Exorcist Costumes

Have your head spinning when viewing our Exorcist costume selection. There is no need to call for a priest, it’s perfectly natural to projectile vomit green liquid! Classic horror films such as The Exorcist have remained just as scary decades since its release. Find a creepy Exorcist costume for you to wear especially around Halloween!

The Power Of Christ Compels You To Buy An Exorcist Costume From Costume SuperCenter!

In 1973, the world would never sleep comfortably at night again. The Exorcist was a film that defied the horror movie standard and rewrote what it meant to be scary. It involved religion, a young girl, and possession to create an unconventional and controversial story. It was a blockbuster of a success and really propelled the genre into new territory. That all means we get to help you scare everyone who comes to trick-or-treat on Halloween. They will have to decide whether a few pieces of candy is worth being scarred for life.

Find The Best Exorcist Costumes Online

Dress up like Regan MacNeil, the young girl possessed by the demon Pazuzu. You can frighten anyone, young or old, in a Regan costume from The Exorcist. We also have lifesized props, makeup kits, and other items to help decorate for a spooky time. Browse through all of our scary costumes to find fitting accessories at low prices.

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