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Poodle Socks
Enhance your Fifties costume with the addition of Adult Poodle Socks. These tiny white socks feature a cute poodle design. Pair with a poodle skirt and top for the perfect costume for your decades party.
Adult Neon Pink Leg Warmers
Use the Adult Neon Pink Leg Warmers to complete any 80's costume. The vibrant colors pop with brightness and highlight your sultry stems. Pair with neon fishnets and heels to create an eye catching look that is sure to turn heads.
Colonial Men's Socks
There's something awesome about showing your face in these awesome Colonial Men's Sock Pair from Costume SuperCenter. Throw a little history into the mix when you walk into the room in this white pair of lovely items that everyone is going to love. Sure, it seems like a simple item, but you will be surprised at all of the compliments that you are able to receive with them on.
Red and White Striped Socks
Whether you're stepping out for Santa Con or need that little extra push for your nurse costume, our Red and White Striped Socks are the way to do it. These stretchy knee-high socks are covered with wide stripes and have thick cuffs.
Black Leg Warmers
Kick those feet up high and then do your maniac dance like you've never done before after you've slipped on these sleek Black Leg Warmers, so you can feel like you just came from an 80's dance video already prepared to cut a rug.
Adult Aqua Fluffies Accessory
Multi Color Clown Socks
Clown around much more often just to keep smiles on your friends and family's faces and even dress up like a real clown with a big red nose, matching over-sized shoes, and surprise people with these Multi Color Clown Socks in a stunning array of rainbow stripes.
Adult Pink Fluffies Accessory
Adult Black Fluffies Accessory
Wild N Witchy Adult Socks
Go for a low key touch on Halloween when you wear these Wild N Witchy Adult Socks! These socks are going to let everyone know that youre looking forward to the spookiest night of the year, but you can also go about your day like normal in these socks instead of spending the whole day celebrating your favorite holiday. You can even wear these socks all year round to show everyone youre looking forward to Halloween no matter what time of year.
Adult Red and Green Striped Socks
Have a festively fun time in these Adult Red and Green Striped Socks. They come as a pair of knee high socks patterned with alternating stripes to match the traditional colors of Christmas. They will help create a wonderful ensemble to wear while having fun during the holidays. Browse through more of our clothing items to see what other items match your design.
Bumble Bee Socks
Are you in love with bees and are hoping to put your own spin on the outfit you created this year? Get the Bumble Bee Socks which feature a black and yellow striped design. The long socks will not only help to keep your feet and legs warm, but it will have your bumble bee outfit looking that much more fabulous. We bet that the bright yellow color will also make it easier to find you during the dark Halloween night!
Blue Adult Leg Warmers
Step into the 80s by getting into the unapologetically bright colors of your favorite decade! These Blue Adult Leg Warmers are going to make you look like youre on your way to an aerobics class during your favorite decade. Jane Fonda is definitely going to want to know where you got these leg warmers, and when you pair it with your favorite denim jacket and oversized sweater youre going to feel like youre living through the Cold War!
Child White Fluffies Accessory
Adult Neon Pink Leg Warmers
Put some feminine flair into your 80s costume for the big party by doing your Jane Fonda routine in these Adult Neon Pink Leg Warmers! When you get together with the other Breakfast Club kids on Halloween theyre all going to think you look great in these pink leg warmers. Youre sure to get a lot of compliments on your costume this Halloween if you go to the club in San Junipero wearing these 80s style accessories!
Neon Green Leg Warmers
Take it back to the 80's! This year, break out the neon. Try these neon green leg warmers! These warmers will set you apart from the crowd, whether at a Halloween party or rave! Get wild in these neon leg warmers.
Wicked Clown Sock Mask
Looking for a truly terrifying mask to complete your Halloween costume this year? Then don't miss out on our Wicked Clown Sock Mask! With your purchase, you will receive a spooky undead clown mask featuring face make-up of red, white, and blue with rotten teeth and rotting flesh. Pair this evil mask with the rest of your clown costume this year, and you'll be terrorizing the town in no time. Buy your ugly clown mask today!
Women's Black Lace Ankle Socks
Whether dressing p your already epic 80's costume or just in need of a subtle yet stylish accessory, these Women's Black Lace Ankle Socks will do the trick. Funky fashion was super trendy in the 80's and layers where all the rage! But even if you want to dress up a simple outfit or black dress, these socks will be perfect for every occasion.
Adult Rainbow Pride Love Socks
You'll be spreading all the love this year when you are wearing our Adult Rainbow Pride Love Socks. With this set, you will receive just the pair of socks you need to advocate for equality and love for all, all while feeling cozy as ever on your feet. Featuring a pair of white socks with blue accents and the word "LOVE" repeated in rows in all kinds of rainbow colors, you are going to love having this special set of socks on your feet with the rest of your Pride outfit this year.
Adult Rainbow Pride Striped Knee High Socks
You'll be feeling cozy and stylish at once at the Pride event this year when you're wearing our Adult Rainbow Pride Striped Knee High Socks. With this set, you will receive just the pair of colorful socks you need to send a message to the world on what your stance on love, equality, and rights for all is. Featuring a pair of long white knee high socks with rainbow stripes at the top, you are going to love pairing these with the rest of your Pride get-up this year.
Child 50'S Sock Hop Tutu Accessory
Stranger Things Elevens Socks Accessory
Embody your favorite telepath from head to toe when you put on our Stranger Things Elevens Socks Accessory on Halloween! Youre going to love how you can just pull up your pants leg to reveal the patterned socks that people will recognize from Stranger Things. People are sure to wonder where you got these socks, since they look just like the iconic footwear that Eleven showcases on the hit show Stranger Things, but no need to reveal your secret!
Children's Red and White Striped Socks
Look like a little Santa or Mrs. Claus in these Children's Red and White Striped Socks. You receive a pair of striped, knee high socks to get you into character. You will look like a stylish version of the Christmas icons with these socks. Take a look at more items to help you complete the ensemble.
Sweetheart Girl Sock Hop Skirt for Kids
School dances are so much fun and when they have a sock hop theme they are even more fun. Dressing in 1950s threads, like the Sweetheart Girl Sock Hop Skirt for Kids, is cool. Your little sweetheart will be rocking and rolling when dressed in this outfit.
Viking Leg Guards
Protect your knees this season from all sorts of threats with our Viking Leg Guards. Protect yourself from the cold and strikes of your enemies with this detailed and lovely set of leg guards forged for keeping you safe. Step off the long boat with confidence this season or at your next big raid with our show stopping (and arrow stopping) Viking leg guards. You can't bring home any loot if you don't have feet, make sure they're protected!