Avengers Costumes

The Avengers is a group of crime fighting superheroes belonging to the Marvel Comics universe. Most of the most famous male and female superheroes are part of this organization. The Avengers costumes include Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-man and Iron-Man. Recently, Marvel comics expanded its agreement with the company that makes Avengers Halloween costumes, allowing them to create outfits based on any character that Marvel owns. This means the other characters may be added with every passing year.

Meet the Avengers [Infographic]

If you're going to wear their costumes, you might as well know about them, right? The Avengers are perhaps the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe, and rightfully so. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Incredible Hulk seem to put aside differences on a regular basis for the betterment of their worlds, and these stories have made for quite a few blockbuster movies. Learn more about the origins of these modern day warriors with this Meet the Avengers infographic from Costume SuperCenter.

Free Printable Coloring Pages

With comics like The Avengers, Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy, it should be no surprise that Marvel Comics is so popular. The MCU has given us so many superheroes to aspire to be like. But the heroes aren't the only characters people are excited about. We hate to love the Marvel villains as well!

So while you're waiting patiently for the next addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to premiere, relax with a little coloring. Costume SuperCenter has got you covered with these FREE printable Marvel Villains coloring pages! Without great villains, we wouldn't have the heroes Marvel has brought to life for us from print to the big screen. Whether you’re a fan of Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, or any of the MCU’s biggest heroes, there’s coloring to do!

Five Facts About Thor [Infographic]

The God of Thunder is here and he's got Mjolnir along for the ride. They say he who wields the hammer will have the power of Thor, and that could be you! But if you're going to be Thor, you've got to know your stuff about the superhuman Asgardian hero. Take a peek at Costume SuperCenters' Thor: Five Facts infographic to learn more!

The ladies aren't left out either with the female versions we have available of both Thor and Lady Sif for all aspiring goddesses of thunder. Authenticity is vital, so we also offer a collection of novelty Mjolnir hammers for every age group and a wig that replicates his luscious, golden locks to make sure people confuse you or anyone dressed in these costumes as the true Guardian of Earth.

Avengers Costume Ideas and Tips

Join the most iconic superhero team in popular culture this Halloween, in one of our Avenger costumes! We have costumes that will fit any person’s favorite Avengers character, no matter how obscure! During the Civil War and Infinity War, dozens of new characters joined the Avengers to fight against the forces of evil, and we have all of them represented right here in our section of Avengers costumes. 

You’ll love looking through all the characters from your favorite movies and choosing the one that suits your personality the best. Are you a Hulk, or more of an Iron Man? Do you want to be Black Widow, or Scarlet Witch? Maybe a character from Black Panther is more your style—try T-Challa, or maybe even Killmonger! And why stop at just a costume for yourself? You can really re-enact the Avengers movies if you assemble a group of friends for a superpowered group costume!

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