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Free Printable Cinco de Mayo Photo Booth Props

Happy Cinco de Mayo! While many mistaken the holiday for Mexican Independence Day it's important to note that it's a celebration of the improbable Mexican victory over France in the Battle of Puebla as well as the deep and powerful roots of Mexican culture. Mexican-Americans have had an enormous impact on the shaping of our celebration of the fifth of May, so Costume SuperCenter put together these fun photo booth props to help everyone celebrate!

There are so many options to choose from, from a sombrero to a mustache to the Mexican national flag. Each prop gives you a fun way to spice up that #CincoDeMayo Instagram post. These photo booth props will help take your celebration to the next level!

Women's Fiesta Party Dress
Look fabulous for Cinco de Mayo in our Women's Fiesta Party Dress! Perfect for a fiesta, this off-the-shoulder dress featuring colorful red, green, yellow and blue detailing along top and bottom makes this dress the ultimate party piece. Includes a red sash and will be a hit at any costume party, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, or any occasion where you feel like showing off your Mexican culture!
Pinata Pup Pet Costume
Black Moustache Adult
For the perfect disguise, pick up this Black Adult Moustache. No matter who or what you're going as, this piece of false facial hair will turn a regular costume into either a silly one or mysterious one.
Poncho And Sombrero Mexican Dog Costume
Grab the tacos and tequila because this party is about to get started. Even man's best friend can celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the Poncho and Sombrero Mexican Dog costume. Your pup will love wearing this festive outfit. The colorful poncho is striped in bright colors and detailed with a white fringe. Easy to wear, your pup will have no problem sporting this poncho and sombrero hat. Get ready to party with your pooch and order the Poncho and Sombrero costume for pets today!
Fiesta Dress for Kids
Our Fiesta Dress for Kids is a beautiful, festive costume designed to help kids express their identity and cultural pride. Crafted using a lightweight, comfortable polyester material, this white off-the-shoulder dress features bright, colorful detailing around the top and bottom in the form of red, green, yellow, and blue striped accents. A red sash is included. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, costume parties, or playtime!
Deluxe Striped Sombrero with Pom Poms
Hombre Adult Costume
Bring the magic of Mexico to life this Halloween when you put on the Hombre Adult Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a fun and colorful sombrero featuring a beautiful rainbow trim, as well as a matching red poncho with many flashy and vibrant colors. Walk into the party donning this special wear, and you'll bring all of the fun and wild energy right along with you. Buy your costume today, and go make this Halloween a real blast!
Mens Mexican Poncho
When you're ready for some south of the border fun, try on this Men's Mexican Poncho for size. The poncho costume includes a colorful and authentic looking Mexican-style poncho with emblems iconic to the southwest. The Mexican poncho costume is available in one standard size suitable for men up to a chest size of 42. This outfit is the ultimate in fun and authentic Halloween costumes and you won't find this costume at a better price anywhere on the internet or in any store front or mall. Add to the appeal of this costume with a Walrus Moustache and an Embroidered Straw Sombrero and you'll have a more authentic look and feel. Be sure to check out all of the great costume ideas for men, women, and children of all ages that are available here as well as the vast array of accessories that can make your costume and your party the best ever.
Adult Sombrero
Get festive with the Adult Sombrero accessory. This wide-brimmed black hat features silver trim detailing. Use it to top off a costume or add some pizazz to your decor. Great for Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, or a theme party. Shop costumes and accessories online now.
Sombrero Adult
Tune up your Spanish guitar, put on your costume, and wear this sombrero to your next party or fiesta! Big and bright enough, this headpiece is sure to bring life and a bit of color to any of your costumes, especially if those costumes are Mexican themed. Even if you're not dressing up for Halloween, you can still use this sombrero with your costume for other festive holidays and carnivals. But even then, you can still wear this cool looking sombrero any other time, and any other day!
Sombrero - Multicolor
Whether you're dressing up for Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, or Dia de los Muertos, you can't go wrong with our Sombrero - Multicolor! With your purchase, you will receive a fun beige sombrero with a beautiful trim featuring a wide array of different colors of the rainbow. Pick up your colorful sombrero today, and then check out our site for the rest of your costume, gear, and accessory needs for this year's look!
Adult Sombrero
Head to the fiesta and dance your butt off when you put on the Adult Sombrero! Whether you're dressing for Cinco de Mayo or Halloween, this Mexican flavored hat is a perfect addition to your colorful get-up. With its wide brim, multi-colored rope strap, and colorful underside, you'll be luring all of the senoritas to your side wherever you go. This sombrero is made with plastic and natural straw, so it will last you a very long time. Pick up your Adult Sombrero today, and enjoy all of your festivities in style!
Deluxe Sombrero Hat - Black & Multicolor
Women's Fiesta Taco Dress
Embroidered Straw Sombrero
The Straw Embroidered Sombrero is here to ensure that your Halloween costume is one that won't be forgotten. When choosing the correct Halloween costume, it is best to solidify that that with an awesome accessory. Get the fiesta started with the Straw Embroidered Sombrero, the perfect addition to your Halloween look.
Taco Hat for Adults
Want to be the center of attention this Halloween? Everyone will taco ?bout you when you wear the Taco Hat for Adults! This plush taco shell is full of all the fixings for a great costume. When you walk into a costume party wearing this tasty topper, your fellow party-goers will fight over you!
Women's Fiesta Dress
This striking Fiesta Dress lends an air of sophistication and femininity. Its tailored fit and attached belt offer a flattering shape while providing the comfort and convenience of a one-piece design. Crafted from a luxuriously soft fabric, the dress is sure to become a costume favorite.
Serape Adult Costume
Become a bandito this Halloween with the Fiesta Serape and Sombrero Adult Costume. Available in one size that fits most, it features a hat and a serape trimmed with white fringe. The sombrero features a colorful brim while the serape features horizontal stripes in blue, orange and green. A traditional garment, a serape is a large shawl usually worn by men. This garment is triangular shaped, like a blanket, with a hole in the middle for a person's head. Or the design may be two blankets sewn together at the ends, leaving enough room for the head. Some had no hole and were just thrown over the shoulders. Wear it in the spring and again in the fall for any fiesta or Halloween.
Pet Taco Costume
Your pups will be ready to party this Halloween when you pick up our Pet Taco Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your furry friend into a delicious little taco. Looking this adorable, you're never going to want to take this fun costume off. Take your dog for a walk while he or she is wearing this cute costume, and you're sure to be getting compliments. Buy your taco pet costume today!
Taco Fiesta Costume
Celebrate a tasty treat this year with the Taco Fiesta Costume. Everyone will suddenly be in the mood for Mexican grub when they see you sporting this delicious looking food themed costume for Halloween. This foam costume features a delicious looking tortilla wrapped around some vibrantly colored sauce and filling. If you're a lover of south of the border cuisine then you'll want to sport an outfit that's perfect for showing everyone else just what they're missing out on. It's also serves as a novelty costume that's a great fit for anyone with a sense of humor. Have a lark wearing a costume that shows you're not interested in the same old same old when it comes to Halloween outfits. Wear this costume to siestas, day of the dead celebrations. No matter the occasion this Taco costume is sure to blend right in. And whatever you do, don't forget to bring the hot sauce!
Traditional Black Sombrero
Dance and have a good time with this Traditional Black Sombrero as part of your ensemble. Turn your party into a legit fiesta by dressing up in full Mexican attire. This item is perfect to top off any outfit. It is all black with silver accent designs. Put on a show as a member of a mariachi band or have it for international-themed events. Everything will be muy bueno when you are wearing this accessory!