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Extra Thick Stage Blood Gel
Put some gore into your Halloween costume or decorations with this Extra Thick Stage Blood Gel! Take any costume from scary to horrific with this high quality fake blood that will send shivers down everyone spines! Check out all of our decorations and stage makeup accessories to create a polished and professional look! Don't wait until the last minute! Order yours online today for a great price and fast shipping!
Gallon Of Blood
Most people go to the store for a gallon of milk--unless they're vegan or lactose intolerant--or vampire. Our Gallon Of Blood fits the bill for the latter. It covers most every kind of vampire need that matters. For all sorts of vampire courts and carrying on. Water washable to ensure your human-vampire fun.
Zombie Gory Flesh
With the Zombie Gory Flesh you can create unique makeup effects to make your zombie costume extra special. The Zombie Gory Flesh is a molding putty makeup that you can use to make scars, wounds, and other facial feature details. The Zombie Gory Flesh is also a great gray shade that looks like the dull and lifeless skin of zombies.
Vampire blood is a no ordinary matter. Contrary to popular belief, it does not originate in Transylvania or some other obvious place. No, it comes from a paste that is completely washable for humans. But don't let our secret out. Rub it all over and act like you don't know. Because none of your encounters will. Choose to scare the pants off of all of them. It's good exercise.
Pint Of Fake Blood
Since it's Halloween, there's nothing wrong with blood. The Pint Of Fake Blood is here to make any haunted house or scene is realistic. When you have this accessory by your side, it sets the scene for an awesome Halloween. This holiday, there's nothing wrong with more blood. Do it up with the Pint of Fake Blood!
Zombie Black Blood Spray
Our Zombie Black Blood Spray helps give you the scary appearance of undead monsters and zombies. The spray bottle makes applying the fake blood quick and easy and the dark colored fake blood is perfect for adding gory and freaky details to Halloween costumes. Make your costume even better with makeup, accessories, and our Zombie Black Blood Spray!
Liquid Blood Capsules
These Liquid Blood Capsules are so life-like, people will be passing out due to fake blood loss. As a vampire, you're going to need to win everyone over with your life-like blood-sucking skills. Liquid blood capsules are safe and easy to use to ensure maximum creepiness. All you need to do is look the part!
Zombie Black Blood
Our Zombie Black Blood is fake blood specific to zombies, because of its darker and creepier color. You can add to the undead look with gross black blood incorporated into your zombie costume! This item is a one pint container of black colored fake blood makeup. Get the perfect frightening zombie face with the help of our Zombie Black Blood!
Liquid Blood Capsules
In need of a fun and creative way to spice up your next horror inspired costume? Whatever costume includes blood and gore, these Liquid Blood Capsules will be a pleasant and terrifying surprise! Simply place the capsule in your mouth and bit down for a terrifying and bloody scene!