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Menorah Hat Accessory For Pets
You can make your dog part of your family's celebration of the festival of lights, with this Menorah Hat Accessory For Pets! With this menorah on top of your dog's head, you can make your dog look like he's the candelabra that helped the Maccabees survive the long eight nights without oil. You're going to love playing with your dreidel with your dog around to make the holiday even more special as your own furry menorah!
Pet Yarmulke & Tallis Costume
Looking for the perfect Chanukah costume for your favorite furry friend this year? Then look no further than our Pet Yarmulke & Tallis Costume! With your purchase, you will receive an elegant blue yarmulke and tallis adorned with white Jewish stars and silver tassels. With this special costume on, your pups will be spreading Chanukah cheer all day long. Buy your pet Chanukah costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your costume and accessory needs!