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Don't oversell what you have and instead undertake an effort to go get yourself some of our fantastic graveyard props and decorations. We have a huge assortment, including ominous tombstones, scary skeletons, massive statues, and chilling zombies. Check out, for example, our grisly pumpkin fog machine accessory, which makes it seem like the eerie smoke on the ground is bellowing from the head of a regular Jack 'O Lantern. Pair that up with a frightening headstone and you have the groundwork for a great graveyard scene.

Graveyard Props & Decorations

It’s a very grave place in the old cemetery, indeed. Your yard will be the spookiest place on the block this Halloween when you decorate it with your favorite props from our affordable graveyard collection. You’ll find classic tombstone props, perfect for hanging on walls or standing in your yard. But you’ll also love our fabric tombstones featuring some of your favorite film characters like Jack Skellington and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and the skull and crossbones from Pirates and the Caribbean. Check out our extensive packages containing multiple tombstones, chains, bones, and more for a quick and easy display that won’t break the bank. Grave crawler props and stately cemetery gate decor will help accentuate your haunted theme. Try pairing your graveyard props and decorations with your favorite pieces from our body part collection for an extra spooky effect. Shop for your graveyard props and decorations online now.