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Addams Family

Addams Family is a great dress-up idea for any individual or even the whole family. Our favorite macabre TV family has been around for quite a while, and with the movies from the 90s it is still instantly recognizable today. Their morose sense of humor makes them a perfect fit for Halloween. If you're trying to think of an idea for you and your significant other then look no further. Morticia and Gomez are popular Addams Family Halloween costume ideas for any couple. If you're not into changing your hair in order to perfect an outfit you can of course get a wig that will make you look the part flawlessly. If you're interested in dressing your whole family up then this is a timeless option.

Addams Family Costume Ideas and Tips

If you want to dress up as something creepy and kooky this Halloween, check out our huge selection Addams Family costumes! You can be Gomez, Pugsley, or Fester—or maybe Morticia or Wednesday! When you put on one of these Addams Family costumes, you’ll be joining the most lovable and topsy-turvy family in American culture. As spooky, creepy characters, the Addams Family does everything the opposite of their all-American neighbors, so you can have hours of fun imitating their dark styles and senses of humor! Everyone loves the Addams Family’s unforgettable characters, so whichever one you choose to embody on Halloween will gain you a lot of appreciation. You can also get your friends together in a group costume, since there’s nothing better than the whole Addams Family showing up to a Halloween party at once! Shop our Addams Family costumes today to find the gothic character that will complete your Halloween!

