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Ride On Costumes

Need a lift to your party? Order a Ride-On Halloween Costume and you will have your transportation built in. We've got so many of these playful outfits available for men, women, boys and girls. Pick out your favorites and order online from us.

Ride-On Costume Ideas and Tips

Need a lift this Halloween? We can help! Our Ride-On Costumes are all about getting you to the party and having lots of fun! The premise of these designs is that you are the riding on the back of someone or something. When your little girl steps into a ride-a-pony costume, she becomes a cowgirl on a horse. Most costumes are unisex and we have many available in both adult and kid’s sizes. There are so many to choose from, including animals like a fox, a gorilla, bull or an ostrich; humorous styles such as ride a gangster or ride a baby; and fairytale creatures like a dragon and a unicorn. These are great throughout the year too. Does your team have a mascot such as a tiger, alligator, shark, bear or eagle? Ride on over to the game on your mascot! Love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? This year celebrate on the back of a leprechaun. Celebrate Oktoberfest on the shoulders of a beer maiden. This Christmas, be a Santa sitting on a reindeer or riding the shoulders of an elf. Order one today so you can get riding soon.

Ride an Ostrich Adult Costume
Be adventurous this Halloween. Fulfill your dream of riding an ostrich when you wear this costume. This hilarious getup is perfect for the inner adventurer in you. The Ride an Ostrich Adult Costume comes with a jumpsuit that makes you look like you are actually riding an ostrich. This costume is made of polyester, acrylic, polyester fibers and polyurethane foam.
Boys Ride On Camel Costume
This Ride On Camel Costume for Kids is one of the very best Christmas Pageants Kids Christmas Costumes. Holiday parties are always better when you have high quality items at low prices like this. Get yours today!
Ride a Pig Adult Costume
Oink, oink goes the pig! Win funniest costume this Halloween in a Ride a Pig Adult Costume. Your friends will laugh when you enter the room riding on top of a pig's shoulders. NEEDS DESCRIPTION slip in trousers with stuffable legs. Let the bacon jokes begin and order a Ride a Pig Adult Costume today.
Adult Ride a Tiger Costume
Have everyone laughing at this Ride A Long Tiger Costume. Includes a pair of pants with an elastic waistband and faux legs.
Ride-A-Turkey Adult Costume
Whether you're dressing up for the big Halloween party or crashing the Thanksgiving dinner, you definitely don't want to miss out on our Ride-A-Turkey Adult Costume! If you're really looking to get a laugh this year, then you can't go wrong with this fun turkey rider costume. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to look like you've got your very own turkey to ride atop of! Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your autumnal costume needs!
Ride a Horse Pull-On Pants Adult Costume
Show your friends what a great rider you are with a funny little party trick. The Ride a Horse Pull-on Pants Adult Costume is so realistic they'll think it was the real thing! Ok, maybe not, but that doesn't mean they won't love this wacky outfit when they see it. This Polyester costume is a great gag for the Halloween season and pairs well with Wild West themed tops like cowboys or Indians. It includes faux legs which free up your real ones for mobility.
Kid's Giant Chicken Rider
Get some work done around the farm this year with our Kids? Giant Chicken Rider Costume. This absolutely delightful costume will turn your kid into the most efficient farmer out in the fields as they run about mounted on a giant feathered friend. Transform your child into a staple of the farm world with this instantly recognizable and classic disguise. This easily worn costume is worn as suspenders so it is easy to put on and take off negating the need for length makeup or disassembly. An easily customizable design, you won?t have to sacrifice warm clothing or fun accessories with this simple yet festive design your kids are certain to love. Pair this up with any number of our other fantastic animal costume for a matching family theme, or let your kids fly the coop solo this year as they squeak around ho0pefully getting more treats than just corn kernels, not that the chicken would mind! Get your very own Kids? Giant Chicken Rider costume this Halloween and bring some farmhouse fun to
Mens Ride on Shark Costume
Cowabunga! Ride in the waves with this Mens Ride on Shark Costume from Costume from Costume Supercenter. Tame this ferocious beast and have the coolest ride one this Halloween. Who doesn't love a hunk on a shark? Start up this year's beach adventure and Order this Mens Ride on Shark Costume today before it swims away! Includes; (1) All in one pull on pants costume.
