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Lamb Costume for Toddlers
Precious and adorable, you are going to love putting your little one in this lovable Lamb Costume for Toddlers! Comfortable and convenient, this jumpsuit style costume gives them the huggable appearance of their favorite barnyard friend and is guaranteed to bring a smile to every face they pass! Made of high-quality materials for a fit they will always love! Just as much fun for them to wear as it is for you to look at! Make the most of this snuggable new look when you shop from our huge selection of barnyard accessories for toddlers!
Baby/Toddler Vintage Lamb Costume
This Baby Vintage Lamb Costume would be a great fit for the Holiday season coming up. You can dress your baby in this costume for a church Christmas play, play date or a Halloween costume to show off the cuteness around the neighborhood and let's not forget a theme birthday party. That would be the cutest ever! Wearing this costume will have all of your neighbors wanting to snap pictures to share on social media.
Baby/Toddler Lovely Lamb Costume
This Toddler Lovely Lamb Costume is sure to go wherever you do. Get your child dressed up in this to be the cutest little ewe they can be. This outfit comes as a one piece romper style jumpsuit. It is made of white chenille material and resembles a very woolly with its exaggerated fleece appearance. The body is cut off along the shoulders and legs which means you get to wear your own clothing underneath. A pair of shoe covers also come in the same chenille look with attached pieces of black felt to look like actual lamb's feet. It has ears and a puffy hairdo with space for your child to peek their face through. You receive a hood that attaches underneath the chin which also has a lam bell as decoration. The Lovely Lamb costume is a great item to use for Halloween and other themed events. Check out some more costumes to find a matching one for you!
Baby/Toddler Lamb Costume
Baa Baa baby sheep! Make sure everybody knows who your precious little lamb is this Halloween with the Lamb Infant Costume. Mary never had a lamb as sweet as yours when you dress your little one up in this adorable outfit. Includes a fluffy lamb jumpsuit with a matching hood. Order on our online store for fast delivery at great rates!
Baby/Toddler Plush Cutesy the Lamb / Costume
You won't have to shear this little lamb when you have your child dressed up in our Cutesy The Lamb Infant/ Toddler Costume! This adorable lamb costume makes your child into a little puffball of wool, so she can charm anyone she sees with this sweet one piece jumpsuit. Whether she's trick or treating for the first time or playing a lamb in a school play, she's going to be the cutest little animal out there.
Baby/Toddler Plush Chicken Costume
Old McDonald had a farm and there were many animals roaming around this Halloween season! Why not get your own little gaggle of chicks in a Plush Chicken Toddler Costume! This adorably designed costume is equal part comfort and costume with its soft plushy texture for everyone to see this year!
Littlest Lamb Costume for Toddlers
Cute, comfortable and perfect for any occasion year round, this Littlest Lamb Costume for Toddlers is the adorable new look you will love for your little one! Made of high-quality materials for a dependable fit they will love, this can't mess multi-piece costume turns them into everyone's favorite barnyard friend and is guaranteed to brighten up any trick-or-treat route! Celebrate their love of farm life with a costume that will create photographic memories to last a lifetime! Check out our entire selection of barnyard costumes and accessories for toddlers!
Gladiator Sandals for Girls
Transform into a Roman noble this Halloween with the Gladiator Sandals for Girls. These elegant sandals will help to complete your ancient ensemble. Pair the sandals with a white toga dress and god bangles. The gladiator sandals are also perfect for a school play. Wear these versatile shoes more than once!
Boys Carrot Costume
Your child will have to keep an eye out for bunnies this Easter or Halloween when he wears this boy's carrot costume! Bunnies aren't usually very dangerous, but they're lethal to carrots! This carrot costume features a one piece slip on jumpsuit with a hole in the front for your child's face, slits on either side for his arms, and an opening on the bottom for freedom to move and walk around. It also features green leaves that stick up from the top of the carrot suit. It's said that eating carrots is good for your eyesight, so how much better would being one be this year? For extra fun, get one of your child's friends to join him in a Bugs Bunny costume for a memorable group costume!
