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1920s Black Stole
Be the most fashionable girl at the Roaring Twenties party! Purchase the 1920s Black Stole as an accessory. The black stole is a chic accessory that goes around the shoulder. Pair the stole with a black flapper headband and a cigarette holder. Do the Charleston all night long in costume!
Pink Poodle Scarf
Have the adventure of a lifetime after you travel back to the 1950's and rock and roll all night with your swell new friends, but be sure that you blend in with the rest of them by wearing this pretty Pink Poodle Scarf which has a darling pink poodle stitched onto this large pink scarf.
Elvis Scarves
When you have millions of fans, you need a couple of giveaways for all your performances. Carry along these bright red Elvis Scarves so they have a memento of the day! Each set gives you three identical, long scarves.
Gypsy Head Scarf
Keep your hair in place during festivals using the Gypsy Head Scarf. Play the part of a wandering woman by having this as part of your outfit. It is a deep purple color and can be tied in back. Use it to complete a fortune teller ensemble and other mystical ideas. You will look perfect for Medieval or Renaissance fairs! There are plenty of gypsy accessories such as jewelry and dresses available on our website to match.
Hollywood Scarf Vintage Accessory
Do you have a fuel for the dramatics? Why not be your true self this Halloween as a Hollywood Movie Star. Complete your look of glamour and fabulousness with the Hollywood Scarf Vintage Accessory. Whether strutting around in a grand suit or gorgeous gown, this scarf is sure to give you a one of a kind look, just like Audrey Hepburn or Cary Grant.
Adult Brown Faux Mink Stole Accessory
Adult Diamond Brooch Accessory
Hollywood Mink Stole
Add a glamorous finishing touch to any Halloween costume with this full Hollywood Mink Stole Ladies' Costume! This lovely stole can be gently wrapped around your shoulders for a classy touch! Your look exudes luxury, class and refinement! You don't need all three to be gorgeous in this Hollywood Mink Stole Ladies' Costume!