Jigglypuff Costume

When an Igglybuff gets very happy, it evolves into a Jiggly puff. If you want to be one, order a Jigglypuff costume for kids and adults. It’s much easier than evolving. We’ve got a great selection, cheap prices, easy online ordering process and quick shipping, so you can order your Jigglypuff Halloween Costume with ease.

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Jigglypuff Costume Ideas and Tips

Jigglypuffs are so gosh darn adorable. They are round and pink with cat-like ears, two large round eyes and a little curl on the forehead.  The only thing more adorable would be your child dressed in a Jigglypuff Costume.  Good thing you can buy one from us. Jigglypuff is one of the most popular Pokémon. It can puff up like a balloon and float into the air. Once an Igglybuff, this creature evolves into a Wigglytuff. It has a magical lullaby and when it sings, it puts people to sleep. 

It would be handy to have a Jigglypuff with you when you experience insomnia. It would also make putting the kids to be much easier.  Jigglypuff sings into a microphone, which is why one is included with the costume. Selections include hats and hoodies.  Your child can wear this on Halloween, for dress-up or when playing Pokémon Go!  Go order a Jigglypuff costume now. 

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