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Child Early American Lady Classic Costume
Your daughter can rebel against England when she joins the Revolution in this Child Early American Lady Classic Costume! This period piece outfit will make her feel like she's one of the Schuyler Sisters from Hamilton, or she can be Felicity, her favorite American Girl doll! In this colonial style dress, she's going to feel like she's one of the Founding Fathers' favorite young ladies, so she can sew the first American flag or be part of the Boston tea party in style!
Girls Pilgrim Costume
A simple life called for simple clothes. This traditional colonial style costume is indicative of what all the pilgrim girls wore. Ankle-length dress with long sleeves is adorned with a wide rounded collar, white cuffs and a plain apron. The lone accessory was the bonnet that tied under the chin. There was no time to mess with frills?too much work to be done. Milking cows, churning butter, making soap or candles. And, of course, cooking. Yes, the pilgrims had a hard life, but history was made, and America was born. When it's time to recreate a scene from the first Thanksgiving, attend a Colonial Day at school or even go trick or treating on Halloween, this Pilgrim Costume is perfect. Who knows? Your child may prefer the no-hassle style of not worrying about choosing what to wear every day?this could become their new uniform. Ok, probably not, but it is fun to pretend to be of another time period and learn to appreciate how good we have it nowadays.
Kid's Deluxe Colonial Girl
Pay homage to American history this Halloween in our Adult Colonial Girl Costume! This costume will make you feel like you've stepped back in time to the American Revolution, since the bustled skirts and 1776-style trimmings on this dress are lovingly period-accurate. Join the Boston Tea Party this Halloween in this costume!
Colonial / Pilgrim Boy Child
Kids are always surprise to learn that people didn't always used to dress the way they do now and in history they're starting to learn about the pilgrims who definitely dressed a lot differently from any other group. Big hats, lots of buckles, and black was the dress code for the settlers and your little one wants to pretend to be a colonist for a day so the best idea would be to get them into this Colonial/Pilgrim Boy Child costume. This outfit includes a brown vest and matching pants with cream sleeves that feature white embroidered lace cuffs that match the colonial-style jabot and also a tri-corner hat sets the look for a Mayflower voyage. With your little guy dressed up in the Colonial/Pilgrim Boy Child costume he'll be ready to hunt his first turkey in time for Thanksgiving.
Colonial Girl Child Costume
Our world would not be the same without the colonial period in America! This Halloween, relive our glorious past in this fabulous Colonial Girl Child Costume! Your little gal will be dressed from head to toe in a polyester skirt with a matching top. Both the separate skirt and top give the appearance of a complete colonial dress! The skirt is ankle length, while the feminine top features a lovely crisscross pattern!
Juliet Child Costume
Play the part of a star-crossed lover in this Juliet Child Costume. Look just like the young woman from Shakespeare's famous production. This outfit comes as a blue gown featuring golden trim. There are lace sections of the sleeves for an added accent. The headpiece is made of matching colors to create a complete ensemble. Everything in this Juliet costume is perfect for young actresses to put on their own version of the classic tale.
Native American Girl Costume
Cook up the maize and clean out your wigwam--there's a party tonight! Put on our Native American Girl's Costume and you'll be the cutest one at the bonfire. This long-sleeved dress fall to the mid-thigh and is made from a deep brown polyester fabric. Red, yellow, and blue trim runs along the sleeve cuffs, hem, and neckline, topping off the long fringe on each. Small sun god disks with blue turquoise beads decorate the bottom of the dress and its thick, detachable belt. Tie it around your waist and they'll flare around you as you dance! The brown, red, and yellow headband has an attached yellow feather. Wear it to the powwow to show off just how sweet you are. You don't want any of your new neighbors to see you looking dowdy. Put on fringe sandals and a black wig (sold here) to leave a good impression on any settler.
Colonial Hat with Wig Child
Be one of America's Founding Fathers with our Child's Colonial Hat with Wig. This 18th century style hat is a tricorn hat with a gold trim and feather accent. You can dress up like so many important historical figures from the Colonial and Revolutionary era with this great costume headpiece. The colonial hat also comes with a time period appropriate wig. The powder white wig features a typical colonial style. Dress up for holidays, parades, school productions, and parties with our Child's Colonial Hat with Wig.
Child's Princess Lilly Costume
Your child can become a beautiful Native American character with the Child's Princess Lilly Costume. She will enjoy showing off her new look to her friends and teaching them all about their history. The light brown dress and belt will have her looking just like the pretty princess, and the headpiece will complete her look. Your child will have a great time dressing up at her next slumber party and showing off her new outfit!
