Most kids want to dress up like their favorite superhero for Halloween and wearing some boring face mask with a mismatch cape is not going to do the trick so it's only right that you get your child one of these awesome DC Comics Costumes.

DC Comics

Tiny trick-or-treaters can go up, up, and away this season with a super cool DC Comics disguise that they'll love. Your tiny caped crusader can stop evil villains just like the dark knight, Batman with a full body suit similar to Batman's outfit and a matching helmet. Or, for kids that love the man of steel, they can sport some true blue tights and a big red cape with a giant 'S' printed on it so they can fly around the world just like Superman. Transform your kid into the fastest man alive in a bright red Flash uniform complete with a lightning bolt helmet for kids to run faster than the speed of light. And if you're tiny tot gets their kicks more from the dastardly arch nemeses of these heroes they have their pick of the litter with costumes featuring the criminally insane Joker or the big brute Bane from the Batman comics.

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