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Creepy Hanging Bat Animated Prop
Is your goal to scare your trick-or-treaters, or perhaps to scare the guests as they walk into your party this Halloween? Then this Creepy Hanging Bat Animated Prop is perfect for you! Hang this bat and watch as its eyes flash red, and it causes a jump from each person who dares to walk by. Use this in combination with many of our other props, and you could give anyone who ventures by your house a fright to remember this Halloween!
5" Black Crows
Want to have an amazing Halloween party that will prove the naysayers wrong? Your critics will eat crow when you decorate with the 5" Black Crows! Some believe that crows are messengers of death, so these 5? tall birds are perfect for adding a little bit of creepiness all over your home.
15" Plastic Bat
Looking for a Halloween decoration that will make people go batty? You need the 15" Plastic Bat! Hang this black 15? bat at your Halloween party and watch your guests scream. For ultimate fun, let a fan blow on the bat so it'll look like it's flying. The 15" Plastic Bat will take your party from mediocre to macabre!
Rat Furry Prop
Rats are terrifying as it is, but on Halloween they are even spookier! If you're looking for a fun rat prop for your costume or a piece of decor for the house, then you definitely don't want to miss out on our Rat Furry Prop! With your purchase, you will receive one 6" rat with plushy faux fur. Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Halloween costume, accessory, and decoration needs!
Animated Flying Crow
No witch's lair or haunted house is complete without an Animated Flying Crow, so get this familiar for your porch ASAP! After all, who's going to bring you messages from your witchy friends around the neighborhood, or help you find ingredients for your potions, if not this cute but spooky little crow? With this guy flapping around your house, you're going to have everything you need to scare the living daylights out of the trick or treaters.