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Dinosaur Costumes

Unearth our low prices on dinosaur costumes. Sure, dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years. But that doesn't mean your Halloween outfit has to be fossilized! Get yourself ready for your next costume party with an adult dinosaur costume today. You can order online from us and make sure your men's T-Rex costume or kids Jurassic World costume gets to you on time, thanks to reliable shipping. Save yourself from extinction and order dinosaur costumes today!

Dinosaur Costume Ideas

You would be hard-pressed to find any subject throughout history that has captured hearts and imaginations the same way dinosaurs have. Since the discovery of the first fossils, mankind has been fascinated by these gigantic and enigmatic prehistoric beasts. Whether on land, in water or flying through the air, these former rulers of the Earth have made an impression on the modern day, which can be felt in literature, on television and most notably in movies. Filmmakers have been exploiting the audience's want for anything Dino since the early days of stop-motion animation.

Moviegoers have been enthralled with the way dinosaurs move, sound, behave and overall existed in a time millions of years before the dawn of man. Not surprisingly, dinosaur Halloween costumes have since become some of the most popular costumes out there. With options for complete costumes, both cartoonish and realistic, dinosaur costumes are a terrific way to not only celebrate but expand on the legends left in the fossils long ago. Great for fun or fright, a dino costume has everything you want in a Halloween costume.

Dinosaur Infographic

One of the most fun things about dinosaurs is the never-ending amount of knowledge there is to learn about them. You can never run out of new dinosaur information to take in to cultivate your love of those extinct yet epically interesting animals. To get a small taste of some of the unbelievable facts about dinosaurs, take a look at our dinosaur facts infographic located on our blog. Check it out and use that as a springboard into a whole journey of dinosaur exploration and your own fact-finding. It is one thing to dress up like your favorite dinosaur, but it is a whole other thing to become an encyclopedia of dinosaur knowledge unto yourself. Have fun learning everything you can, so that when you put on your dinosaur costume this Halloween, you know exactly how this animal would think, move and react. Now you're simple Halloween dress-up has become a much fuller and richer experience.

Dinosaur Baby Jumper Costumes

Nobody is more excited at the thought of dinosaurs than children. Baby dinosaur jumper costumes are a terrific way to show your little one’s love of the prehistoric while giving yourself, and your Instagram friends, an adorable show to watch. You will get hours of fun watching your kid romp around on the living room floor like a triceratops, or hunting around the kitchen like a T-Rex as they look for cookies. Soft and snuggly, these lovable costumes are perfect for cuddling and hugging, and so comfortable that they will become their new favorite thing to wear during playtime.

Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes

The inflatable dinosaur costume has become the most popular way to dress as a dinosaur for Halloween. Powered by small lightweight concealed fans, these nylon suits give you the striking dino appearance you want by obscuring the human figure and exhibiting the bodily dimensions of a real dinosaur. Long gone are the days of wearing a green sweatsuit, face paint and gloves, calling that a dinosaur costume. This new era of sophisticated costuming is using all the advantages of inflatable nylon, elastic and screen printing to give you a quality costume experience that is thrilling to both wear and observes.

Dinosaur Masks

You can take a more whimsical approach to your dinosaur costume when you add a dinosaur mask to any existing outfit. Always unique and completely unexpected, it is a very easy thing to make a never-before-seen and lovable human dinosaur hybrid character when you put on a high-quality full-head latex mask of your favorite prehistoric animal. You may see other velociraptors at this year's Halloween party, but you probably won't find another one wearing a Wayne Gretzky jersey. Stand out in the crowd with a can’t-miss dinosaur mask and collect compliments all Halloween long. Also a perfect finishing piece for your more traditional and historically accurate dinosaur costume. The choice is yours.

Dinosaur Costumes for Pets

Of course, you cannot leave your family's furriest friend out of all the Halloween fun. Choose a dinosaur costume for pets to have your dog or cat running around the house like an excited little dinosaur and putting a smile on everyone's faces. Comfortable and snuggly, your pet will love wearing their new dino outfit. And you will get a kick out of the reaction it gets from everyone you pass by on the street. Let your little puppy show just how big and tough it thinks it is when you put it in a Stegosaurus costume. This is a terrific and fun-filled way to expand on your family's Dino Halloween!