Baby/Toddler Baby Carrot Costume
How many times have your parents told you to eat your vegetables? Let?s say over a zillion time! Well, little did we know it helps with our growth when we are growing up. Our body needs those veggies to keep us active and healthy, so we won?t get sick. No one likes to be sick where we must stay home in the bed all day. That?s no fun! Plus, it isn?t so bad once you take the time to eat it. I know all those sweet pies, cakes, candy, and cookies would be a great feast to put in our belly, but it harms our body instead. I know, I know you think I am being a Debbie downer but just trying to prevent you from getting ill. Let me tell you a veggie I love to pieces, and back to the moon! That vegetable is carrots. Omg, I go yum, yum, yum for those tasty carrots and I bet you would if you give it a try. Think of how proud your parents will be too see how you are gobbling up your veggies, so you can be big and strong and who knows mom & dad might get you a surprise. Parents love to treat their k
Moses Child Costume
Your child may not be able to part the sea, but he is pretty special so get him the Moses Child Costume. The three-piece set includes a striped sleeveless robe, off-white under-robe and white rope belt. Moses is an important figure in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. When Moses was born, the Egyptian King had ordered all Jewish children killed because he was afraid that the Jews were becoming too numerous and would ally with Egypt's enemies. Moses' mother hid him in the river where he was found by the daughter of the pharaoh. He was taken in a raised by the pharaoh and as adult led the Hebrew people out of Egypt. Purchase this so your child can wear it for Purim, Halloween or a religious play. Beard, wig, shoes and commandment stone are not included. We also have a number of other religious costumes available in adult, children's and plus sizes.
Baby/Toddler Little Lamb Costume
Your little angel will be the cutest lamb in town this Halloween when you pick up our Lil Lamb Infant Costume! If you're looking for a costume that is as adorable as it is comfy, then look no further than this one. With your purchase, you will receive a cute and comfy white and pink shaggy body with a hood, as well as a matching pair of shoe covers. Your little guy or girl is going to love it! Buy yours today, and go make this Halloween an adorable one!
Baby/Toddler Quackie Duck Costume
If you want to bring your child out with you on Halloween, you can give them a sweet first costume with our Quackie Duck Infant Costume! This simple baby costume will keep your little one warm and cozy, while making them part of the fun. Whether they're coming out with their siblings to trick or treat or just coming with you to a party, no one will ever forget seeing your baby in this adorable duck costume.
Baby/Toddler Pink Lamb Newborn Costume
No lamb chops for you! Put your little lady in a Pink Lamb Newborn/Infant Costume and the whole family will fall in love. This fleecy body is off-white and covered with plush fur. Pink gingham fleece covers the belly, bringing attention to your pink satin bow. Satin hoof covers are sewn into the cuffs of the long sleeves to match the shoe covers at the bottom of the pants. Pink bows dot the feet for a sweet touch. Slip on the furry headpiece before you head over for the family dinner and she'll have a pair of floppy, gingham-lined ears to keep her warm! Pink bows dress up the top. You don't get to see your relatives too often, and you want to leave a good impression on your folks. Order a Pink Lamb Newborn/Infant Costume for your newest addition and they'll never stop talking about how cute she was! Also great for Halloween.
Baby/Toddler Carrot Bunting Costume
Eating healthy is something you believe in. And your kid is so cute you could just eat him or her up! Combine the best of both worlds when you purchase this Baby Carrot Infant Bunting! It turns your adorable little angel into an orange bundle of cute. Swaddle them in the bunting, cover the head with the cap, and voil! You're all set to go. Whether the occasion is Halloween or a photoshoot, you'll be happy that you chose this Baby Carrot Infant Bunting.
Baby/Toddler Little Bunny Costume
Kids will jump for joy wearing this Baby Bunny Costume. This outfit is very adorable and comfortable to wear. It comes as a single jumpsuit in all white with pink footprints. There is a hood piece featuring eyes and long ears so theyll look just like a bunny. Have this ready for Halloween or Easter, two holidays when dressing up as a bunny is perfect!
Baby/Toddler Blue Bunny Costume
Whether you're getting ready for an Easter egg hunt or just need the cutest Halloween costume ever, the Blue Bunny Infant Costume will get the job done. Your friends and family will love this absolutely adorable outfit almost as much as your tot will. Includes blue bodysuit with matching bowtie, hat with bunny ears, and a carrot rattle. Get it quickly when you order from our online store!
Ride On Child Bunny Costume
Your son can hitch a ride on the Easter Bunny this Halloween when you choose our Ride On Child Bunny Costume! This bunny costume will put your child on top of a larger than life bunny rabbit, and he can do the hopping. All he has to do is step into the legs of this costume and its going to look like hes riding on this furry friend, so he can make all his friends jealous for a ride on this adorable bunny!