Addams Family Deluxe Wednesday Wig
You'll have no trouble convincing everyone that you're Wednesday Addams this Halloween when you wear the Deluxe the Addams Family Wednesday Wig Adult with your costume! The wig consists of jet black hair that is parted in the middle and styled in two braided pigtails.
Addams Family Morticia Adult Costume
Creepy and kooky are only a few of the terms to describe you and your family, and those are the nice ones. But you all love each other and you stay looking your best even with a such a goth and morbid sense of style, so as the head of a freaky family you wear our Addams Family Morticia Adult Costume. Morticia's vamp lady look comes with a long, dark gown with long spider web sleeves that have extra attached draping hanging from the wrists. Throw some powder on your face for that stark complexion with a red lip and a long, straight black wig and you'll have all you need to run the Addams household dressed in the Addams Family Morticia Adult Costume, no matter how strange you all may be.
Addams Family Wednesday Adult Costume
If you have a thing for the macabre, you can wear our Addams Family Wednesday Adult Costume to show everyone that you're as creepy and kooky as everyone's favorite TV family. You're going to feel like a Victorian girl when you have on this black frock dress, and with the spooky aura of Wednesday you're sure to make everyone remember their favorite moments from the Addams Family movies and show. Pugsley better watch out for your pranks though!
Addams Family: Pugsley Child Costume
Your little guy can be as creepy and kooky as he wants when he wears this Addams Family: Pugsley Child Costume! With this gothic formal boy's outfit, he and Wednesday and get up to whatever spine tingling adventures around the family mansion they can think of. If your whole family is going out as the Addams's, this is a great way for a Pugsley to bond with the rest of the family while letting their freak flags wave!
Addams Family: Wednesday Child Costume
If your daughter can't stop watching the Addams Family movies, let her live out a scene from one of those films with our Addams Family: Wednesday Child Costume! With the dark dress and gothic accessories that Wednesday is known for, your daughter can use her most deadpan voice all day to act just like Wednesday. She and Pugsley are sure to cause some mischief around the house when they're all dressed up as the Addams Family!
Adult Addams Family Gomez Addams Wig & Moustache Kit
You need the Adult Addams Family Gomez Addams Wig & Moustache Kit to create a successful Gomez Addams Halloween costume this year! The kit comes with a slick black wig and a matching black moustache so you can look just like this famous patriarch.
Adult Addams Family Nevermore Academy Uniform Costume
Calling all outcasts, freaks and monsters! Nevermore Academy is accepting applications for those who want to attend an outstanding academic institution that specializes in all things macabre, gothic and supernatural! Since you are a shoo-in, make sure you dress the part in your Adult Addams Family Nevermore Academy Uniform Costume. Including a blazer jacket, skirt and purple sweater-like top with an attached collar and tie, this adult costume will have you looking stylish and studious. The blazer features the Nevermore Academy crest and matches the midi skirt with a blue and black stripe print. This is a great couples costume or group costume idea when you get the Wednesday Addams uniform and the rest of the Addams Family costumes!
Adult Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Costume
The ultimate spooky girl is back and ready for class! Finally, Wednesday Addams can embrace her love of the macabre and all things death while attending the prestigious Nevermore Academy. In this Adult Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Costume, you can master your supernatural abilities and look great while doing it. Featuring a matching black and gray striped blazer jacket and long skirt, this adult Wednesday Addams costume is perfect for spooky season. Under the Nevermore Academy blazer is a gray sweater-like top with an attached collar and tie. Pair this Wednesday Addams costume with the other Nevermore Academy uniform costumes and other Addams Family costumes for the perfect group costume idea!
Adult Wednesday Wig
Creepy or kooky, you'll not want to go without this mysterious and spooky wig this Halloween. The Adult Wednesday Wig will make you a dead ringer for the elder daughter of the kooky Addams Family. This is an officially licensed Addams Family product. Order online for fast shipping and delivery!
Deluxe the Addams Family Morticia Addams Wig Adult
If you're looking for the perfect way to finish your Morticia Addams costume, try out this Deluxe the Addams Family Morticia Addams Wig Adult! The long straight hair of this wig is jet black to help you look just like Morticia this Halloween.
Kids Addams Family Nevermore Academy Uniform Costume
Classes are in session at the Nevermore Academy, so you better get your kid’s uniform ready! In this Kids Addams Family Nevermore Academy Uniform Costume, your child will be ready to master their supernatural abilities alongside Wednesday Addams. Your kid will look like the brightest in their class in this blue and black striped blazer jacket and midi skirt. A purple sweater-like top with an attached collar and tie is worn under the blazer jacket that has the Nevermore Academy crest on the front so your kid can show off their Nevermore pride!
Kids Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Costume
Is your little Wednesday Addams ready for school? In this Kids Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Costume, your child will be able to embrace their love for all things gothic and macabre as they master their supernatural skills at the Nevermore Academy. This school is unlike any other school because it accepts all outcasts, freaks and even monsters! Wednesday Addams will fit right in and look the part in this matching black and gray striped blazer jacket and long skirt. Under the blazer is a gray sweater-looking top with an attached collar and tie. Get the whole family dressed up in costumes of the rest of the Addams Family!
Morticia Adult Wig
If you're dressing as everyone's favorite gothic matriarch this Halloween, make sure you accessorize with the Morticia Adult Wig! The wig features long black hair that is pin straight. Even if your not dressed as Morticia, you can still use this wig for a variety of other costumes.
Morticia Plus Costume
We get why Gomez is head over heels for you! Wear a Morticia Plus Costume and have any guy calling you cara mia. This elegant dress is made of raven-colored polyester. The fabric is feather-light to stop you from overheating as you're holding a campfire by the Door to Hell. Trailing tips hang from the long sleeves for a creepy touch. The plunging neckline reaches all the way to your waist, a prim line of metal chain keeping it together at the bust. The bottom has a light fit and trails all the way to your feet to end at its curled hem. The townsfolk all think you're a little strange, but they just can't appreciate the finer things in life! Put on a Morticia Plus Costume for Halloween and throw a Halloween party like they've never seen before. Add on a black wig, red lipstick, and witch nails, all sold here.
Spooky Little Girl Wig
When your daughter goes out to scare the living daylights out of her friends, she's going to want our Spooky Little Girl Wig to put the finishing touch on her horror movie trope costume! Everyone knows that freaky moment in the horror movie when the protagonist encounters a little girl who's clearly not all there. Your daughter can give them fresh nightmares about that moment with her wig, since the long hair and slightly disheveled locks will look just like the girls in those movies!
The Addams Family Uncle Fester Adult
Brighten up everyone's Halloween this year with our Men's The Addams Family Uncle Fester Adult Costume. Uncle Fester is quite possibly the most eccentric out of the whole Addams family clan. Though he is a member of the gang, Fester often keeps to himself to entertain his hobbies, like putting his head in a screwpress or feeding his plants blood plasma. The costume includes a floor-length, hooded robe with belt rope and a mask in typical pasty, sunken-eyed Uncle Fester form. Don't forget to bring a lightbulb with you when you're embodying this bald-headed weirdo, another one of Fester's favorite activities is using his mouth to turn on lightbulbs. Don't fret about purchasing a costume that looks a little dead, he may be a bit of an oddball, but Uncle Fester is full of life and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
The Addams Family Wednesday Adult
What do you call a little girl who never smiles, collects spiders, but practices being a ballerina, avoids the sunlight at all cost, and is obsessed with everything surrounding the topic of death? You call her Wednesday Addams and you can't get enough of her and her morbid personality so you plan on going dressed as her in this The Addams Family Wednesday Adult Costume. The costume consists of a black, long-sleeve sheath dress similar to a pilgrim-style dress with a big, white turned-down collar, matching cuffs, and a big square buckle belt. Wednesday's and yours personalities match each others great so you don't mind keeping a bunch of headless dolls, putting pigtails in your hair, and creeping people out just like her and dressed in this The Addams Family Wednesday Adult Costume.
The Addams Family Wednesday Child Costume
Lots of people joke about having a weird family, but nobody knows what you go through each day. This Wednesday Kids Costume is a perfect choice for any kooky kid! The dress is sewn from a jet black polyester material that will keep you warm without making you overheat. The Gothic get-up has long sleeves and a high neckline. The broad white cuffs and collar stand out against the dark dress, helping you look good for the camera crew. A simple black belt with square buckle finishes off the outfit. Just because they don't understand your kind of fun doesn't mean you should be bored on Halloween. Wear a Wednesday Kids Costume when you go trick-or-treating and you're sure to have a blast! Add on black tights, black shoes, and a braided wig, sold here.
The Addams Family: Gomez Adult Costume
Your Morticia is going to be excited to see you dress up in our The Addams Family: Gomez Adult Costume! Take her for a waltz around the room or just have a classic Addams adventure with your kids in this gothic suit, and you'll feel just as creepy and kooky as your favorite TV family. This costume is the perfect look for a dad in a family group costume, too, so see if your Wednesday and Pugsley want to join!
Wednesday Tm Wig Child
You'll be sure to look just like Wednesday Addams when you supplement your costume with the Wednesday Tm Wig Child! The wig features long black hair that is parted down the middle. Two braided pigtails fall on the sides of your head.