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Let your imagination run wild and transform into one of Marvel’s top anti-heroes this year! Become the wise-cracking, samurai sword-wielding, naughty yet hilarious hero known as Deadpool. Thanks to the hit 2016 film staring Ryan Reynolds , everyone now knows who Deadpool is when they see him. The red and black suit has become a permanent part of comic book and movie pop culture. This year, become the hero for hire by wearing a Deadpool costume and accessories! Proudly wear black and red and pretend to be the strongest person in the room. Don’t forget to be funny, too, as it’s the only talent that rivals his invincibility.

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Although he is an outsider, Deadpool  has gained the loyalty of millions of fans and fellow comic book characters, too. Wade W. Wilson annoys Wolverine, pranks Spider-Man, wreaks havoc at the Avengers tower, and always bothers Professor X, Storm, and Jean Grey about becoming an X-Man. With the power of super regeneration, Deadpool is an unstoppable assassin. He's even killed the entire marvel universe!

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He could be fighting Francis or protecting the earth with Cable Summers, but Deadpool will always be there to entertain and add some fun to the comic book world. With the popularity of his new movie it's no wonder Deadpool costumes are a top seller for Halloween.

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Show the world your admiration for this unstoppable force at the nearest Halloween party or comic convention. Practice your faux fighting and ninja moves too! This Halloween dress up as everyone’s favorite chimichanga loving Merc with a Mouth by wearing a Deadpool hat, dressing up as Lady Deadpool, and more! You can purchase a Grand Heritage Deadpool costume, a Deadpool mask, a Deadpool Weapon Kit, Deadpool Gloves, a Deadpool Jumpsuit, a Deadpool hoodie, and more officially licensed Deadpool outfits. 

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