Get your Halo costumes in time for Halloween so you can help defend humanity from the Covenant and help us celebrate the release of the new video game. The long awaited, newest installment in the popular gaming franchise is Halo: Reach. The hype revolving around the release of Reach will secure high volume sales on all Halo Costumes. The new release is actual the prequel to the original trilogy. It all started when a squad of Spartan soldiers, called the Nobel Team, made their final stand on planet Reach, humanity's last line of defense between Covenant and Earth.


Our Halo Costumes are based on Master Chief, the main character in the video games. The franchise is an infinitely popular video game series that all began with Combat Evolved in 2001. The second and third installments have come in the years since, along with many graphic novels based on this main character's defense of the human race. Throughout the incarnations of the game, Master Chief remains the video games' icon. This faceless, cybernetically enhanced super soldier in green armor who rarely speaks. His silence and hidden facial features help the player to apply their own thoughts and personality onto the character, enabling them to personally identify adding even more realism to the game.

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