Kangaroo Costumes

Pretend to travel Down Under as a Kangaroo this Halloween. Transform into this impressive marsupial and surprise everyone you know that the next costume party. Hop to it and purchase your kid or adult Kangaroo costume today!

Kangaroo Costume Ideas and Tips

Step into the huge back feet of one of the silliest animals in Australia, in our kangaroo costumes! In one of these adorable costumes, you can become the weirdest animal in the outback. Whether you’re looking for something all-out, or a costume casual enough to wear to work, we can deliver with quality costumes that will make your Halloween memorable. You’ll be ready to carry your baby out with you on Halloween when you slip into one of these kangaroo costumes, complete with pouches! 

The little joeys peeking out of these kangaroo costumes will enchant everyone, since there’s nothing more adorable than a baby kangaroo. You can even get a group costume together and go out with your friends dressed up as Australian animals, or even as a whole herd of kangaroos! Whatever you choose, you’ll be ready to hop when you’re wearing one of these kangaroo costumes, so pick one out today!

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