Michael Jackson Costumes

You may know him by many names: The King of Pop, The Gloved One, The Moonwalker and in later years, Wacko Jacko. Regardless of the name, Michael Jackson was a pop sensation and a musical genius. The world may never know another talent such as his. From our Grandparents to our children, everyone knew and loved Michael Jackson. He made us happy with his rare and special talent since the 1960s. He redefined himself with every passing decade and his sense of style dictated fashion trends, especially in the 1980's. Many 80s costumes are reminiscent of his style.

Michael Jackson Costume Ideas and Tips

You don’t have to be royalty to be the king. Become none other than the King of Pop with our affordable collection of Michael Jackson costumes. This superstar forever left his mark on both music and fashion … making him the perfect choice for Halloween or cosplay. Give a commanding vibe with a sleek black military jacket decorated with eye-catching gold details. Or go for the classic red and black Thriller ensemble that’s a perfect choice for Halloween … just add a bunch of zombie costumes for your friends and family and you’ll be recreating that rockin’ music video in time! 

With options ranging from children’s to women’s and men’s, you’ll be able to put together an all-star music group with all your family and friends. Of course, the clothes really did make the man, so you’ll want to check out our collection of Michael Jackson accessories, too. Sparkling socks and gloves are sure to make you or your child the star of the evening. Curly wigs, headset microphones, and stylish fedoras are also available to get you or your child in the performing spirit.

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