The Original Kids Inflatable T-Rex Costume
Bring one of your favorite prehistoric creatures straight out of the paddock with the Boy's Deluxe Inflatable T-Rex Costume. Hailed as the biggest carnivore ever, the T-Rex is a fearsome, nine-ton titan. Your boy might not be so big, but you can help him pump up in this officially licensed Halloween outfit. This lightweight costume is primarily tan and printed with scales and stripes that make up a real dinosaur's leather-like skin. It has an attached long tail, and comes with two-fingered gloves, three-toed boot covers, and a head covering that features yellow eyes with slitted pupils, a long snout, and saber-shaped teeth. The only thing your kid will be missing for Halloween is a loot bag, which you can pick up from our accessories section.
T-Rex Teen Inflatable Costume
Reign as the king of the dinosaurs when you put on our T-Rex Teen Inflatable Costume! When your friends see you in school with this teen T-Rex costume on, theyre going to want to run for coverthough itd serve them better if they stayed absolutely still! You can hit up a party in this costume for some props from all your classmates, or you could take your younger sibs trick-or-treating and get silly with them by showing off your best T-Rex roar!
Kids Inflatable Raptor Costume
Does your child want a costume that is cool, exciting and will never go out of style? Or maybe they are so excited for the new movie that they must have the next biggest dinosaur costume. Luckily, there is a costume that will bring both fun and a little bit of fear into your next Halloween. Beware of where you wear this fun and realistic Kids Inflatable Raptor Costume because you never know if a dinosaur researcher might show up and mistake your child for one of the missing raptors. Everyone remembers when the first inflatable T-Rex costumes made their way onto social media. So just think, your child will have a costume that they love from their favorite movie and might even become famous on social media or YouTube! This costume I s win win all around and with a built in battery back, it does not take much for this prehistoric creature to come to life.
Adult Inflatable T-Rex Costume with Sound
Rise to the top of the food chain this season with this hilarious inflatable T-Rex costume for adults featuring sound! Chomp down on your prey this year or just carry on as usual with this fantastic outfit featuring the king of the dinosaurs. Become a part of the trend that took the internet by storm by getting your very own inflatable T-Rex costume! We've even sweetened the deal because in addition to this inflatable costume and fan, we've included a set of gloves that feature sounds! Featuring an open faced design so you can chomp down on unfortunate party-goers, this T-Rex outfit is sure to get a riot out of your friends and family, assuming they aren't running!
The Original Kids Inflatable T-Rex Costume with Sound
Watch your little one roar all over the sidewalk when trick-or-treating when they walk around in this Kids Inflatable T-Rex Costume with Sound. There is nothing better than seeing everyone run up to your kid because of how awesome their costume is. This item includes a full body inflatable item with an open face and gloves. The best thing about it is that they will be able to scare the wits out of everyone from this sound component in the costume.
Baby/Toddler T-Rex Costume
Everyone loves dinosaurs, especially kids. But none receives the admiration of a child more than the T-Rex. Let your little one pay homage to the king of the dinosaurs this Halloween with our T-Rex Children's Costume. It's a scaly green jumpsuit made to instill fear with teeth that look razor sharp, spikes that run from head to tail, and funny little arms. Well, two out of three isn't so bad for an apex predator.
Toddler Triceratops Costume
Looking for a cute and adorable costume for your little one? Look no further than the Toddler Triceratops Costume! This costume brings dinosaurs to life in a fun and playful way. The jumpsuit features printed dinosaur scales, while the included booties to cover your kid's feet. The padded dinosaur hood completes the look, making your toddler look like a bright green and yellow triceratops. This outfit is perfect for playtime, Halloween, or any occasion where your toddler wants to steal the spotlight. Get ready for your little one to crawl their way to the leafy treats in this adorable costume!
Cute Lil Dinosaur Toddler Costume
Your little one is ready to get jurassic when they play in the Cute Lil Dinosaur Toddler Costume. This adorable Dino costume for tots is perfect for your budding paleontologist. This jumpsuit styled costume includes green jumpsuit with muscle chest and attached dino tail. Top it off with the matching dino character headpiece with teeth that frame your child's face. This Halloween get pre-historic and order the Cute Lil Dinosaur Toddler Costume today!
