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Props & Decorations Spiders & Webs

What has eight legs, lots of eyes, is creepy and crawly, and makes people cringe with fear and a little disgust whenever they see one? Of course you guessed a spider. For some, just hearing the word makes people begin to panic, so to exploit this fear in your acquaintances, some Spiders and Web Halloween decorations and props will do the job to your liking.

Spiders & Webs Props & Decorations

Some decorations are staples of the Halloween season. Our collection of spider web decorations and props is the perfect way to jazz up your haunted house decor. Keep it traditional with a bag of white spider webbing and black, plastic spiders. Or go for something a little more modern with our convenient Webcaster gun and glue sticks to create a decor that screams you. Keep things small with our assortment of 50 poseable hairy spiders. Or go big, real big, with our giant yard decoration spider web decor. Pair our spider web decorations with our other spooky animal decor collections like our scary animal props and decorations collection or go gory with our body parts collection. A severed foot in a spider’s web? Creepy! And the perfect look for your spooky Halloween party decor. So, be sure to trap these affordable prices in your web and order your spider web decorations and props online now.

40" Skeleton Spider
Considered one of the most frightening creatures of the animal kingdom, the spider has long been a nightmarish menace. Check out this 40" Skeleton Spider for a lesson in the horrific aspect of the spider. Put one of these guys on your porch or a nightstand and watch how others freak out! This eight-legged skeletal spider will surely be one ghoulish delight this Halloween. Order one online today!
36" Animated Floating Spider
A classic creepy crawly is a great way to add more to your night of Halloween fun. The 36 Animated Floating Spider has the right number of legs, but it's far, far bigger than any other spider you've ever seen. Unless you know something we don't. You can pose the spider's legs just how you want, and you can also place it anywhere that will create the best look. Hanging from the ceiling, on a table, or anywhere else.
Large 69 Gram White Spider Webbing w/ 4 Spiders
Decorate or dress up a spooky Halloween costume with this White Spider Webbing, which includes four plastic spiders. Stretch pieces of this 13-foot webbing across your bushes to achieve that classic yard decor this year.
Green Glowing Spider Webs
Choose to decorate your home, Halloween party venue, or school with the Green Glowing Spider Webs this year! Purchase the sixty grams of spider webs and prepare to have the best Halloween display. The webs can be used to decorate inside and outside too. Find clever ways to use these green spider webs!
Gigantic Spiderweb Decoration
Inspire arachnophobia all over your neighborhood this Halloween with the Gigantic Spiderweb Decoration! Spread this massive spiderweb from your roof to your front yard for a look that will give everyone the heebie-jeebies. Buy a few of these decorations and make it look like your home has been taken over by humongous spiders!
Big Climbing Spider Prop - 15'
There's nothing creepier than a giant spider that has taken over your entire house! This Halloween, spook all your guests and trick or treaters when you pick up our Big Climbing Spider Prop - 15'. Decorate your home with this monstrous arachnid and you'll have the scariest house on the block this year. Buy your giant spider prop today, and then check out our site for the matching giant spider web to really turn your house into a haunted one!
Spooky Cobweb with 2 Spiders
Make Halloween creepy this year with this Spooky Cobweb with 2 Spiders decoration! It includes two black spiders that will give everyone the chills! This creepy crawly kit is perfect for hosting a party or decorating for Halloween. Hang it from a corner or place on some bushes outside for a more horrifying look. Buy a Spooky Cobweb with 2 Spiders online!
Drop Down Spider Decoration
Keep everyone on edge this Halloween with this Drop Down Spider Decoration! When your guests get an unexpected visit from this terrifying tarantula with light up eyes, your party will be given numerous opportunities for Halloween pictures everyone will love to share! Durable and made of high-quality materials for a party attraction everyone will love! Great for parties, carnivals and any other Halloween celebration! Weave a terrifying web of fun and festive mischief with this unforgettable and unpredictable jump scare machine!
6' Large Spider
People of all ages are terrified of spiders. Measuring a menacing 6 feet, this one will be no different. Guests can't help but imagine this thing coming after them. On a dark Halloween night, their fears are your friend. A well-placed large spider will make horrifying Halloween décor.
Spider Cocoon Victim
Make your porch into a heart stopping horror show with our Spider Cocoon Victim decoration! When the trick or treaters come up to your porch and see that someone else has recently met their end at your house, they're going to be daring each other to go up and try your doorbell. Anyone who loves -- or hates! -- spiders is going to want this decoration for its sheer ick factor, especially when they see the detail on this webbing!
Light Up Black Spider
Make your home into the lair of a giant spider when you put up our Light Up Black Spider decoration to scare the trick or treaters! The kids in your neighborhood are going to freak out when they see this giant spider glowing in a choice spot on your house, so get him some webbing to live in and you'll have yourself the ickiest haunted house on the block. It's perfect for outdoor decoration displays!
Instant Mega Web Yard Decoration
Spruce up your Halloween with this Instant Mega Web Yard Decoration! This 23 x 18 foot giant spider web will catch quite a few trick o' treaters! Stretch this fantastic spider web from the rooftop to your yard for an eerie look! The addition of this fantastic Instant Mega Web Yard décor will simulate the look of an untouched, ghostly property! Your Halloween abode is incomplete without this ghoulish Instant Mega Web Yard Decoration!
3D Spider Curtain
You can really scare your guests this year when you greet them at the front door with this 3D Spider Curtain! The creepy spiders on this curtain are going to make your guests think that there are really spiders infesting your home, making it the most realistic haunted house they've ever been to. This curtain is perfect for anyone who's looking to bring some extra dimensions to their spooky home decorations for this year's Halloween.
Spiderweb 15 Piece Set
Get your house ready for the Halloween occasion this year when you pick up our Spiderweb 15 Piece Set! With your purchase, you will receive a fun and creepy set of spider webs and spiders to set up all around your home. There's nothing more terrifying than spiders on Halloween, that's for sure. Buy your set today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Halloween decor and lawn prop items!
Web of Spiders
Everyone has a fear, and if you are like most people spiders are one of those fears. No matter where they are, spiders always have a way of creeping people out, and that is why the Web Of Spiders decoration is the best decoration! No graveyard or Haunted house can be without them, and these cobwebs are as unique as the spiders that decorate them.
10" Long Dropping Spider
Hang the 10 Dropping Spider Prop on your front porch or in the doorway to your Halloween party to give guests and trick-or-treaters a jump scare! While this black spider isn't frightening or gory in and of itself, the fact that it suddenly drops down from the ceiling to say hello makes it as good for scaring as any other horror prop. It's covered in an all-black fabric and has four straight legs on either side of its body. Two white ovals act as eyes on this black arachnid.