Ride On Child Bunny Costume
Your son can hitch a ride on the Easter Bunny this Halloween when you choose our Ride On Child Bunny Costume! This bunny costume will put your child on top of a larger than life bunny rabbit, and he can do the hopping. All he has to do is step into the legs of this costume and its going to look like hes riding on this furry friend, so he can make all his friends jealous for a ride on this adorable bunny!
Ride A Pony Child Costume
The youngest member of your family will look so cute in the Brown Horsey Costume for Children. The Brown Horsey Costume for Children comes with a soft stuffed brown and black horse costume. Simply dress up in a pair of jeans and flannel shirt and grab your cowboy hat and you'll be all set. You can also accessorize this costume with a guns and holster set and a sheriff's badge accessory! The Brown Horsey Costume for Children is one cute outfit you won't want to miss out on!
Adult St. Patrick's Day Ride-A-Lephrechaun Costume
You're certain to have a great time this Halloween season when you ride into the party on the back of your new Leprechaun friend. This is a great way to celebrate this season, and also St. Patrick's Day with a costume that's sure to get you some hearty laughs. Best of all the Leprechaun looks like a happy little fella making for a warm and inviting outfit. This product comes with attached faux legs, freeing up your real ones for physical humor. If you're a jokester then you're sure to get some great use out of this Leprechaun costume.
Ride a Reindeer Child Costume
Ring in the Christmas season in unforgettable style when you show up in this ride a reindeer child costume! Including Santa hat, jacket and costume pants with reindeer and attached tiny Santa legs, you have a complete and memorable costume for any Christmas celebration! Made of high-quality and durable polyester! Does not include Santa beard, mustache or gloves. Add a bag of toys to really make your Santa that hit of this year's Christmas! Shop our entire selection of holiday costumes and accessories! And avoid the Christmas rush when you order your ride a reindeer child costume online now!
Ride-A-Mermaid Adult Costume
Pick up the Ride-A-Mermaid Adult Costume and hitch a ride in the ocean this Halloween! There's nothing more fun than having a mermaid friend to ride atop of. Whether you want to coast along the surface like a jet ski, or enter the deep depths of the ocean to visit the magical city of Atlantis, mermaids are the best form of sea transportation around. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to receive your own beautiful mermaid friend to ride! Head to the Halloween party with Misty or Ariel or whatever you decide to name her, and you'll have everyone asking if they can steal a ride themselves. If you're looking to dress up this costume even more, be sure to check out our site for some more great oceanic gear and accessories. We have all kinds of fun options to choose from. Buy your mermaid rider costume today, and go make this Halloween as lively as the sea!
Ride a Bull Adult Costume
This is one bull that won't be able to buck you! The Ride a Bull Adult Costume will make you look like a real rodeo champion this year. Your friends will laugh when they see you arrive this Halloween with a costume that's perfect for really horsing around. This product features attached faux legs that will free your real legs. It's a great addition to a Bull fighter costume.
Girls Ride-A-Unicorn Costume
Almost every child has wanted to ride a unicorn at least once in their life. Your child can live her dream on Halloween or for everyday playtime with this Ride-A-Unicorn costume for girls! It's said that only a gentle maiden can tame a unicorn, so this costume is the perfect choice for your daughter! It includes a soft unicorn body with a hole for her to step through and look like she's riding it. The unicorn features a pink satin saddle and pink ribbons around its legs, as well as a light pink bridle and reins. Matching pink straps go over any outfit she likes. Make sure you look for all sorts of cool accessories like a princess tiara or a magic wand!
