Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

Costumes help create family fun. Pirates of The Caribbean is a loved series of family movies and entire families can get into character and enjoy imaginative play by recreating movie scenes or creating their own story line. Our Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween costumes are faithful replications of Jack Sparrow, Captain Blackbeard and Angela Teach. Angela Teach is Blackbird's daughter and a love interest for Captain Jack Sparrow. The Angela Teach and accessories are new for 2014. In fact, our Angela Teach outfit come in two styles, Prestige and Deluxe.

5 Legends: Pirates [Infographic]

When the rum's gone and you've successfully escaped Davy Jones and the Kraken, take a second to read up on some things you might not have known about pirates. For instance, walking the plank is mostly a myth. Even if you're going for the style of a sexy buccaneer this Halloween, this infographic has a few fun pirate legends for the swashbuckler in you!

Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

It's a pirate's life for Jack Sparrow, the lead man in the famous franchise. These Pirates of the Caribbean costumes are the easiest way to emulate Jack or his long lost love Angelica, or any of the other characters!

Kids Pirate Costumes

Whether your little ones are more into Jack Sparrow and Angelica or Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Costume SuperCenter has got a wide variety of children's pirate costumes to choose from!

Men's Pirate Costumes

Unfortunately, not everybody can be Captain Jack Sparrow. With the wide variety of Men's Pirate Costumes at Costume SuperCenter, though, you can pick from a number of other legendary pirate names. Captain Hook, Blackbeard, and Davy Jones are just a few!

Women's Pirate Costumes

When your friends have already picked out costumes for Angelica and Elizabeth Swann, there are plenty of other Women's Pirate styles that will look great alongside your Pirates of the Caribbean group costume. Just be sure to watch out for Davy Jones!

Pirates of the Caribbean [Infographic]

Aargh, matey! What be yer knowledge of pirates? Learn as much as you could ever know about the Pirates of the Caribbean with this infographic from Costume SuperCenter! From the humble beginnings of a ride built in 1967 to the multi-million dollar movie franchise it's become, there's a treasure trove of knowledge to learn. Check out this infographic to learn about the characters and the myths about the ride that have developed over the years!

Pirates of the Caribbean Costume Ideas and Tips

Spend your Halloween on the high seas, in one of our many and varied Pirates of the Caribbean costumes! You’ll be ready to swashbuckle when you pick out one of our movie-accurate and devastatingly stylish outfits, based on one of the most beloved franchises in pop culture! Whatever your favorite character, you can find their most iconic outfit here when you browse through our dozens of Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween costumes.

If you’re a Jack Sparrow, you can find Jack’s trademark hat and vest, but you can also find Will Turner’s pirate outfit, and any of Elizabeth Swann’s dresses! You can even be the pirate king Barbossa, with his cursed crew. Click through our huge array of Pirates of the Caribbean costumes and you’ll find that you can choose the style and price to customize your perfect pirate costume. You’ll also love our many pirate accessories, since you can use them to make your pirate even more stylish!

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