Colonial Costumes

The best part of shopping from a website is that you can do it from the convenience of your own home and you can get anything you need all year long. That's great news if you need Colonial costumes. We have a large selection of Colonial attire for the entire family. Not only do they make good Halloween outfits but they are perfect for school projects and plays as well as public productions and reenactments. There is an occasion almost every month of the year for which a colonial costume would be appropriate. For example, Memorial Day in May, Flag Day in June, Independence Day in July, Veteran's Day in November, and Presidents Day in February.

Colonial costumes have the authentic look for the real thing but they are made with lightweight materials that are much more comfortable than the heavy, itchy wools that were worn in pre-revolutionary times. We have styles that represent the everyday militia man, woman and child as well as more elaborate colonial military uniforms for portraying people like George Washington or a Revolutionary War soldier. Some of the fancier colonial costumes are Ben Franklin and the Thomas Jefferson and the Early American Military General.

Colonial Halloween accessories will give your costume the added authenticity is needs, especially if you are wearing it for a performance occasion. The most popular accessory would be powder wigs that are made for adults and kids. The curled, white wigs are just like the ones that were worn back then. Other accessories include hats, shoes and eyeglasses.

Shop at your convenience; just place your order by 4PM and we will ship the same day. If you are a school or other organization and need several pieces, we will gladly accept a purchase order and ship your costumes the same day.

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