Colonial Boy Child Costume
Halloween can be educational as well as fun, especially if you dress your child in the Colonial Boy Child Costume. The outfit, which can be order in child size's large, medium or small, contains pants, tricorn hat and jacket. The blue jacket features a gold button accent on front and long white sleeves trimmed in lace. The neck jabot is also made of white lace. The pants are a short nicker style, much like those worn by colonials. Add this to your child's dress up box for hours of fun play. He can pretend to be Ben Franklin, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson., Alexander Hamilton or other colonial figure. Or it can be worn on Halloween, Independence Day or for a school play. Shoes, gun and socks are not included with the outfit.
Girls Pilgrim Costume
Need a costume to re-enact the first Thanksgiving? Maybe there's a "Colonial Day" at school. Performing in a play about the Salem witch hunts? Or, maybe your girl just really appreciates the simplicity of the Pilgrim fashions and would like to dress up that way for Halloween. Whatever the reason, this period-perfect Girls Pilgrim Costume is ideal. With the traditional long black dress with white apron, collar and cuffs, this outfit will leave no imagination as to what time period it's reflecting. A white bonnet is included for that final piece to make it just right. The pilgrims had a tough journey to America and a pretty hard life once they got here. Hence, the somber-colored clothes, perhaps? Regardless, they persevered and eventually celebrated a hearty meal with the Indians and life proceeded from there. Become a part of American history when this costume is worn. You may even feel the urge to churn some butter, make some wax for candles or even take up sewing.
Children's Thanksgiving Turkey Costume
Put your child in the cutest Thanksgiving outfit ever with this Children's Thanksgiving Turkey Costume. It comes with everything you need to have turkey for dinner. This includes a orange and brown jumpsuit with feathered wings as sleeves. The headpiece has turkey eyes, beak, and bright red wattle attached. The Children's Thanksgiving Turkey Costume even comes with boot covers to turn your kid's feet into turkey talons. You're going to want to take plenty of pictures.
Boys White Colonial Economy Wig
Bring to life the colonial times with this Boys White Colonial Economy Wig. It's the perfect option for children in school productions, or even for Halloween costumes honoring our founding fathers. A powdered white wig that is sure to pop against the dowdy wear of the colonials. This wig will bring it all together and solidify your official look.
Blue Colonial Pilgrim Girls Costume
Celebrate the first Thanksgiving or the birth of America with this Colonial/Pilgrim Girl Child Costume! This historically inspired outfit includes a full length dress, an apron, and a bonnet to help your child travel back in time in authentic style. The long blue dress features a criss-crossing strap detail on the bodice, a lace trimmed collar, and white ruffle trim on the three-quarter length sleeves. The included apron ties around the waist and features lace trim around the edges. The floppy white bonnet is also trimmed in lace. To complete this ensemble, you can find colonial shoe buckles and white stockings in our great selection of accessories. If your child is dressing as a specific historical figure like Martha Washington or Betsy Ross, we also offer colonial wigs and wire rimmed glasses to complement this Colonial/Pilgrim Girl Child Costume!
Martha Washington Childrens Dress Costume
Your little girl is special and she can be even more special as the mother of our country. The Martha Washington Childrens Dress Costume makes a wonderful choice for a school play or Halloween event. It includes a colonial style dress much like one Martha Washington would have worn.
White Colonial Girl Wig Child
If your daughter is portraying Martha Washington, Betsy Ross, or another woman for Halloween or a school play, then this white Colonial wig for girls is the perfect addition to her costume. It features white hair piled up on top of her head and with long curls hanging down behind.
Boys Founding Father Costume
Let your son show his patriotism when he puts on the Boy's Founding Father Costume. Included in this set are a red jacket with gold detail and attached white shirt, blue pants, black boot covers and a white neck jabot. The Founding Fathers of the United States fought to have the U.S became a free country away from the rule of England. These men included the first president, General George Washington, future presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and John Adams, first U.S. postmaster Benjamin Franklin, the first chief justice of the Supreme Court John Jay and the first U.S. treasurer and loser of the Burr-Hamilton duel, Alexander Hamilton. Other notable men include Patrick Henry who is known for his Give me liberty, or give me death! speech and John Hancock who is famous for signing the Declaration of Independence with a large signature. This versatile outfit has a lot of uses including trick-or-treating and Halloween parties, plays, history presentations at school and Independence
Colonial / Pilgrim Boy Child Costume
Step up, pilgrim and take a look at this fashionable Halloween costume. It is Colonial / Pilgrim Boy Child Costume, which can be ordered in large, medium and small. A top, britches, hat and black belt are all included in the outfit. The Pilgrims were the first European settlers at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, and the second successful English colony in America. These men and women were looking for freedom of religion. At the start of the journey, there were 121 passengers on two ships, but one ship got damaged so 102 boarded the Mayflower to set sail to the New World. Many died after a harsh winter in America, but the colony persevered. Native Americans helped them through the first winter and taught them to farm corn; they celebrated that fall with a Thanksgiving dinner. Take some family pictures on Thanksgiving with your kids dressed as pilgrims and Native Americans or purchase this for a play at school.