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Supergirl Stick-on Tattoo
Let your child join the house of El when she puts on the Supergirl Stick-on Tattoo. It features the iconic Superman logo. It may look like an S, but it is really the crest of the House of El, the Kryptonian family of Kar Zor-El , aka Supergirl, and Kal El, aka Superman.
The 50s Groovy Tattoos
Looking for something to transfer your mind back to the 50s? Well why not try The 50s Groovy Tattoos? The 50s Groovy Tattoos displays temporary tattoos that will allow you to pull off and move on to the next in case you would like to try a different look. All your friends will think your mad cool for rocking these whether for a party, or just for a fashion statement.
Womens Day of the Dead Face Tattoo
Decorate yourself like a Dia de Muertos sugar skull without spending hours with a face paint palette and a brush. The Womens Day of the Dead Face Tattoo is a full face tattoo that embellishes your features with flowers and designs in sky blue and dark pink. Enhance your skeleton or sugar skull costume with this easy to apply piece.