Batman Costumes

Batman is one of the most iconic crime fighting superheros in the hearts of many children and adults. It's no surprise that Batman costumes are some of the most popular outfits for Halloween. Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, the heir to the Wayne Empire, was orphaned at a young age when his parents were gunned down. The young but troubled Bruce set out on a journey to hone his skills and after many years, returned as the Dark Knight of Gotham that we all know today: Batman. Refusing to be like the villain that killed his parents, he never resorts to killing his enemies and follows a very strict code of justice. In the dark and gloomy world of Gotham, the vigilante was seen as hope and an inspiration to everyone. Buy yourself a batman costume for Halloween, costume party or comic con.

Five Facts: The Batman [Infographic]

Sure, you may know of The Batman. He's the head of the Justice League and has even been portrayed in LEGO version. Do you know what he has in common with Zorro, though? Or how much Wayne Enterprises is really worth? With this new Batman infographic from Costume SuperCenter, you'll learn five little known facts about the leader of the Justice League. Take a look and see what you can find out about the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, and the Batman.

Batman Costumes

Batman Costumes

He's one of DC Comics' greatest creations, and one of the leaders of the Justice League. Batman is undeniably one of the most recognizable superheroes today. He's been portrayed in live-action interpretations, animated features and even LEGO Batman has his own movie. You can look like the Dark Knight, too, with a great costume from Costume SuperCenter!
Batgirl Costumes

Batgirl Costumes

Batman may not always want help, but sometimes he needs it. In Barbara Gordon, or Batgirl, he has a confidant and a kick-butt sidekick who he knows he can count on. Whether you prefer her classic purple look or her updated black-on-black style, you can recreate the female hero's iconic costume with help from Costume SuperCenter.

Meet the Justice League [Infographic]

Even The Batman needs a little help sometimes - Just don't tell him that. Learn more about his super team with Costume SuperCenter's Meet the Justice League infographic before you cop your cape and cowl this Halloween. Remember; you're never alone when taking on the likes of The Joker, Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

Justice League Costumes

Justice League Costumes

Even the Caped Crusader has a few friends who back him up every now and then. In the Justice League, Batman has the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and others ready to help him take down the latest baddie. When looking for a groups costume next Halloween, look no further than this super team.

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Arkham Asylum Costumes

They may have jokes, but as long as Batman is around, they hardly ever get the last laugh. Join the other side of justice when you and your friends buy Batman villains costumes this Halloween. With styles like The Joker, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, you better be on your best behavior, or else you might end up in Arkham Asylum.

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It takes more than just a man to strike fear into the hearts of criminals. Knowing this, Bruce designed his costume using the very symbol that scared him the most, the bat. Granted, his bat suit has had many looks from the original gray and black of the early comic days to the deep, dark and mysterious uniform from Arkham Origins. But no matter what colors or what style he wears, it has always been the unmistakable symbol of the bat. Trained by the Brotherhood, this Dark Knight is skilled in all types of combat and a master of the shadows, being able to hide from sight at will. Although Bruce Wayne lived as a playboy millionaire, his alter ego was a capable detective, tracking criminals while being unmatched in combat.

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Whether you want to dress up as the Caped Crusader for Comic Con in a mens Dark Knight costume, or you're looking to buy a Batman costume for boys, Costume SuperCenter is the online costume store for you!

Batman Character Costumes

Join The Worlds Greatest Detective and fight crime as one of Batman's sidekicks. Dress up as Robin, Batgirl or Nightwing. Or embrace your criminal side as a Batman villain. We have all of Batman's Rouges Gallery including the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman outfits.

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