DC Comics Costumes

Most kids want to dress up like their favorite DC Comics superheroes for Halloween and wearing some boring face mask with a mismatched cape is not going to do the trick so it's only right that you get your child one of these awesome DC Comics Costumes. Buy your kid a DC Comics superhero costume for Halloween.

Meet the Justice League [Infographic]

In center of the DC Comics Universe, you can find a super team with more recognizable names than any other. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman lead the Justice League against Arkham Asylum's most despicable inmates - like The Joker - and Metropolis' worst foes. Throw on a cape, cowl or bracelets of submission and brush up on your DC Comics trivia with this Meet the Justice League infographic!

Justice League Costumes

Justice League Costumes

Whether you're a fan of the Batman or fighting for truth, justice and the American way like the Man of Steel, Justice League Costumes from Costume SuperCenter are the way to go. With a fun Wonder Woman or Green Lantern style, you'll be well on your way to defending the planet this Halloween.

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Batgirl Costumes

Batman doesn't always ask for backup, but when he does, you better not send a man to do a woman's job. Barbara Gordon, or Batgirl, is one of the Dark Knight's most trusted accomplices, and now you can swoop into action so swiftly that even the Caped Crusader would be impressed.

Five Facts: The Batman

The DC Comics Universe is comprised of several heroes and villains, but in the minds of many, it will always come back around to the Super Trinity; Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. With this great infographic, you'll learn five things about the Dark Knight, who many consider to be the poster boy for all things Detective Comics. Find out how many people have played the Caped Crusader, how much Bruce Wayne is actually worth, and more!

Batman Costumes

Batman Costumes

Perhaps the most recognizable DC Comics hero wears a cape and cowl, and goes into the night. Bruce Wayne and his alter ego have been portrayed in a variety of ways, and at Costume SuperCenter, you can find a costume for most of them. From LEGO Batman to 2017's Justice League, there's a Batman for everyone.

Joker Costumes

Gotham Rogues Gallery Costumes

You'll be laughing all the way to Arkham Asylum in a costume representing one of Gotham's most wanted. Whether you want to look like The Joker or Catwoman, there's an inner-evil waiting for you to let it out, and a certain Bat on the other side of town who might want to stop it.

Meet the Suicide Squad [Infographic]

Did you think that Batman was the only one who ever tried to stop The Joker? Wrong. In 2016, moviegoers were introduced to the Suicide Squad; a group of supervillains and convicts who team up to stop a greater evil. Grab your Deadshot costume or Harley Quinn "Daddy's Little Monster" shirt and read up on this group of the worst heroes ever with Costume SuperCenter's Meet the Suicide Squad Infographic.

Catwoman Costumes

Catwoman Costumes

Selenia Kyle is an acrobatic, flexible, cunning, and quick cat burglar. She's also one of the world's most famous cats... Catwoman! Dress up in the likeness of Selina this year and make Halloween puuurrrrr-fect!

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Harley Quinn Costumes

There's a new Queen of Crime in Gotham, and her name is Harley Quinn! Dress up like the spirit of te Suicide Squad with a new Harley Quinn costume this Halloween. Dressing like Harley will make any party a little...crazy!

Buy DC Comics Costumes Online From Costume SuperCenter

Tiny trick-or-treaters can go up, up, and away this season with a super cool DC Comics disguise that they'll love. Your tiny caped crusader can stop evil villains just like the dark knight, Batman with a full body suit similar to Batman's outfit and a matching helmet. Or, for kids that love the man of steel, they can sport some true blue tights and a big red cape with a giant 'S' printed on it so they can fly around the world just like Superman. Transform your kid into the fastest man alive in a bright red Flash uniform complete with a lightning bolt helmet for kids to run faster than the speed of light. And if you're tiny tot gets their kicks more from the dastardly arch nemeses of these heroes they have their pick of the litter with costumes featuring the criminally insane Joker or the big brute Bane from the Batman comics.

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