Officer Carry Me Adult Costume
Have you always wanted to ride in an officer?s car? Or maybe even get carried by one of them? If so, now you can with the Officer Carry Me Adult Costume! This one of a kind outfit is all you need to get any party going! Once you step in the room with this costume on, you?ll get lots of laughs and everyone will be sure to love your outfit! It is the perfect costume to entertain guests in and remind everyone you are ready to have some fun! This costume comes complete so there?s no extra accessories that you?ll need to buy. Slip on this adult costume and you?ll become the life of the party. This creative and unique design is one you won?t want to miss out on. Take a chance and let an officer carry you around for the day, you won?t regret it!
Mens Cold Shoulders Snowman Ride On Costume
Have a great time this Christmas with this Men's Cold Shoulders Snowman Ride On item from Costume SuperCenter. Your bum will be a little cold in this ensemble, but it will totally be worth it! Gallop your way into the bash with the item on and everyone will be hysterically laughing. It's going to be the best time ever, and you very might even win best dressed!
Girls Ride On Unicorn Costume
Child Shark Attack Kids Costume
Your childs going to have a close call on Halloween when he goes to school in this Child Shark Attack Kids Costume! This hilarious and elaborate costume is simpler than it looks, since the whole thing is just a set of shirt and pants items that will be easy for your child to put on to go out. When he goes trick or treating in this shark attack costume, everyone is going want to save him from this shark!
Horse Rider Costume
Literally hold your horses when wearing the Horse Rider Costume! Young cowboys and cowgirls will get to show off all their riding skills with a funny and easy outfit. This item gives the illusion they are actually mounted atop a horse. It comes as a stuffed horse character with front legs, mane, tail, and head. There are also stuffed human feet set on its back. All you have to do is step into the two empty legs and you are ready to ride! You control the horse by using your own movements and it will look like the real thing. This is the perfect way to practice roping cattle, hunting down outlaws and other frontier skills. Choose the Horse Rider costume for any aspiring rodeo stars to have during Halloween or playtime fun. Look around to find the perfect attire to go along with it and even more accessories to match.
Piggy Back Presidential Costume
Hail to the Chief this Halloween with a costume that will leave you feeling downright officious with the Piggy Back Presidential Costume. Look like you just tore through the Oval Office with a goofy costume that no matter how you feel about the president, will net you some serious laughs. Everyone knows good comedy finds refuge in audacity so why hide from it? You'll look snug as a bug with your new Piggy Back buddy, and the stuffed legs sticking out from the front are the sort of absurd little bit of detail that makes this such a funny Halloween costume. Best of all this frees up your actual legs for all sorts of physical comedy! Make it seem like the President can barely hold onto you by swaying side to side, or even perform a little merry jig to spice up this year's State of the Union address. We know that a practical joker such as you will find a great act to go along this classic Piggy Back Presidential Costume.
Gorilla Rider Costume
Sometimes you may feel like you have got a monkey on your back. Well, now the feeling has been reversed because of the Gorilla Rider Costume. These primates are closely related to humans which means the two should get along great! Pal with your gorilla buddy by letting it carry you around. This outfit comes as a silly choice for various occasions where the two of you can monkey around. Your legs go inside first to act as the gorilla?s own legs. A stuffed head and body cover the rest of you. The gorilla arms hold onto fake human legs to make it look like you are atop of the animal. Picking out this Gorilla Rider costume means you are going to have a lot of laughs at dress up and Halloween parties. Name it Koko, Mighty Joe Young, King Kong or something else to give it even more of a backstory.
