Lizard Costumes

With just a flick of the tongue, you’ll be ready to wear any of our Lizard costumes. These creatures are very unique in the animal kingdom. Reptilians are scaly, colorful, and not as creepy as everyone thinks. They can be pretty cute sometimes which is good because we have a selection of both adorable and intimidating lizard costumes.

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Lizards make up a large portion in the reptile class of animals. They come in all shapes and sizes from mere inches long to the nearly eight foot Komodo dragon! Some lizards are aquatic, others can be arboreal, and many can be kept in homes as pets. The Lacertilia suborder includes iguanas, geckos, bearded dragons, chameleons While learning about lizards is nice, becoming one is so much more fun! Take some scientific facts along with you as you’re stomping around town as a dinosaur or scurrying across the floor like a gecko.

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While it may be tough picking out the right Lizard costume, we offer a nice selection of different looks. We have lizard outfits for toddlers, kids and adults. We even have sexy lizard costumes for women! This might help out deciding between something realistic or a bit more cartoony. Either way, you are going to have fun slithering or crawling around. These are terrific choices for Halloween parties and other events. Shop online for low priced Lizard costumes today!

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