Boys 20's Costumes

Get your zoot suit and look like a handsome young man from days gone by in our boy's 20's costumes. An outfit like this is ideal for the litter charmer who would much rather wear a costume based on an old time gangster or a silent movie star than an ordinary Halloween costume. Buy boys 1920s costumes today!

Boys 20s Costume Ideas and Tips

Send your little guy on a Halloween time traveling adventure back to the days of speakeasies and gangsters with our legendary selection of 1920s costumes for boys. Your rough and tumble kid will look sleek and debonair in a complete pinstriped Al Capone costume. If you would just like to spice up one of their existing costumes, check out our selection of 1920s hats and other accessories for kids, so that their costume is a one-of-a-kind creation all their own.

 Perfect for Halloween as well as everyday playtime, this classic look is the easy way to make your little boy feel all grown up and fierce for any costumed occasion year round. Here's a tip: take your boys measurements to compare to the convenient size chart alongside their cost down to ensure you get the best fit the first time. In a look this stylish and timeless, you are in for some serious action and adventure alongside your little Al Capone.

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