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New Props & Decorations

Throwing a Halloween party comes with a lot of planning. After all, you have to make sure your house is completely decked out in ghouly gear to scare all the trick-or-treaters. Find all the spooky and new Props and Decorations here! Costume SuperCenter has great decorations fit for any party and yard, ensuring the scare-o-meter is sky-high! So, get ready to transform your beautiful living room or yard into the scariest place to be this Halloween!

New Halloween Props & Decorations Ideas and Tips

Halloween is just not Halloween without a scary prop or two! Hang a ghost or two on your front porch for a night of frightful delight. Halloween is all about the adventures of the undead, and what better way to breathe new life into a human skull than with an animatronic skull. Trick o’ treaters that dare to enter your decorated yard will be in for a scare! Prepare your home for the spectacle of Halloween with inflatable props, frightening light shows, cemetery kits and more! Imagine what a thrilling night Halloween will be with our grand selection of Halloween props to suit your every spooky whim and dreadful pleasure!

Friday The 13th Jason Scene Setter
60" Rotting Skeleton Full Body Prop
You'll have the scariest house in town this year when you pick up our 60" Rotting Skeleton Full Body Prop! When you set this full bodied corpse out on your lawn, don't be surprised when all of the trick-or-treaters hesitate before coming to your door. Spooks and scares is what it's all about on Halloween! Buy your prop today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Halloween decorations and prop items!
Witch Hanging 12' Prop
Terrify everyone who walks near your house this year for Halloween when you pick up our Witch Hanging 12' Prop! With your purchase, you will receive a downright spooky black robed hanging prop featuring the face of a dark and wicked green faced witch. Hang this prop from a tree limb, from the porch, or wherever else you see fit! Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Halloween decorations and props.
Inflatable Child Mannequin Prop
Inflatable Female Mannequin Prop
Pumpkin Torch
Small Skull
Skull Torch
Pirate Fabric Door Topper
Shrunken Head Torch
Gothic Vampire Head Prop
The Gothic Vampire Head is a great prop to add to your Haunted House or Halloween party decorations. The Gothic Vampire Head shows a pale vampire character with long hair, pointed ears, evil sunken eyes, and an open mouth showing sharp vampire teeth. The prop head is detailed with fake blood by the base. Show your friends that you're a dangerous vampire hunter with this decapitated trophy head. You can have a lot of fun decorating with the prop head. You can use the prop head as a table centerpiece or to decorate a mantle or shelf. Decorate with unique props and order this gory Gothic Vampire Head in time for the party!
Kal-El Candy Holder
Choose DC Superheroes as the theme for your child?s birthday party. Set the table with superhero tableware. Also purchase the Kal-El Candy Holder. The red, blue, and yellow Superman candy holder will blend in with the rest of your colorful decorations. Have a DC Comics themed party that everyone will remember!
5' Skeleton Hanging Prop
Scare all the neighbors this Halloween when you decorate your home with the 5' Skeleton Hanging Prop! With your purchase, you will receive a truly creepy hanging prop to set up from your tree, from the porch, from a lamp post, or wherever else you like. Featuring a black robed figure with a skull face head, you'll certainly spook the trick-or-treaters this year. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for more matching decor items!
24' Blacklight String Lights
Give your next costume party an eerie glow with this boxed set! The Indoor/Outdoor Black Light Set is great for peeling back the shadows in your home this Halloween. Great for a spooky rave, crime scene, or mad scientist's lab themed events. Includes 25 bulbs on two feet of string. Shop on our online store for great deals on all our costumes and accessories!
20ft Fright Tape
All of your guests will know what they're getting into when you mark off the party area with this 20 foot length of fright tape! It features a warning to only enter if you dare so that no one will be unprepared for all the spooky props you've set up around your home or yard.
2 Piece Cemetery Fence
Your front or back yard will be the creepiest graveyard in town when you decorate it with this 2 piece cemetery fence. Each piece is 18 inches wide and 29 inches tall and features a rustic looking fencing design that will look like it's surrounded your yard for decades or more. Make sure you order enough to go all the way around your yard or the section of your yard you've designated as a graveyard!
18" Wreath w/ Skull, Hands & Roses
Who says that Halloween can't have a little beauty? This holiday has lots of creepy pieces, but this 18 Wreath w/ Skull, Hands & Roses lets people know that life can spring from death. It's a great way to set the mood for a classy, fun Halloween party, and it's also a nice option for the Day of the Dead. Plus, it's easy to hang up anywhere, such as on your front door or inside on a wall that needs a little bit of decoration.
26" Animated Creepy Old Man
Yes, it's true the time of creeps and scares is here again. Don't be outdone when your guests are on their way. Get the 26 Animated Creepy Old Man to add a prop that will have everybody looking over their shoulder, even if they're dressed up as the strongest heroes out there. This prop is animated, which means it will move around to keep people on their toes. Outside or inside, he's going to be the thing they look out for.
