Firefighter Costumes

Plenty of little kids want to be fire chiefs when they grow up. These heroes of the community are always putting their lives on the line to put out fires and protect the rest of the neighborhood by not letting the blaze expand. With our supply of firefighter costumes, you can become one of these first responders. Who knows maybe you'll become a captain of the squad one day. Fighting fires has been a dangerous occupation since its inception, for obvious reasons. Running into a burning building to check for survivors, with the likelihood of the building collapsing increasing every second, these brave men and women constantly risk their own safety for the good of the people in their community.

Other Occupational Costumes

Police Costumes

You don't have to go through police training to police your Halloween party! Get into a cop costume in a variety of sizes, from men's and women's to kids and more! It's the po-po!

Firefighter Costumes

Save the day and put out the fires with a brand new firefighter costume from Costume SuperCenter. These looks are red-hot so get them while you can! It's fire fighting time!

Military Costumes

It's time to make sure you're set and ready to go! Get into an Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force look for your perfect Halloween look this year. Costume SuperCenter has a huge selection of military costumes!

Astronaut Costumes

Take your Halloween to outer space this year with an astronaut costume! These suits and outfits are totally out of this world, so get yours before lift off. It's time to take your next costume party to space!

Doctor Costumes

Hurry, get your next costume, stat! The wide selection of doctor costumes will let you pick and choose which medical professional you'd like to be for Halloween!

Clown Costumes

Head to the circus for Halloween this year! Whether you want to be the ringmaster or the lion tamer, there's a look for you. Especially with the selection of clown costumes!

Firefighter Costume Ideas and Tips

You can dress up as one of the most important public service people in the country, when you pick an outfit from among our firefighter costumes! You can save the day this Halloween in one of these fire department suits, so don’t hesitate to pick out the firefighter costume that makes you feel most heroic. If a fire starts at your Halloween party, no one will be worried, since they’ll know you’re there to keep everyone safe. 

These firefighter costumes come in a wide variety of colors and have many different markings on them, so you can choose the one that feels most right for you. You can even find your child a firefighter costume that will go with yours, since we have junior firefighter costumes among our selection in just as wide a variety as our adult ones. Or, if you’re going to a party without children, you can find a firefighter outfit that shows a bit of skin and get the ladies hot under the collar this Halloween!

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