Top Hat. It's a fantastic way to complement your chic style and costume. With a vivid and eye popping red hue, it will catch you off guard with how fancy it looks on you. Bring your outfit to life with our top hat.
Black Durashape Top Hat Kids
If your little one is trying to look classy and sharp this Halloween, make sure they accessorize with the Black Durashape Top Hat Kids! The solid black hat is that perfect finishing touch to your child's costume this year.
Black Top Hat
How is your son supposed to put on the ritz without his Black Top Hat? He'll look like a dapper little gentleman when he puts on this essential accessory. Whether he's dressing up as an old school gent or as one of his favorite characters from a musical, this top hat will give him all the panache he needs to make Halloween special!
Top Hat - Extra Tall
Whether you're dressing up as Abraham Lincoln or a magician for Halloween this year, you are certainly going to want to pick up the Top Hat - Extra Tall! With your purchase, you will receive a sleek and stylish black top hat which will pair perfectly with the rest of your look this year. Pair this fun hat with a whole number of costumes from our site and you're guaranteed to have a Halloween night like no other. Buy your top hat today!
Adult Collapsible Top Hat
Adult Heart of Darkness Top Hat
Cover yourself from head to toe with the help of this Heart of Darkness Adult Top Hat. Play a character in mourning for theater performances. This item comes as a black top hat. It is wrapped in a black mesh veil that can cover your face. The hat and veil combination is perfecting for various roles. Get even more props, accessories, and pieces of clothing from our site to match!
Deluxe Steampunk Top Hat with Goggles
A technological touch will be added to the aesthetic of any look that you dress up with this Deluxe Steampunk Top Hat with Goggles. This stunning black headpiece comes with an attached pair of silver goggles that mirror the signature style of the genre.
Deluxe Orange Top Hat
Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man... Impress any party-goer when you slip on a Deluxe Orange Top Hat. This felt topper is bright orange and bound with an orange satin hat band. The brim is lightly bent. Great for college parties and pimp costumes.
Child Collapsible Top Hat
Adult Straw Skimmer Hat
Adult Storybook Hat Maker Top Hat
Have a cup of tea indeed! If today's not your actual birthday then it can be a very merry UN-birthday as long as you're wearing your Mad Hatter Top Hat, just like the even madder Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland with an over-sized black top hat and red ribbon accent.
Voodoo Top Hat Headband Accessory
Theres no better way to add some style to your unholy rituals than with this Voodoo Top Hat Headband Accessory! You can make sure you keep hold of your hat no matter what spirits you summon up from the ether when you have it attached to your head with this headband. Youll find this headband is handy for when youre facing demons from the spirit world, since theyll find it harder to mess up your costume when you have your hat firmly secured with this accessory!
Gold Top Hat
Your son will be so enamored with his Gold Top Hat that he might want to wear it to school for weeks after Halloween! This dapper accessory will get him ready to take on the vaudeville scene, or attend a party hosted by Jay Gatsby. You'll love watching him stop the show when he shows up to trick-or-treating in our Gold Top Hat!
Deluxe Blue Top Hat
Is your friend feeling down? Cheer them up when you bust in the room wearing a Deluxe Blue Top Hat! Each flat-topped piece has a satin hatband and an upturned brim. Great for Halloween and college parties.
Deluxe Yellow Top Hat
When you're looking for the best way to add high fashion to your costume, look no further than this Deluxe Yellow Top Hat. It's got a beautiful yellow hue that's sure to garner plenty of attention. Done in garish fanciful style it'll be sure to heighten your class immediately and be the perfect finish to your outfit.
Silver Top Hat
This Silver Top Hat is an essential for any vaudeville star! Your son will look like a dapper gentleman when he shows up on your neighbors' doorsteps asking for candy in this elegant accessory! The glittery top hat is a showstopper that will have everyone talking about your son's costume for weeks after Halloween!
Super Deluxe Stove Pipe Adult Hat
Four score and seven years ago this hat was worn by one of our most famous presidents. The Adult Lincoln Stovepipe Hat makes the perfect addition to your historical figure ensemble. The black hat features a stovepipe top and black band above the brim. Perfect for school plays or a Halloween party.