Headless Horseman Costumes

Tap into your frightening side this Halloween by purchasing the Headless Horseman costume! Show everyone in your neighborhood why The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is so horrifying. Get your Headless Horseman costume for Halloween today!

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Headless Horseman Costume Ideas and Tips

Embody the Legend of Sleepy Hollow this Halloween in one of our many Headless Horseman costumes! The headless horseman is a mysterious figure that rides through Sleepy Hollow and terrorizes the citizens. You can capture the terror of this decapitated ghost when you get your hands on one of our wide selection of headless horseman costumes! These headless horseman costumes come with a long neck that will hide your real head, while you get a fake head that you can carry around! 

You can get a casual costume that you can wear to work, or an elaborate head that will make even your most jaded friends a little spooked on Halloween night. You can also find some accessories, like hunting horns and fake blood, to take your costume to the next level! You’ll be ready to ride when you’re decked out in the ragged clothing of the enigmatic headless horseman, and clutching your gruesome head under one arm!

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