Baby/Toddler Liza Lamb Costume
What's more adorable than a cuddly little lamb? Your daughter dressed up as one for Halloween, of course! And with this Liza Lamb Girl's Costume, she can show off just how true that statement is when applied to her. This adorable polyester outfit comes with a white hooded dress that has a pink tummy, but it's the double helping of cute in the face of the kid and lamb hood that packs the real cuteness overload.
Baby/Toddler Pink Bunny Newborn Costume
Your little one will be looking cuter than ever this year when you pick up our Pink Wabbit Precious Infant Costume! Whether you're dressing him or her up for Halloween or Easter, this adorable pink rabbit costume is a real treat. With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful pink chenille and flannel rabbit jumpsuit, as well as a matching rabbit ears headpiece and an adorable carrot rattle. Buy yours today, and make this holiday a truly hoppin' one!
Childrens Bunny Rabbit Costume
Easter brings with it colorful eggs and cutie pie bunnies! Your child will join in on the fun and merriment of Easter in this Children's Bunny Rabbit Costume! The outfit's floppy ears and a cozy costume are enough to bring enchantment to your Easter festivities!
Kid's Bunny Halloween Costume Jumpsuit and Mask
When it comes to kid's it always best to go the cute and cuddly rout vs the horrror and blood. So make this Halloween the year of fluff and cotton tails with the most adorable bunny costume to ever hit the streets. The Kid's Bunny Halloween Costume Jumpsuit and Mask is the cutest costume for your child, especially if they love bunnies!
Toga Teen Costume
You know you're the king of the party--why don't you let the rest of your friends know too? Wear a Toga Teen Costume on Halloween and you'll call the shots! This light and breathable tunic is sewn from white polyester material that will drape elegantly around you. It falls to the ankles and has a sleeveless design to keep you cool in hot basements. The sewn-in drape will add a regal touch to the outfit, making you look as good as Caesar himself. Your subjects should be able to recognize you when you're out and about. Slip on the included headband and you'll have a crown of golden laurels helping you stand out in the crowd! Any celebration can bring the house down when you have the right people there. Show up in a Toga Teen Costume and you're guaranteed a great night! Pair it with Roman sandals, a sword, and shield, sold here.
Childrens Duck Costume
Do you want to quack up your child this Halloween? Dress her or him in the Childrens Duck Costume. The yellow unisex outfit includes a jumpsuit, footies and a headpiece. Makes a great choice for a Halloween costume. Its also a playful outfit for professional pictures. The grandparents will love it.
Baby/Toddler Bunny Rabbit Costume
Dress up your toddler in his or her Sunday and bunny best! This Toddler Bunny Rabbit Costume is incredibly adorable, with its long, fuzzy ears and soft, cuddly costume! Your tot may not be able to chomp a carrot just yet, but your baby will surely be the cutest bunny this Easter!
Baby/Toddler Lavender Bunny Costume
Whether your dressing your little one up for Halloween or Easter, you definitely don't want to miss out on our Lavender Bunny Infant Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to make this holiday a truly hop hop hoppin' one for your little cutie. Complete with a furry lavender jumpsuit with a white belly, as well as a matching bunny ears hood, you can't go wrong with this one.
Baby/Toddler Plush Bunny Costume
Includes plush bunny bodysuit with snap closure, booties and hood. Toy carrot not included.
Baby Ivy the Bunny Costume
Your child will be hopping down the adorable trail in this Ivy the Bunny Costume. Includes dress with frilled bottom and a bunny ears headband. Does not include shoes.
Baby/Toddler Chick Costume
Hatch a plan to purchase this Little Chick Infant Costume. All orders come as a bright, yellow jumpsuit. It is made of very soft material and is comfortable to wear. Orange feet are attached to the legs and a hood piece features eyes, a beak and comb to make it complete. Youngsters turn into baby chickens in time for Halloween!
Feed Me Bunny Girl's Costume
Kids love bunnies and they love Halloween. Give your little one the best of both worlds with our Feed Me Bunny Girl's Costume. There is nothing quite like hopping around the neighborhood on the hunt for goodies. And because it is made of lightweight, breathable polyester, the trick-or-treating can go on all night in comfort! Halloween will be a hit for sure, but why not get your kid's Easter costume out of the way too? Our Feed Me Bunny Girl's Costume can do both effortlessly.