3D Spider Curtain
You can really scare your guests this year when you greet them at the front door with this 3D Spider Curtain! The creepy spiders on this curtain are going to make your guests think that there are really spiders infesting your home, making it the most realistic haunted house they've ever been to. This curtain is perfect for anyone who's looking to bring some extra dimensions to their spooky home decorations for this year's Halloween.
22" Bone Chilling Skeleton Bat
Run! Don't walk far from the 22-inch bat summoned from the land of the dead. This bat was more than frightening during its life. Dark pits are where its eyes used to be. Its wingspan, though nothing but bone, is fiercer than your average fruit bat. The skeletal ears still allow it to hear your blood running cold.
36" Animated Floating Spider
A classic creepy crawly is a great way to add more to your night of Halloween fun. The 36 Animated Floating Spider has the right number of legs, but it's far, far bigger than any other spider you've ever seen. Unless you know something we don't. You can pose the spider's legs just how you want, and you can also place it anywhere that will create the best look. Hanging from the ceiling, on a table, or anywhere else.
17" Severed Shaking Arm
Need a hand? The 17 Severed Shaking Arm will make sure you have all the help you need when creating a Halloween party that has plenty of perfect scares. Leave this arm lying around or use it to recreate one of the classic gags when guests shake your hand, they'll be able to pull it right out. It will leave them shocked, of course, but it's all right. It's just a prop, one that you'll lose to use over and over.
3.5 Ft. Airblown Inflatable Star Wars The Child & Pumpkin
If you want to create an October party that has a touch of science-fiction, the 3.5 Ft. Airblown Inflatable Star Wars The Child & Pumpkin is the pickup that you need. It's a lot bigger than The Child really is, but it's still not that large. Yet who wouldn't want to go to a party with this friendly face he even has a Mandalorian jack-o-lantern. The internal LED lights him up to make sure nobody misses this cute character.
3.5 Ft. Airblown Inflatable The Nightmare Before Christmas Green Oogie Boogie
He's big, he's mean, he's green, and he's ready to ruin Halloween. And Christmas, if he's able. The 3.5 Ft. Airblown Inflatable The Nightmare Before Christmas Green Oogie Boogie is a simple piece of decor to add to your yard when things start to get spooky. Standing almost four feet tall, this green inflatable has an LED light that keeps it visible even during the darkest Halloween nights. But be warned he's ready to cause some havoc.
36" Standing Bone Skeleton Light Up Eyes
If you don't want to greet the trick or treaters yourself, you can put out this 36" Standing Bone Skeleton Light Up Eyes to make their first impression into a scream! When they see this skeleton standing out on your lawn, they're going to have to steel themselves to run past it and come get their candy from you on the porch. Put out this scary obstacle to see who has the guts to walk by it!
3 ft. Hanging Skull with Light-Up Eyes
Put up some bone-chilling decorations up for all your guests to enjoy courtesy of your new 3 ft. Hanging Skull with Light-Up Eyes. It is a must-have item for the decorator looking to enhance their partys spook factor with some truly terrifying props. This product features a ghoulish looking monster skeleton with a light-up feature that makes it eyes glow. The hanging skull is an excellent fit for the seasons more sinister side and should get you plenty of frightened guests.
3.5 Ft. Airblown Inflatable The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Pumpkin
Ready to create a yard that looks just like a classic Halloween area? The 3.5 ft. Airblown Inflatable The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Pumpkin is the obvious choice for your next big October event. You'll get an inflatable character sitting on a pumpkin and an LED light to create the right amount of illumination. The Pumpkin King is ready to rule over a night of trick-or-treating from his throne in Halloweentown just look out for Oogie Boogie
3.5 Ft. Airblown Inflatable Christmas Cat
This 3.5 Ft. Airblown Inflatable Christmas Cat is ready to add some fun and fur to your lawn decorations this holiday season. All it takes to get this piece ready is to plug it in and fill it with air from the included fan. The LED light also makes sure this inflatable won't be missed by anyone going past. This pretty kitty is grey and white with a cute green scarf and red Santa hat and is ready for holiday festivities!
18 Black Light Fixture and Bulb Accessory
If youre having your Halloween in a motel room, you might not want to use this 18 Black Light Fixture and Bulb Accessory! However, if youre just having your Halloween in your living room, youre probably good to enjoy this fantastic and eerie black light setup! When you turn on this black light decoration, everyone will feel like theyre in the underworld, or just an underground club! Your party is going to get rave reviews if you use this black light on Halloween!
19" Plush Front Door Greeter The Nightmare Before Christmas Big Head Sally
Make sure everybody feels welcome at whatever kind of event you're throwing by adding the 19 Plush Front Door Greeter. The Nightmare Before Christmas Big Head Sally. At almost two feet tall, nobody will be able to miss this Big Head Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! She may be a friendly rag doll gal but her pumpkin wont let you forget shes the Queen of Screams. She does make sure people know they're at the right place for a night full of Halloween fun, however.