Feed Me Dino Costume
The only thing better than a cute Halloween outfit is one that is functional too. This Feed Me Girl's Dino Costume is that outfit. Your daughter will be instantly recognizable in the bulbous green bodysuit. But what passersby won't notice is the secret compartment. That's right. The dino's open mouth acts as a candy stash! With it she can fill her treat bag 2 times over!
Boys Dinosaur Costume
Subtle and sueded tie-dye green never looked so mean--as in our Boys Dinosaur Costume. Full bodied and footed dinosaur head and hands land upon you with scales that prevail in purple--with a tail. Open mouth face with teeth and eyes on hood keep you embracing the right neighborhood. Feel your dinosaur power tower whoever you find room to roam. Boys sizing.
Kid Oversized T-Rex Jumpsuit
Who said all Halloween costumes have to be scary, sometimes it's nice to throw on an oversized onesie, put on your favorite or movie and call it a night. For times like this, the Kids Oversized T-Rex Jumpsuit is bound to come in handy. Whether celebrating Halloween with friends and family or heading to the late night premiere of the this oversized suit is bound to keep you comfy. It is always good to go back to the basics, and what better way to do that than to dress as the star of Prehistoric Park? The T- Rex has been making big time appearances in all of the movies and you can certainly count on it to be back in the new the dinosaur age. Everytime this fearsome creature appears on screen everyone stares in awe. Now you can be the one everyone looks at in wonder because this awesome costume is as close to perfect as you can get it. If the T- Rex was still around today, they would be hon
Mens Inflatable Raptor Costume
When the party is feeling about as dead as a prehistoric lizard then you know that it is time for a change. Switch up the way you view those scary pack hunting Velociraptors with a fun and inflatable costume that is ready to hit the streets and the movie screen. Bringing you the only costume you will want to wear, the new and improved Men's Inflatable Raptor Costume will turn every party from being extinct to insanely fun time. You have seen these inflatable costumes before, but have you ever seen them as you favorite Velociraptor? This prehistoric costume has so many possibilities an as you have seen over social media, people just love these inflatable dinosaurs! Join your T- Red cousin on the social media crazy or become the outgoing entertainment on Halloween. However you choose to wear this inflatable costume is up to you.
Mens Inflatable Raptor Costume With Sound Box
The thought of a Velociraptor entering your house is scary enough, but it is not until you begin to hear them communicate that you begin to panic. An essential part in all of the and movies, the Velociraptors have evolved to a point that is almost too scary. First we learned that they communicate then they can open doors and who knows what else these prehistoric creatures can do! If you are ready to fin out how exciting it would be to become one of the famous Velociraptors then you need to get the Men's Inflatable Raptor Costume With Sound Box. This costume takes your standard inflatable costume to a brand new level with it's built in sound box. Make all kinds of Raptor like noises from screeches to calls and see just how many people start to get scared. Like we saw in the dinosaur age, these amazing creatures could even communicate with the dinosaur hybrid the Indominus Rex. Now how cool would that be? Like Velociraptor, Charlie, Delt
Kids Raptor Costume With Sound Box
As soon as everyone saw those fun inflatable T- Rex costumes show up on social media, we just had to have them. But what would make an already fun costume even better? by adding some sound effects of course! If you like the original costume you might want to leave the room because the Kids Raptor Costume With Sound Box will make some seriously realistic Raptor noises that are bound to shake you to your core. All raptors are bound to sound and think the same, unless you are talking about the mighty Indominus Rex. Become an even better Raptor trainer than by being able to communicate with other raptors. We know everyone has seen these inflatable costumes before but it was time to turn it up a notch. Now with the a built in soundbox, your child can stomp and roar all the way down the block this Halloween.
Men's T-Rex Inflatable Costume
