Boys 70's Costumes

Boy's 70s costumes don't feature as many choices as some of our other categories but that is a good thing because the selections we do offer are pretty extraordinary. Any one of them will really stand out. Take a look and you'll see what we mean. While many people from the 70s where dancing the night away at disco's others would rather be dead than disco. These two groups divided both music and fashion. You can see a selection of both disco and rock Halloween costumes. He can be the disco king or a soldier in the KISS army. Buy boys 70s costumes online today!

Shop Boys Disco Costumes And 70's Outfits

But if your son wants to boogie the night away then the Gold Disco jacket will give him a super-bad case of disco fever that only some disco lights and a groovy hustle can cure! However, a boy's seventies costume doesn't need to be a leisure suit or a replica of a Saturday Night Fever. KISS costumes are so much more "far-out!" As the craziest band of the 1970s, KISS took performance rock to a new level by donning makeup and futuristic styles. Go back to the seventies in funky rock 'n roll style as the Demon, Star Child, Catman or Spaceman from KISS. Order boys disco costumes online from Costume SuperCenter.

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