Kid's Dragon Tamer Costume
Tame the beast this season with our Kid?s Dragon Tamer Costume! Your children will fall in love with our exceptional costume, perfect for the fantasy lover in your home. Let them ride on the backs of a mighty dragon this season with our comfortable and sturdy costume that is perfect for any number of fantasy adventures even beyond the holidays. With this easy to wear design, you can put the warmest and most comfortable clothes on your children without fear of damaging this well planned disguise that can fit over any number of clothing. This adaptable costume will keep your kids comfy at your next round of houses this Halloween or nice and cool at your biggest holiday bash, while providing them with a fun and festive costume they?re sure to love. Add even more fun to this easily customizable costume with additional gear and prop weapons for a truly powerful dragon warrior or keep things simple as your children fly through the skies. Our Kid?s Dragon Tamer Costume is the perfect outfit
Mens Myself On An Elf Ride On Costume
You'll be making quite an entrance to this year's Christmas party when you're wearing this mens myself on an elf ride on costume! This clever pair of costume pants is made out of high-quality polyester and gives you the appearance of riding on the shoulders of an enormously strong and very agreeable elf and is the holiday costume everyone's talking about! Add an elf hat of your own two show some teamwork with your cheerful little companion! For more great ideas check out our entire selection of holiday costumes and accessories for the entire family! Order your mens myself on an elf ride on costume online today, while supplies last!
Mens Santa Ride-A-Reindeer Costume
The holidays are time for joy and celebration, but don't forget to have a little fun this year either! Be the exciting factor at your next big holiday gathering when you put on this Men's Santa Ride-A-Reindeer Costume! It's a quirky design that's sure to have people laughing all the way! We provide you with everything that you need to take on the holiday season. Includes a fashionable Santa jacket that pops out with its red hue, and complementing hat that ties together his attire. The best part though is the stuffed reindeer that you slip into! With it's angry face, it makes the perfect contrast to the jovial Santa that you're portraying. You'll give the appearance that you're riding your jolly steed to deliver presents all across the land! Immerse yourself in the celebration and fun of the season when you wear our Men's Santa Ride-A-Reindeer Costume.
Mens Santa On My Back Costume
This Adult Santa On My Back Costume is one of the very best Men's Christmas Costumes. Holiday parties are always better when you have high quality items at low prices like this. Get yours today!
Princess Unicorn Rider Costume
We all know that every little girl wants a pony, but who has the space for a full sized horse? We proudly offer a compromise on that issue with our Princess Unicorn Rider Costume available to give your little girl the horse she?s always wanted. Let her ride this magical mount this Halloween for a fun and festive costume that will wow your friends and family. This magical outfit is the perfect way to bring a little of the royalty life into your home with this regal unicorn ready to go on all sorts of adventures this year. Our easily worn costume is perfect for a quick and easy setup for a headache free Halloween. Pair it up your little girls? favorite princess accessories for a truly fantastical experience. You might even see this costume around the house, off season! So saddle up with our magical Princess Unicorn Rider costume and give the gift your little girl has always wanted, and give yourself the peace of mind on a flexible and fun costume that?ll meet all your holiday needs and
Ride a Chicken Adult Costume
Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the person on his back wanted to get to the other side. Step into the Ride a Chicken Adult Costume and you will look like you are riding a large yellow rooster. It is a big yellow bird with a red comb on top of its head, a large red tail feather, red wattle on its neck and a yellow beak. Now you can practice the chicken dance for the next wedding you attend.
Snake Rider Costume
Become the master of serpents this Halloween when you pick up our Snake Rider Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to ride your snake all the way to the party this year. Featuring an all in one pull-on pants costume, this fun and simple snake costume will have you hissing with joy! Buy your ride a snake costume today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Halloween costume and accessory needs!
Baby/Toddler Deluxe Plush Ride In Firetruck Costume
Respond to any emergency with the Toddler Boy's Deluxe Plush Ride in Firetruck. This particular outfit comes as a 3D firetruck. It straps around your child's shoulders and rests along the waistline. Little firefighters just need to place their feet through the openings and pull it up to make it look like they are actually driving a firetruck. It is entirely plush and soft so it will not hurt anyone. It comes printed with a hose and windows, it even has tiny wheels attached. You also receive a firefighter hat made of plastic. It is black with a fire department emblem on front. Ride around town in this Plush Firetruck costume to have all kinds of fun. It makes for an excellent Halloween costume or walking in a parade next to the big fire truck.