If you're feeling ferocious, strong, and unstoppable this Halloween, you're going to love dressing in the Men's T-Rex Inflatable Costume. The electrical fences and advanced technology of didn't stop the dinosaurs from escaping and terrorizing the visitors, just like nothing is going to stop you from having the best Halloween yet when you dress in this one-piece inflatable T-Rex suit. A built-in fan will keep you cool all night, so whether you're trick or treating through or you're going to a fun party with your friends, you'll be comfortable! You can also don this costume to the premiere of the upcoming film; you'll look so great, people will forget all about the movie and all eyes will be on you.
T-Rex Plus Inflatable Costume
If you thought an inflatable costume wouldnt work for you this year, think againour T-Rex Plus Inflatable Costume will give you the Tyrannosauruss deadly looks in your own size! When you blow up this T-Rex costume, you're going to be transformed into the tyrannical king of the dinosaurs. This T-Rex outfit is a great choice for if youre going out with kids, since you can chase them while doing your best impression of the T-Rexs roar!
Hatching Triceratops Costume for Infant
Turn your little tot into an absolutely adorable dino this Halloween when you pick up our Hatching Triceratops Costume for Infant! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to make this Halloween a prehistoric one with your baby. Featuring a dinosaur romper with an attached broken egg shell and a tail, as well as a matching triceratops headpiece, your baby is going to love this cute and cozy outfit. Buy yours today!
Terrence the T-Rex Toddler Costume
Your little one is ready to romp and stomp in a prehistoric wonderland when you put them in this Terrence the T-Rex Toddler Costume! Made of high-quality materials, this cute and comfortable jumpsuit style costume with hood is guaranteed to make them the most fearsome and huggable thing on the trick-or-treat route, and is guaranteed to be there new favorite thing to put on and never take off! Check out our entire selection of dinosaur costumes for the whole family to turn this into a group costuming theme everyone will love!
Dino-Mite Toddler Costume
Make this Halloween a prehistoric one when you pick up our Dino-Mite Toddler Costume! Your little tot will be terrorizing the town while all dressed up in this adorable dinosaur costume. With your purchase, you will receive a fun green printed jumpsuit with an attached tail, a pair of gloves with claws, and a matching dinosaur face headpiece. Buy your costume today, and then check out our site for more fun dinosaur themed gear and accessories!
Child's Ancient Dinosaur Costume
The Child's Ancient Dinosaur Costume will be one that your family and friends will love. With your child wearing the hooded jumpsuit with attached hand and shoe covers, they will be bringing back ancient times. Your little one will be sure to steal the spotlight and remind everyone of our history and how these beautiful creatures became extinct. Let your child's imagination run wild as they stomp around the earth in their costume!
Boys T-Rex Costume
The king of lizards is one of the star attractions at Isla Nublar's the dinosaur age. Weighing in at nine tons and measuring 40 feet long, this powerhouse of a carnivore was one of the biggest to roam the earth. Let your boy unleash his inner king carnivore with the Boy's T-Rex Costume. The included jumpsuit is printed with the scaly tan and brown textures of leathery dino skin and comes with attached boot covers, along with a long, reptilian tail. The headpiece is a high-quality plastic face mask, featuring yellow slitted eyes, a scaly brow bone, a short snout with nostrils, and rows of pointy white teeth. Stomp your way into Halloween by adding on extras like gloves or a special trick-or-treat bag.
Child's Dinosuar Spunky Triceretop Costume
Your little one can now become their favorite reptile in the Child's Dinosaur Spunky Triceratops Costume. This outfit will not only have them fully disguised, but they will rule the land with their imagination. The costume comes with everything they need from a hooded jumpsuit to the attached hand and foot covers. The costume can be worn all throughout the year for different events or slumber parties, so don't wait for Halloween!
Mens Roug Dino Costume
We can't all be as popular as the T- Rex and making an appearance in every and movie will be hard to beat. Not to mention that the Indominus Rex was created to be a crowd pleaser and made its big debut in the first movie. It might be difficult to predict what kind of dino can top the two biggest and baddest that we have seen, but this new villainous dinosaur will have them all shaking in their shoes. Become the king of the carnivores this Halloween with a costume that you will have to see to believe. The Men's Roug Dino Costume will not only turn heads, but will have even the mighty T- Rex looking like a chicken. This fun and full fledge costume s perfect for those who love everything about the and movie and can not wait for the next instalment to come out in theaters. Kids will love this costume and might even be a little afraid of it but no worries, because this costume will spark
