Fiona Costumes

Become the princess of an uncommon fairytale in our Princess Fiona costumes. She is one of the main characters in Shrek and happens to be in need of rescuing. However, she is pretty capable of getting things done on her own even with holding in a deep secret. Take a look at our high quality, low priced Fiona costume choices to find a fitting Fiona for you!

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She has been portrayed in all Shrek films and specials which makes Fiona a popular character. During the first film we think she is a regular human, but in the end she turns out to be an ogre just like Shrek. It was all thanks to a curse but she doesn’t care now since she’s found someone who can truly love her. Later on in the series the two have a family and plenty of fairytale friends to let them live happily ever after.

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Fiona has many fans who just happen to range in age. Some of them have grown up admiring the princess while others are just getting started. Wear some ogre ears along with a pretty dress to look just like ogre Fiona! We offer a great selection of Shrek costumes and accessories for all to enjoy. Browse through them all to find great quality at a low price.

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