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"Groovy, baby!" That is just one of the many famous lines associated with Austin Powers. His is the shagadelic British secret agent from the 1960s who was put into a cryogenic deep freeze in order to preserve him is ever the world needed saving. Fast forward to the 90s when he is defrosted for a mission that only he can accomplish - to stop Dr. Evil because Dr. Evil has stolen a nuclear device and is holds the world hostage for 100 billion dollars. Buy an Austin Powers costume online today!

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The three movies series includes International Man of Mystery, The Spy Who Shagged Me and Gold Member. From these movies we get Austin Powers, Dr. Evil and a costume that resembles Foxy Cleopatra. A variety of other 60s and 70s outfits for women will make great options for Austin Powers' female counterparts.

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The Austin Powers ensemble goes far beyond the groovy blue suit and ruffled ascot. You can also get the Austin Powers accessory set that includes his teeth, wig, glasses and "male" symbol necklace. Likewise, the Dr. Evil costume comes with the grey suit but the Dr. Evil accessory kit has the bald cap, scar makeup and his infamous, evil pinky ring.

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