Velociraptor 3/4 Mask For Adults
The Velociraptor might be smaller than a T-Rex, but they have all the brains. The intelligent dinos can track in a pack, and when it counts, really pack a punch. And hey, they can at least utilize their arms, looking at you T-Rex! That's why they are an awesome part of the brand new movie. Where we last left off, Dinosaur Researcher, self-proclaimed dino whispered, used his group of velociraptors to track the ominous Indominus, a hybrid mega dino from destroying the park. With the help of his dino buddies, human team, and maybe a T-Rex, Dinosaur Researcher manages to defeat the dino before it hurts anymore people. However, the adventure still continues. In the newest installment, Dinosaur Researcher and his team must race against time to save the beloved dinos from the park before it gets destroyed. However Dinosaur Researcher is nothing without his dino crew of dinos. That's why the Velociraptor 3/4 Mask For Adults is the perfect accessory for your next party. This classic Velocirapt
Adult Green Dino Costume
Heat up Halloween in a way that only dinosaurs can. This Adult Green Dino Costume can help. It's a hilarious rendition that comes with a scaly green jumpsuit and spikey headpiece. Head out trick-or-treating with the little ones or hit the town with a fireball of energy with your friends. Either way, you'll look hot. So, what are you waiting for? Order your Adult Green Dino Costume today!
Baby/Toddler Derek the Dinosaur Costume
You know your child is the cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on, now dress him or her up in this Derek the Dinosaur Children's Costume for Halloween and prove it to the rest of your neighborhood. This precious costume comes as a single bodysuit of lime green with pink spots. The hood cinches over baby's head to complete the look. Your child may be too young to talk but believe us when we say this Derek the Dinosaur Children's Costume speaks volumes.
Dinosaur T-Rex Mask
Show off a face that everyone will love when you put on the Dinosaur T-Rex Mask. Based off of the brand new , Dinosaur Researcher and team find themselves just short of safety after battling the super hybrid dinosaur, Indominus. Just when our heroes think they are safe, the rouge T-Rex who saved them is now running free on the island, starting a whole new problem for the team. Although the T-Rex is notorious for its bad attitude and even worse bite, dinosaur whisperer Dinosaur Researcher thinks he can save the day in brand new movie, . Celebrate your favorite dinosaur with the Dinosaur T-Rex Mask. This detailed mask is molded to look just like the dinosaur from the movie. Created using the dinosaur technique, the durable hardened plastic construction will make sure that this mask is ready for a roaring good time for years to come. Great for your next costume party, dinosaur dig, or just for fun, this T-Rex mask is
Full-Size Latex Dinosaur Head Mask
Bring the Jurassic period back to life with this Full-Size Latex Dinosaur Head Mask! This dinosaur mask is made of latex and is so realistic you?ll be scared at your own reflection. Whether you want to dress up as a T-Rex or a Velociraptor, the Full-Size Latex Dinosaur Head mask is the way to go. Don?t wait for a meteor ruin your Halloween plans and order a Full-Size Latex Dinosaur Head Mask today!
Indominus Rex 3/4 Mask For Adults
Cause a containment breach and run loose on the island. Use the Indominus Rex 3/4 Mask For Adults to act like a dinosaur! This genetically engineered and modified creature is the main antagonist from the dinosaur age. You receive a molded mask to look like the face of Indominus Rex. It shows off teeth, eyes, spines and more in full color. You will be able to see through holes just under the eyes. Put this mask on during Halloween to blend in with your surroundings and attack without notice!
Indominus Rex Costume For Adults
Straight out of the dinosaur age, the Indominus Rex Costume for Adults is what you've been looking for to really show your dinosaur fandom this year. This officially licensed product is an authentic outfit, thanks to some creative texturing and shadowing. You'll look like the hybrid villain from the movie! This product includes a character headpiece, jumpsuit, shoe coverings and a stuffable tail. This costume also looks great leading a pack of Raptors, so match this up with other outfits for an even greater effect.