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Adult Lord of the Rings Gandalf Beard & Wig Set
You can't join the Fellowship of the Ring this Halloween until you accessorize with the Adult Lord of the Rings Gandalf Beard & Wig Set! The set includes long white hair and a matching beard with a moustache attached.
Men's Gandalf Beard Kit
Gandalf is famous for having long, grey hair and beard. You can look just like the great wizard by wearing the Men's Gandalf Beard Kit. This set looks so realistic you may find yourself embarking on a magical journey through Middle Earth.
Deluxe Santa Eyebrows
We believe that extras can help make or break a costume, so don't forget your eyebrows this season! With our Deluxe Santa Eyebrows, your kids will never be able to tell you apart from Father Christmas himself! These comfortable and detailed eyebrows will cover up ability for friends and family to recognize you and pair perfectly with a Santa costume. Featuring a set of eyebrows attached with an easily obtained spirit gum, these capable and fun pieces are a must-have for any Christmas fun this season. So put a twinkle in your eye this season and make sure the kids don't see you put the presents under the tree!
Child Santa Claus Beard
He sees your kids when they're sleeping, but he didn't imagine that they'd want to mimic him! If your kid has a love of all things Santa and they want to get involved in the holiday spirit, make sure that you snag this Child Santa Claus Beard. With this authentically inspired beard, your kids will be on their way to being Santa in no time!
Simply Santa Beard & Moustache
Get ready for your date with Mrs. Claus by slipping on a Simply Santa Beard and Moustache! The straight, bright white beard falls all the way to your chest, while the long moustache stretches to the sides of your face. A must-have for any Santa on a budget, and great for wizard costumes.
Kids Santa Beard and Mustache
Bring some extra cheer to your kid's ho-ho-holidays when you get him this classic Santa Claus beard and mustache accessory. Whether your youngster wants to try out his method acting chops as he distributes the Christmas presents or you merely want to muffle the screams of joy brought on by the sugar rush of holiday treats, this Kids Santa Beard and Mustache is the perfect prop. It's easy to put on, usable for years to come and is sure to earn hearty laughs from all your guests. Order yours before this merry deal is gone!
Moustache 12 Pack
If you must ask for a moustache, make sure its our Moustache 12 Pack. Facial hair is hard for some to grow and if you need one as part of your costume plans then we have plenty to choose from. This particular item includes a dozen moustaches with some different designs. If you need to look tough, classy, strong, or aggressive this is perfect. You can throw a moustache party which means these will come in handy for everyone!
Santa Eyebrows
Santa Baby, what big eyebrows you have! If you're looking to add more "street cred" to your Santa gig, our Santa Eyebrows are the jig. White as snow above the eye facial hair. Easy on - stay on - and easy off. You can't get lost with these kind of instructions. One size, one pair. For holly jollies.
Black Moustache Adult
For the perfect disguise, pick up this Black Adult Moustache. No matter who or what you're going as, this piece of false facial hair will turn a regular costume into either a silly one or mysterious one.
Captain Obvious Moustache & Beard for Men
If you already picked up our Captain Obvious costume from our site, then you're of course going to want to complete the look with the Captain Obvious Moustache & Beard for Men! With your purchase, you will receive just the set of facial hair you need to look and feel just like your favorite commercial mascot. With this gray moustache and beard on, you'll be telling everyone the obvious all Halloween long. The sun is hot, the sky is blue, and you obviously look incredible as Captain Obvious this year. Buy your beard and moustache today!
Uncle Sam Beard
Accessorize your Uncle Sam costume with our Uncle Sam Beard. Add Uncle Sam's iconic long white beard with this fun fake beard! Dress up as Uncle Sam for parades or holidays and accessorize with our Uncle Sam Beard!
Black Handlebar Moustache
It's easy to have the finest facial hair at the party with this black handlebar moustache! It's a great addition to any costume and it doesn't require the time and commitment a real moustache does!
Santa Eyebrow Accessories
If youre handing out presents this year, youre going to need some bushy white Santa Eyebrow Accessories so you can capture the look perfectly. When you put on your red and white suit, youre going to be glad you got these eyebrow accessories to finish off the jolly look on this Santas face. When the kids come sit on your lap, theyre going to think its hilarious that your eyebrows are just as bushy as any Santas!
Adult Old Man Eyebrows and Moustache
You can go out as your favorite uncle or a formidable wizard when you put on these Adult Old Man Eyebrows and Moustache! This facial hair is sure to give you a distinguished air on Halloween, and the rest of your costume is up to you. You can pair this facial hair with any set of accessories and costume pieces to get the look you want, so get ready to customize your costume to your hearts content to perfectly set off these accessories!
Lincoln Beard
Four score and many years ago one of the most memorable presidents lived and today we always remember him as having a scruffy black beard similar to the one we have with this Abraham Lincoln Beard that you can apply easily along with a rustic top hat to do your best Lincoln act.
Handlebar Moustache Accessory - Medium Brown
Youre going to be shocked at how well this Handlebar Moustache Accessory - Medium Brown matches your head hair when you put it on before Halloween! This moustache is perfectly trimmed and tailored, and will match most medium brown hair shades. Everyone is going to love how much realism you put into your costume when they see how realistic your fake handlebar moustache is! You might even end up using this costume piece again, since youre sure to look great in it!
Long Grey Beard and Moustache
Concoct some magical moments while wearing the Long Grey Beard and Moustache. Whether you wish to become a wizard or warlock for upcoming Halloween parties, this particular item is perfect to use. Orders come as a long beard in grey that measures about 14 inches. It also has a moustache attached to cover your entire face. It is a great accessory to help complete your costumes. If magic is wearing you down take things in another direction with mad science! Experiment with different ideas and browse our site to find everything you need.
Long Brown Beard and Moustache
Complete your mountain man look by wearing this Long Brown Beard and Moustache. Anyone who is out in the wilderness is going to want to look a little wild themselves. This particular item comes as a brown beard measuring over a foot long. It has a very bushy appearance and even a moustache part. The entire thing is perfect for turning into a number of costume ideas. Become a lumberjack, hillbilly, and more. Take a look around our site to find more accessories and outfits to use!
Short White Beard and Moustache Adult
This short white beard and moustache combo will serve you well for a variety of costumes. Make the Yuletide gay as Santa Claus or lead the Smurf Village as Papa Smurf. Serenade the masses as Kenny Rogers or geek out as George R.R. Martin. The possibilities are practically endless. Get your Short White Beard and Moustache from Costume SuperCenter to make your Halloween outfit complete!
Santa Eyebrows
Do you want to immerse yourself into the magical world of Santa? It takes a great job of design and makeup, but make sure that you start with our Santa Eyebrows. You'll feel like you stepped out of the story book when you see yourself in these bushy brows!