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Glinda Light Up Wand Kids Accessory
The Good Witch is a lovely lady in the land of Oz! She's a pretty witch with spellbinding powers! This Halloween, your little princess will get to transform into the Good Witch of the South with this sensational Glinda Light Up Wand Kids Accessory! Simply accessorize your child's existing dress for a disguise that'll impress!
King's Scepter
Rule over your subjects with this King's Scepter. It's a garish and fun accessory that's sure to finish your regal attire. The scepter has a beautiful faux jewel at the top that gives it unique royal flair. Pair it with a crown to make sure that you have the royal aura over you completely.
Majestic Collection: Silver Royal Scepter
No queen or king would be complete without a crown or a royal scepter. Not only will you be able to banish someone to the dungeon, but you can whack your jester in the head with it. Features a faux silver scepter with engraving marks atop a long staff. Rule with an iron fist, when you purchase this Majestic Collection: Silver Royal Scepter today.
Witch Wand
You can't go out and cast your spells on Halloween without a Witch Wand to make your Latin chanting feel all the more real! When you have the proper wand to finish off your costume, you're going to feel like you're off to Hogwarts, or like you're headed off to Middle Earth to do battle with Sauron. Whatever fantasy world you want to enter, you can find your inner magic with our enchanting Witch Wand!