Jesus Costumes

Perfect for Halloween, Christmas or church plays, Costume SuperCenter's great selection of Jesus costumes for children and adults will give you a comfortable book that will be easily recognizable to any crowd! Depicting Jesus's classic robe, beard and long hair, these costumes are lovable, durable and a great way to celebrate the season! Go with a full costume or simply select a wig and beard combination to add to an existing look for a Modern Day Son of God! Order your baby or adult Jesus costume online today from Costume SuperCenter!

Jesus Costume Ideas and Tips

Don’t take your own name in vain this Halloween, when you’re going out in one of our Jesus costumes! We have a wide array of costumes that will put you in the sandals of the son of God, so click through our selection and find the one that’s right for you! We have a variety of robes, beards, and shepherd’s crooks that will make everyone feel a little more faithful when they see you on Halloween. 

These Jesus costumes are also an excellent choice for Easter, since you can use them to stage passion plays, or simply to show your spirit—your Holy Spirit, that is! You can get a group of friends together to play your apostles and really take your costume up a notch with the extra effort! Whatever the occasion, you’ll look divine in one of our Jesus costumes, so pick the one that makes you feel most holy and order now!

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