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Green Costume Ideas and Tips

It’s a lot easier being green than you think—that is, when you’re wearing one of our green costumes! Whatever type of costume you’re looking for, you can find it among these verdant offerings. If you’re looking for a Robin Hood or forest fairy costume, you can get your green tights here, and if you want to wear something money themed we’ve got all the dollar bills you can imagine! Browse through our selection and find the green costume you’ve been dreaming of, so you can catch everyone’s eye on Halloween in this vivacious color. You’ll love clicking through all these gorgeous green outfits to find the one that will make this Halloween your most memorable yet. Just check out our options, and you’ll soon come to the green costume that will fulfill your wildest imaginings! And why not get your friends together and go out with your friends in a color-coordinated group costume?

Professional Tights Kelly Green - Men
Get green for Halloween when wearing the Professional Tights Kelly Green - Me. These Green Men's Tights are perfect for plenty of costumes like Peter Pan and Robin Hood. Great for use in theatre and cosplay, these Men's Green Tights will last. The elastic has a soft knit that won't itch while stretching to fit any type of leg. Complete your Halloween look this year and order the Professional Tights Kelly Green - Men today!
Green Tights for Women
Sometimes the coolest way to show you're a dancer is having the pants for it! Go with a colorful mood and flair this Halloween! Get the Lime Green Tights for Women! The lime green tights are a wonderful choice for any gal who wants to show off her curves and how good she looks when she's on the dance floor! Order it online today with fast shipping!
Adult St. Patrick's Day Bowtie Choker
Add a splash of envious color to your Halloween getup with this brilliant green St. Patrick's Day Choker Unisex Adult Bowtie! This neon green accessory features not only the brightest colors at the party, but four leaf clover patterns galore! You'll bring luck and fun to your upcoming Halloween festivities with this St. Patrick's Day Choker Unisex Adult Bowtie!
Grease Green Base Make-Up
What's a green witch, a frog prince, or a lucky four leaf clover creature being to do when they're low on pigment? Green Base Cream Makeup to the rescue! For adults or children who dream bigger, this professional quality cream makeup can make all the difference. Use with ease knowing it's water washable, so you can take it off as easily as you put it on.
Green Makeup
The Wicked Witch ain't got nothin' on you! Use our Green Makeup to turn your face and body a deep green. Each 0.7 ounce bottle has a screw-cap so the creamy makeup inside doesn't dry out between uses. Great for Hulk and fairy costumes as well.
St. Patrick's Day All Star Vest Hat and Tie Set Deluxe
A simple look, but it still conveys that you've got the holiday spirit. Includes vest, hat, and tie. Does not include pants or shoes.
Adult Green Light Up Wig Accessory
Hit the town with a clear message to all bystanders: it is time to party. This Adult Green Light Up Wig Accessory can help get that message across. It screams "we're here for a good time, not a long time" and fits in perfectly anywhere from Halloween with the kids to club hopping with your friends. Order an Adult Green Light Up Wig Accessory and get ready to rave against the machine!
Green Afro Wig
This green afro wig is the perfect addition to your St. Patrick's Day celebration, especially if you combine it with a '60s or '70s theme. It's also a great way to complete a colorful clown costume.
Short Bob Neon Green Wig
Want to stand out this Halloween? You'll be easy to spot when you wear the Wig-neon Bob-green! This short green wig with bangs is stylish and fun. Pair it with an alien costume for a night that's out of this world or wear it with a clown or anime costume. Everyone will be green with envy when they see you in the neon green bob wig!
Adult Green Tutu Leg Covers Accessory
2nd Skin - Green Skin Suit - for Adults
This snug and stylish 2nd Skin - Green Skin Suit - for Adults will let you create your very own costume ensemble for Halloween or cosplay. Where it by itself or pair with our extensive collection of costume accessories. Order online today.
Green Long Wig
You'll steal the show on Halloween when you top off your costume with our Green Long Wig! Whether you're going out as a fairy, a leprechaun, or something completely your own creation, you'll love how this wig complements your vision. Order our Green Long Wig to be the center of attention this Halloween!
Green Bandana
The bar is fun, but it sure does get smelly. Cover your nose with a Green Bandana and you won't have to worry about it! This square cotton wrap is covered with black and white paisley patterns. Use it on St. Patty's Day, Mardi Gras, and Halloween.
Adult Blue Glitter Dames Glasses Accessory
Womens Green Hero Shirt
Mens Green Hero Pants
Womens Cartoon Tummy Shirt Green
Boys Green I'm Invisible Skin Suit
Is your child a big fan of the army men from Toy Story? Or perhaps he just likes the color green. If so, you should get him the Boys Green I'm Invisible Skin Suit. A hooded green mask and form fitting jumpsuit with attached socks and gloves are included in this full body costume set. Made of a special polyester and spandex blend, the hood covers the entire face but allows your child to both see and breathe while at the same time hides his face from everyone else. He can wear it to a Halloween party or to a St. Patrick's Day parade. It is also a colorful choice for any green event celebrating the environment and environmentally friendly products. On Halloween, if you have green shrubbery near your house, your child can hide out in the bushes and jump out when an unsuspecting trick-or-treat comes by.
Girl's Green Cheerleader Kit
Make the visiting team green with envy when you start dancing with this Girl's Green Cheerleader Kit! Each pack gives you a pair of green pom poms and a green megaphone with Go Team! message. A cute accessory for any of our cheerleader costumes.
Green Afro Wig
Wear this versatile Green Afro Wig for just about any occasion. Don't limit these colorful wigs for just clown use! You can doll up a funky green outfit on St. Patrick's Day with this hairpiece.
Green Whistle
Blow our Green Whistle on Halloween to make your holiday really pop! No matter what you're dressing up as this year, you'll love how you can liven up your Halloween with this noisemaker. This whistle comes in all the colors of the rainbow, so be sure to check out our other selections and get a few for your friends!
Green Liquid Metal Leggings for Women
Stand out this Christmas or St. Patricks Day when you put on the Green Liquid Metal Leggings for Women. The shiny bottoms are versatile and adds a lot of brightness to your style. Mix with some purple and gold for a wonderful Mardi Gras outfit.
Green Face Mask
You know how Mardi Gras parties go down. Disguise yourself during the festivities when you put on this Green Face Mask! This plastic piece is cut through with holes at the eyes, mouth, and nose and has an elastic band strung through it. Great for Halloween and St. Patrick's Day as well.
Green Boa
Our Green Boa is an essential for any glamorous Halloween costume you have planned for this year! Your daughter will love the way these sparkly green feathers look over her flapper costume, or her vaudeville actress outfit. Order your daughter our Green Boa if you want her to be unforgettable when she trick-or-treats this year!
Beads for St. Patrick's Day (Pack of 5)
Looking for the perfect pair of beads to upgrade your St. Patty's Day get-up this year? Then look no further than our Beads for St. Patrick's Day (Pack of 5)! With your purchase, you will receive a set of five green and gold beads with fun and festive Irish themed designs. Buy your pack today, and then check out our site for the rest of your St. Patrick's Day costume and accessory needs!
St Patrick's Day Green Beads 6 Pieces
Drape these green beads around your neck and you'll be ready to go out drinking for St. Patrick's Day! You'll get six strands of beads so you can deck yourself out or share some with your friends.
Women's Green Tutu
You're sure to get Peter's attention when you slip on a Women's Green Tutu under your dress! Each bright green skirt is full of several layers of tulle, all of them gathered to create full folds. Perfect for Tinker Bell, witch, and dragon outfits.